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d6592 No.61595

I think most will agree that they did not just "become" wizards all of a sudden at some point in their lives, but instead always knew that they were psychologically different from the great mass of mankind. This difference manifested itself by ways such as strange hobbies and beliefs, lack of friends, etc.

Since these symptoms were present for most individuals here before the age of 18, could you not argue that a minor could be a wizard?

I know that many will argue that allowing minors to post or lowering the age of allowance will bring down the quality of posts and change the culture of the board, but I don't think this is true. This is because the wizardly minor does not share the same culture as your average loud obnoxious zoomer. He has separated himself from them and isolated himself in his room where he has developed his own ways of thinking different from the rest. You will hear no "sheeshes" or "no caps" from his mouth.
I think that there are many wizkids lurking here to gain the wisdom of their elders, elders whos minds have been hardened against the harsh attacks of the normalcattle and whom may have even found some happiness in their solitude. They would gain even more wisdom if they could speak directly to their elders, whom may have gone through similar things at their age.


The minimum age rule isn't at all about who shall or shan't be regarded as a wizard based on any definitions or rules related to wizardry. It's because Wizchan hosts adult content, ranging from pornography and profanity to violence and assorted horrors. We ban anyone who admits to being under 18 because - wizardly or not - they're still legally children in Wizchan's host jurisdiction. There are already widespread issues of fringe online groups manipulating minors for the worse, so it could spell hell for us if some kid were to kill himself because someone here told him the best way he could with the resources available to him as a legal child.

821e5 No.61601

All they have to do is not say their age, I was browsing wizardchan in 2012 and I was like 16. It is the same with the entire internet, when you were 10 and those online games had you check a box to confirm that you are over 13 did you care? No, and neither did anyone else, no one can prove how old you are over the internet

3ef95 No.61602

Dumb little modshit.

Kill yourself.

821e5 No.61603

spotted the insecure manlet LOL

7bc40 No.61605

Seems reasonable.
Seems unreasonable.

0012c No.61617

fuck off

15b76 No.61683

cryptopedo wants wizchan to be his personal grooming board

a1ddb No.61689

that is stupid. kids dont belong in online communities formed by adults

821e5 No.61690

wasn't the original wizardchan run by 17-19yo for years

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