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4caa1 No.61374

The minimum age for posting should be 30

This should be at least seventy five (75) character

ec3fd No.61381

that would be ridiculous

ca028 No.61382

Stupid idea, also many users by that point are fakezards (they break rule #1 yet keep posting out of boredom).

18 is a good minimum age.

bd5ce No.61383

Bullshit. I'd wager you're more likely to find non-virgins among the younger users.

ec3fd No.61384

bd5ce No.61385

An older person still browsing this site is more likely to be a weirdo (by normalfags standards) stuck in his ways.

ec3fd No.61386

and those old people were once young people, whats the difference

8bdd3 No.61405

This is a place for 30+ year old virgins. Not "slightly awkward teens/twenty year olds"

ec3fd No.61408

The site has never been specifically for 30 year olds, the original site was run by a teenager lol. If anything though the user base has gotten older over time, shift from late teens-mid twenties back before 2015 to now mid-twenties to early thirties

953cd No.61409

Remind us again what a wizard is. In context of this site, not the "using magic" kind

d17dc No.61411

the max age should be 22 and min is 11

"Anonymage" should be renamed to "BoyLover"

and the chan domain renamed to Boy Love Association

c9369 No.61412

21 should be the minimum age.

ec3fd No.61413

"Wizard" is just a meme about virgins and has never had any basis for the age of the userbase. The only requirement that has ever existed is that you must be an 18+ year old male virgin

5b4ec No.61415

Answer my question instead of saying literally nothing

5b4ec No.61416

Tell us you're a normal without outright saying so

ec3fd No.61417

I just told you, learn how to read.

f348e No.61461

as with everything on meta this has been suggested before countless times

b1a9b No.61493

Nah this place was designed for virgin men young and old, it is just inspired by the wizard meme, boomer

219ea No.61494

i'm 19 years old and more of a wizard than all the gay porn spammers on here.

ec3fd No.61495

t. crab

e48cf No.61496

not even sure who i detest more. faggots or crabs. Probably crabs since at least some gays are capable of having an identity beyond their sexuality.

ec3fd No.61498

The thing is you have to be really mentally I’ll to be a gay virgin, meanwhile most crabs are just late bloomers

e48cf No.61499

if we are using this logic we would allow succubus here because you have to be really screwed up to be a gal and a shut in.

c80c8 No.61500

you gotta be realy fucked in teh head to like drawings I don't like durrr

19d57 No.61501

sounds like a good idea, witches are our friend

ec3fd No.61502

no the rules are no succubi allowed

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