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File: 1636902970804.png (287.98 KB, 648x448, 81:56, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

3b2fd No.61232

Mods, reply yes or no with your mod tag on. Does wizchan use tracking cookies or not?

3481f No.61233

you can check what cookies wizchan stores on your browser. there's an empty "serv" cookie and there's a "session" cookie that can be used to identify you across IPs since its sent by the browser automatically with each request. there's no way for them to track you on the other websites. i think the way facebook does it is by attaching a cookie to you and then having website plugins for liking or commenting which sends requests to their server. this is then enough to tie you to visiting a particular website. of course, wizchan doesn't have those kinds of plugins, nor would anyone use them lol

b62e3 No.61235

Normalfags would describe the cookie that stores what threads you've manually hidden as a "tracking cookie". So in that case, yes, Wizardchan probably has several different "tracking cookies".

3481f No.61236

one guy had this theory that even if you didn't click reply, your message would still be sent to the wizchan server cuz the mods were gaslighting him about stuff he didn't even finish writing apparently.

that actually got me paranoid and i think i checked the local storage and there was an entry with your current post in it, presumably so you don't lose the entire thing if you accidentally close the tab, but it's not there anymore. local storage isn't being sent with every request like cookies, so there would be an obvious way to see if there were any shenanigans, like a script sending requests.

14697 No.61237

what really happened was I found out one of the mods rootkitted my insecure laptop, and there was a lot more going on than someone just posting my unfinished posts back at me

b62e3 No.61238

peek schizo.

3481f No.61239

how did that happen? you sure you didn't just download some crappy torrent? only way a mod could do that if he personally sent you some executable over discord or maybe posted an infected pdf.

6529f No.61240

Why do mods refuse to give an official answer to this? It's very bizarre.

75314 No.61241

How in the world could you even find out such a thing?

7d327 No.61242

if you think about it, its even more bizarre knowing the strange technical problems from before where only a small handful were able to make posts while others could not. this was observed a while back on /b/. and there was never an explanation for it which around that time or after posters were noticing very obvious signs of abuse going on

7d327 No.61243

one thing is for sure is that we will not get an answer on this other than a poor excuse which was given before

7d327 No.61244

there was also another person that straight out came clean with saying this was possible and deliberate, rather than a theory. almost like they were once a dev here. maybe the same one that leaked other things from before and on the textboard

14697 No.61245

my IP and a common exploit I guess, I never installed security updates and talked about being on firefox v10, this was 2019-21

b62e3 No.61246

Do you have any technical knowledge at all? Like even basic web security stuff? Because unless you downloaded and executed code manually that the mods made which had a virus in it, there's no way you could have gotten a virus from the mods. Do you have any proof at all there even is malicious code on your system? Or will you just either deny to post it or instead give us things like "I was going to post about baseball, and then saw someone post about baseball, and it was a mod ganglighting me"

>there was also another person that straight out came clean with saying this was possible and deliberate
Did that person post any proof? Give any examples? Or was he just added fuel to the paranoids' fire?

14697 No.61247

well I used a bunch of different rootkit scanners on my hard drive while running a live version of my OS and it was infected, doesn't get proofier than that

7d327 No.61248

a while back they did but those efforts were wasted after being silenced like most actual problems brought up and not shitpost-y ones seen on meta. stuff like this should not be treated as paranoia and taken more seriously if theres multiple people saying they have experienced malicious actions done to them. its a little too late though to do anything, since as previously mentioned you can post with cookies and js blocked among other stuff

a953d No.61249

File: 1636960354599.jpg (276.46 KB, 810x1080, 3:4, 1635402367320.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the mods somehow have a remote viewer set up to pretty much anyone that's on the webpage, it's probably because this website redirects directly somewhere so you're pretty much on a lan tunnel connection whenever you browse

Things I noticed they can see:
>Browser history
Direct references to porn I watched on /b/ that seem like random spam to everyone else
Direct references to things in my room or things I've said irl, sometimes even posted as a new thread on the main boards
>Reading what you type in the textbox live

14697 No.61250

Didn't see your question.
How I found out? I got worried with that "Posters You Recognize" lounge thread in spring 2019, right after the australian admin sold the site to the american, fwiw.
In spring that year someone posted a really, really long list in that thread of every regular user and a summary of each one's post history including me. Thing is in my entry he mentioned that I say certain things, I'm talking about made up words here, that I literally never type online I only say in my room irl. The only way to possibly know that is hearing me talk. More and more over the next two years I'd mutter this or that while sitting at my laptop and minutes later someone, usually on /b/, would post parts of what I just said, usually at me. Sometimes it's private stuff, sometimes more made up words. Last straw came this year when those taunting posts mentioned something in my private computer files. I freaked out and wiped my drive and ripped out my laptop's webcam, and that's also when I discovered an internal mic under the touchpad, which might explain everything. I ripped it out too. The taunting posts stopped.

One of the mods made a meta post (mod tag on) this year in may who bragged about spending 15 hours each day on the site and maintaining actual poster dossiers, so it was probably him in that "posters you recognize" thread and him listening to me through my internal mic.

I mean, I don't believe a random person hacked my laptop through a crappy torrent *and* decided to obsessively follow me and every user here and post about it, and it's just a coincidence there's a mod who could have done it. But I guess I'm open to possibilities.

7d327 No.61251

may as well stop pretending this was never a problem, this place has suffered tremendous loss and only has what little regulars left, so best to admit bad choices were made just for laughs from what was thought to be rational adults caring about the site

hiding something this big without anyone knowing might be the biggest disgrace to ever witness on a smaller chan trying to deviate from mistakaes made on old wizardchan

d4536 No.61252

mmmm cookies

0e192 No.61253

You all seem far too paranoid and I nanot tell if this is elaborate shitposting or schizo posting. I have sent the mods pictures when asked and they seem quite responsible.

3481f No.61254

fuck off cc shitter

7d327 No.61255

its my PPD acting up again making me spread untrue accusations, maybe you should have some more respect for people suffering from this and be understanding? rude

169f2 No.61256

There's many things a malicious mod could do if they wanted to. Off the top of my head here's a list of some of the things a mod could do if they wanted:

1. Replace upload links for programs on the site to backdoored links. Do the same with torrents.
2. Install a Javascript key logger into the post box so that unfinished posts and unsubmitted posts end up being sent to a script for logging. This is trivial to do with Javascript.
3. Use CSS history mining code that checks which sites you are logged into (like Facebook mr normie.) This information is available to websites by checking the color of a:link styling information.
4. Use a tool like DEED BEEF to control your browser and add it to a browser-based botnet. You may not be able to root a machine but you can still instruct peoples browsers to download images from other websites repeatedly to DDoS them or construct more complex attack scenarios.
5. Replace links on the website to phishing pages.
6. Run an automated browser exploitation framework against the user.
7. Request permissions from the user to run privileged code. This could be in the form of Java applet code that needs signed permissions, VBScripts, or various HTML5 permissions – for example there are sensors on a smart phone that reveal GPS and modern web APIs let an application request permission to use them. Such an 'attack' relies on impatient people clicking on 'yes' to everything. Wizchan could request a bunch of permissions that seem harmless along with a GPS permission request for phone users.

Don't think because it's a simple website that it means you can't get owned through it. I spent a few minutes constructing that list. There are attack vectors that people more up to date than I am would know about that would be hair raising. I am capable of hacking many users through the website so it stands to reason there may be mods with similar skills to me here, and I can make all of the above happen automatically if I choose.

cd24c No.61257

>I am capable of hacking many users through the website so it stands to reason there may be mods with similar skills to me here
Are you implying the mods here aren't sub-100 iq retards that shitpost on /b/ all day

72f49 No.61258

pretty much if you ever interact or click anything on the site you can be placed into a bot net that can execute js exploits through the imageboard software

0e192 No.61259

take some meds scizo all of you guys are insane

0e192 No.61260

Anyone who could be harmed at all by anything the mods could do on the site is just a normalfag who has a life they value.
you cant refute this

7d327 No.61261

says the biggest bootlicker hypocrite in the thread thinking everyone needs their ass probed further than what a set of simple rules to follow as a guideline to posting can accomplish

0e192 No.61262

just saying how funny it is that a bunch of what are meant to be losers are so concerned about. What are the mods going to do? contact your friends and ruin your relationships lol

7d327 No.61263

im sure you do think its funny even as you claim to care about the place you subversive shit brain. you even get a free pass blending as a clipboard pasting numbnut while the rest have no access to doing that unless you open your ass wide for the web page to inspect your virgin bussy status on a whole different level making it nonconsensual

d315b No.61264

File: 1637009642478.png (5.65 KB, 378x167, 378:167, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

and now this just started happening

cd24c No.61265

Why do people like to larp as paranoid schizophrenics now? terry davis isn't gonna come up from hell and bless you for copying him

7d327 No.61266

the only person that larps and has a facade designed to let them fuck with people is >>61253 which makes their feign of ignorance painfully obvious

75314 No.61267

You sight upon wizards is limited. Since life has a negative value, many of us still admit that it can still be much worse. Sometimes unhappy events do not destroy you and you wish they did so.

b4563 No.61270

Is the documentary thread back on the front page of /hob/?
I think there is a couple videos that trigger firefox to ask that question (despite that function in firefox being broken as far as I can tell).
It's nothing malicious or to be concerned over. It also has nothing to do with the mods or them tracking you.

0e192 No.61271

bs this is real kek

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