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c2b67 No.61515

if I can't berate a newfag OP for making such a shit thread and trying to gate keep what can I do? do I just report the thread? the thread still stays up unless it is a /b/ tier shit post.

how are we meant to educate and gate keep the newfiggers?


It's the music board… The main point is to share music you like and that's what the OP, and all other OPs on /music/ did. /music/ doesn't have its own established unwritten ruleset or posting style which new users must learn and abide by. As long as they don't break the written rules there's no reason for their post to be removed or gatekept against. It is written that /music/ is even more lax towards small threads covering something very specific when a similar thread already exists. Just as the OP has the right to 404 a thread by making a new one, do you have the right to bump a thread you like or archive off-site whatever is next up to 404. You're even free to go in to a thread full of music you don't like and tell the posters there that you don't like it, so long as you're not being inflammatory against other users themselves or trying to dictate who does and does not belong here based on their taste.

c2b67 No.61518

could you please consider making the board larger then? I don't see why it shouldn't be 10 pages long like the others.

Did you remove the rejection thread btw? it has vanished. probably for good reason.

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