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b0c75 No.61278

Making sexual advances on another wizard should be considered violation of rule two.
homosexuals may try to hide it behind being a joke but it is anything but a joke with homosexuals.

hostile and toxio harassment

cffe3 No.61279

stop pretending to be a female and that wont happen.

d58ac No.61280

what are they gonna do, use the wizchan PM function to share street addresses and fuck? meanwhile it's not rule 2 when you proposition >>>/b/692772 for sex and romance every day

4b6e2 No.61281

they crave that meth mouth around their wands that you deny them the pleasure of every day

e08a1 No.61282

pretending to be gay is just normal male banter that happens when females arent around, if people were really making "sexual advances" on other posters then we would see people dropping discord tags or something, not talking about eating logs of shit

a00f1 No.61283

Report them and move on.

Your post here is doing nothing but feeding the trolls who relish the negative attention.

f1151 No.61295

>pretending to be gay is just normal male banter that happens when females arent around

Like in prison?

e08a1 No.61296

one example is drag shows in the army, I'm pretty sure there is evidence of this happening even as far back as ww2 germany

e001e No.61297

yeah I'm sure masturbating in front of other males is just banter as well

d3b30 No.61376

Cooking home design and being prison gay is fun nyaa~~~ 🥮\(^~^)/🍺

16ff4 No.61390

If a Wizard have an opportunity to have sex, I'm happy for them. And then they should be swiftly banned from the site. There's a difference between encouraging site rules and wanting people's lives to stay shit.

e08a1 No.61391

being a virgin doesnt make life "shit"

5ae6e No.61396

True. The problem is there's nothing else going for oneself. Newton and Tesla were real geniuses and had friends.

2b6a0 No.61398

The problem is tons of them stay on the site despite violating the main rule.

They ruin the site.

c6edc No.61406

yeah not like their lives'll be shit with STDs

b4f87 No.61414

>if a wizard has had the oppurtunity to have sex they should be banned
Am I reading this right? you want people who have turned down sex to get banned despite being a virgin?

What a stupid thought. A lot of wiz have turned down succubus before and or men.

1c6a3 No.61434

yeah sure buddy, they "turned down" sexual partners so that they could remain virgin celibates because…um…that way they could officially post on a dead imageboard for NEET virgins?

>no dude, they just don't want sex brah!

Ok. Not a monk forum. Not a forum for asexuals. They still don't belong here. Especially the ones that claim to be fortune 500 CEOs who "just happen" to be virgins.

e08a1 No.61435

it's just manbabies who are managers at walmart larping like they own the whole store to try and humblebrag

67a77 No.61460

B-buy something or GTFO ^~^

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