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File: 1638861095249.png (568.42 KB, 1466x600, 733:300, wizchan faggot infestation.png) ImgOps iqdb

69a8e No.61464

This has gone too far. This website has been conquered by homosexuals.
Mods please do something.

46249 No.61465

it's a /b/ post

84580 No.61466

I'm glad to have gay celibates on wizchan. They're better posters than hetero crabs obsessed with drawings of succubi.

0bc13 No.61467

and another poltard takes the lowest quality bait on /b/

3db16 No.61468

cry more, baby-man

954e9 No.61469

This website has always had users who like trolling the other users. It's nothing new as everything has to be entertainment for people these days.

You are alone. The internet will never solve any of your problems.

967a2 No.61476

Every single post on this website and Feels is made by the same 6 guys at Schriever Air Force Base toying with their Targeted Individual playthings

3db16 No.61478

File: 1638959755932.png (637.83 KB, 960x954, 160:159, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

99a51 No.61479

File: 1638966380055.png (84.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1638829447575.png) ImgOps iqdb

In many cases fags behave a lot like succubi, in that they're basically useless social parasites who can only latch on and corrupt things smarter men have created.

That being said, there are fags who don't do this shit and behave in a proper, masculine way.

0bc13 No.61480

>smarter men
lol dont give yourself too much credit goblinoid

3db16 No.61482

faggot expert in the house, boys. Speaking from past experiences eh?

1f540 No.61484

Well excuse me, but that's a solid gold post.

7d548 No.61485

File: 1639066916308.jpg (762.58 KB, 754x1056, 377:528, sherlock.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>so-called gayposters only post highly stereotyped faggotry (what heteros imagine faggots are like) and never post twinks or femboys
I'm onto you

058cc No.61486

can we complain about the influx of polfaggots on the mainboard?

75f99 No.61487

You can complain about anything in /meta/, but don't go criticizing the community or posting your theories on a demographic shift anywhere else

40b7a No.61488

Is it already time for Schizenu to start his annual meta campaign to ban conservatives?

79cd2 No.61489

Waaaaa the board wont let me be gay CHANGE IT!!! sobs andrew as the prion disease eats holes in his brain

0bc13 No.61490

take your meds chomo

058cc No.61491

>you are not allowed to gate keep
yeah i think I will

3db16 No.61513

OP made post on b
OP screencaped his post
OP posted this on meta

Are you a mod by chance?

2df30 No.61609

File: 1641080699976.pdf (901.61 KB, Battle for Normality by Ge….pdf)

Use quotes form this book randomly, every time you see them. They cannot help but to get roasted af ^^ (unless…)

>It is sincerely ass-lost to pretend to be proud about having software-wetware incompatibilties at such levels.

Den Aardweg says:

The case with homosexuality is, in short, as with other neuroses: phobias,
obsessions, depressions, or other sexual anomalies. The most sensible thing
is to try to do something about it, even if it costs energy and means giving
up immediate pleasures and illusions. Most homosexuals surmise this, in
fact, but because they do not want to see what is evident, some try to
convince themselves that their orientation is normal and become furious if
their dream, or escape from reality, is threatened. They like to exaggerate
the difficulty of therapy and are certainly blind to the advantages of even
slight changes for the better.

The natural course of the instinct to imitate same-sex behavior is thwarted if
there is a lack of encouragement in combination with too much reward for
imitating behavior of the opposite sex. In the case just mentioned, the boy
felt happy and secure with the attention and admiration of his mother and
aunts, while he felt he didn’t have a chance in the world of his brother and
his father. He developed the personality traits and attitudes of a “mama’s
boy”; he was obsequious, tried to please everyone, especially older succubi;
like his mother, he was quickly moved to tears and sentimental, talkative in
the manner of an old succubus, and easily hurt and insulted. It is of
importance to notice that the femininity of such men has an “oldwomanish”
quality; although it is deeply ingrained role-playing, it is merely
a pseudo-femininity. It is not only a flight from male behavior out of fear of
failure, but also a form of infantile attention-seeking, an enjoyment in the
admiration this posing as the “succubus” may bring from the significant
succubi in their environment. This is most visible in transsexual types and
succubus impersonators.

"Feeling less masculine or feminine than others is the
specific inferiority complex of homo-sexually oriented people"

Acquiring insight into the central neurotic drive of complaining and inner
self-pity is sometimes difficult for therapists and others seeking to help
homosexual persons. More often than not, those who have heard about the
self-pity concept think it a little far-fetched to assume that unconscious
infantile self-pity could be that basic to homosexuality. What is generally
remembered and agreed on concerning this explanation is the notion of
“feelings of inferiority”, not that of “self-pity”. The perception of the
paramount role of infantile self-pity in neurosis and homosexuality is
indeed new; perhaps strange at first glance, but if thought over and checked
against personal observations it proves extremely enlightening.

>and mostly like that

2df30 No.61610

well many of us are also parasites
but yeah, these collectives are never satisfied, they even clog lgtb indoctrination into schools trying to silence the itching truth they cannot run away from

2df30 No.61611

There should be a rule against doing so
do not joke with brain diseases here, please. Our elders' council is so susceptible to such miseries from untreated warp…

7ced0 No.61669

71c92 No.61670

Now there's literal gay porn on /b/ and it's been up for hours

c87a0 No.61671


0bc13 No.61673

I dont see any


Sorry, I don't often click on reddit links so I didn't notice.

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