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00ead No.61189

Move the fap thread to /b/. There's no reason for this garbage to be on the main boards.

e0cf0 No.61190

For the 1000th time, no.
Hide the thread and deal with it.

92141 No.61191

I think at this point all of us agree to that we should move OP to the black hood neighborhood next to Tyrone
And stick Fap thread on the main page

4856e No.61204

And accept wizchan's malicious tracking cookies? No thanks.

6d156 No.61206

File: 1636668273921.png (426.15 KB, 600x506, 300:253, 1635910317745.png) ImgOps iqdb

the thread should be on /v9k/ this is something that should have been standard practice for half a decade now but for some reason it still isnt

a6e0c No.61210

You seem to be mentally ill

08e2f No.61212

Mods have admitted that they use cookies to check if people are ban evaders, which means that for some reason mods get to see a cookie-based history report for every user whereas the users themselves only get to see their post history based on IP. This is obviously done so that users don't realize that the mods can track them via cookies, therefore it is deceptive, therefore it is malicious.

27106 No.61213

Last time someone made this claim they refused to point to any of the admittance or proof. Can you?

17fbf No.61215

can a mod comment on this? they will get called a liar anyway I am guessing

a516f No.61216

This is a common practice every imageboard has to incorporate since no one is forced to register an account before posting. Cookies are the only way for staff to attempt to enforce rule 1, without any frame of reference for posting habits it would be even more of a losing battle than it already is.

96c7d No.61217

I might have sympathy for this line of reasoning if you people actually enforced the rules of this site in the first place. As it stands wizchan has become an absolute cesspool of homosexual normalfaggots and female-worshipping involuntary celibates. You mods completely ignore these issues, maybe once in a while making the claim that all the pervasive gayposts on the site are "just joking" which is frankly ridiculous. Added to that the fact that the user is given absolutely zero indication that they are being tracked with cookies, their history page not reflecting this. This is deceptive and abusive towards the userbase.

Also please put your tag on when posting about site business like this. You can't blame people for thinking that you sockpuppet in defense of yourself when most of the posts you make on /meta/ are without your tag on. It's hard to tell whether you actually believe that the issues with pervasive outsider infiltration are nonexistent or if you're really aggressively sockpuppeting in defense of letting these people stay whenever threads about it come up.

a4bdc No.61218

mods never admitted anything, it was leaked information that people all forgot about ans basically you can just disable cookies entirely (and still post) with other anti fingerprinting options enabled too.
notice on /b/ how often people are seen not uploading multiple files anymore? you have to enable more of the page, so its just common knowledge by now but its not like it will ever be acknowledged, so saying how wrong and unfair it is is pointless

27106 No.61219

>wizchan has become an absolute cesspool of homosexual normalfaggots and female-worshipping involuntary celibates
links to these posts?

96c7d No.61220

I am not referring to a specific post, I am referring to the practice of allowing normalfaggots to continue to post so long as the mods like them. The best example of this is the guy who streamed himself masturbating on /b/ and was only banned for around 2 months for it. The administration obviously wants this guy to continue posting here despite solidly demonstrating that he violates the core tenants of the site, so they give him a pathetic 2 month ban to appease people who might complain on /meta/ and then never bring it up again. Anonther guy, maybe the same guy, was banned for only a few days for posting nude pictures of himself.

The issue is that mods are careful not to permanently expel the demographics of outsiders and normalfaggots whom they happen to be sympathetic to. They give them warnings and small token bans so as to help them know what the official line is, to help them perpetuate their weak facade and appease the actual wizards of this site, but they never ever permanently ban them or address the sort of behavior that these people uniformly engage in to signal their presence without outright breaking the rules.


>streamed himself masturbating on /b/ and was only banned for around 2 months for it.
We've been over this. The short ban was issued because the offending posts were made from a VPN. When that happens, we ban the IP for few months at max so we don't have to go back and remove it, which is necessary because there's a chance someone else might be issued the same IP. That's how the offender was able to come back and announce that he only got 2 months, by ban evading with his VPN.

>banned for only a few days for posting nude pictures of himself.

AFAIK those pictures weren't actually of him and just nudes he grabbed off the net, so he would have been banned for rules 5 and 7.

17fbf No.61222

everyone just deletes cookies when they ban evade so it doesn't matter.

76b8b No.61224

youre right, its possible to totally avoid and so we shouldnt bother trying to enforce the rules whatsoever

thank you for your astute observation

96c7d No.61225

Currently the semi-secret cookie tracking does absolutely nothing to prevent ban evasion and only serves as a way for the mods to covertly profile innocent rule-abiding users.

f87f3 No.61226

you can literally google "imageboards and cookies" for a full breakdown

793c0 No.61227

Still have yet to actually prove this site in particular uses cookies.
They could just use basic deduction for people who change ip alot to identify regular problem users.

17fbf No.61228

it does use cookies.

793c0 No.61231

You know what I mean.
Tracking cookies.
It doesn't use tracking cookies that the mods have access to.

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