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File: 1640793708967.jpg (15.88 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 3f88e5d07ea2bc50034e4399a4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

58b18 No.61589

Anyone else a little suspicious why wizchan now has a tracking cookie whenever you visit the site?

It tracks your IP address and every post you've viewed.

1e176 No.61590

stop larping as a schizophrenic person

58b18 No.61591


Eat shit, pissbaby

2c2fe No.61592

It's always had a tracking cookie.

eb5e9 No.61593

Every imageboard, and almost all forums have them.

84379 No.61594

They're usually only used to save post deletion passwords, not gangstalking.

55964 No.61597

File: 1640917291596.gif (872.63 KB, 346x360, 173:180, 1636759803511.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The SameSite and Secure attributes are set to contradictory values, so any sane browser will reject the cookies.

6d75e No.61604

Prove it or fuck off.

4cd4e No.61682

Not OP but Firefox, press F12, Storage Tab, Cookies in sidebar, clearly mine shows some session cookie.

eb5e9 No.61684


1f349 No.61685

I'm not posting my personal session cookie, if anyone did that, someone could impersonate them and delete their old posts (I think). I taught you to fish, I don't have a dish prepared for you.

eb5e9 No.61686

>I don't have a dish prepared for you.
I don't have satellite

fbebe No.61687

he just told you how to check for yourself…

34e7d No.61688

>did thing and took a look
>oh wow it's fucking nothing
Not literally nothing but really basic shit like keeping the same password for file/post deletion so it doesn't have to be re-entered whenever you change page
Or in session storage seems to be able to temp store a in progress post so if the site fucks up you don't have to type your shit all over again, but it appears to be info stored locally rather then info sent to the server.
Pinging a few and doing a data prob but so far it's returning nothing which makes me think it isn't even accessible with admin access since it's stored locally and not sent.
The data that is sent through the cookie just seems to be referential data related to basic site functions.
Not stuff used for tracking. At least it doesn't look like any sort of tracking cookies I have analyzed before.
I guess if someone had admin access and was also a developer they could deduce a few things about a user if they were able to examine the data the cookies send, but it would be a really tedious and dumb way of doing it compared to the build in moderation tools already built in to the site framework that is mostly based around ISP number with some extra bits like time and such thrown in in on the back end.
(haven't used most of this shit since my collage days, yet somehow still mostly remember it, cool).

That said I ain't a web dev so this shit is super boring to me. I'm calling it a day.
To me it doesn't appear that they are using tracking cookies.

You don't have to reveal your info to provide proof if you had it. But you don't have proof and you know it.

a10cf No.61691

protip any website you visit can see everything you look at. They don't need cookies, your ip is logged every time you connect to a webpage. If you don't want people who own websites to know what you do on them, don't use websites.

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