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12c3a No.61639

lately i have been seeing posts where they act as if they know who another poster is. and i can remember seeing posts liek these for a long time. you can't reply to these posts at all, nothing good comes from it

do we just report and ignore them or what

729fb No.61640

the person you're referring to is "dojo mutt" aka autism supreme

1bb16 No.61740

Do you mean doxing which is already against the rules or do you mean people having a memory and pattern recognition so they can pick up on your posting style?
If it's the first then report them.
If it's the second then stop being so "identifiable" by doing/saying the same kind of stuff over and over across several threads especially not in a toxic or attentionwhorish way.

12c3a No.61755

not doxxing, it's as i stated, one poster acting as if they have identified another poster. not about my posts also

25b5b No.61757

So not something against the rules even remotely.

729fb No.61771

having pattern recognition skills is against the wizrules

12c3a No.61774

you're not a mod

1bb16 No.61782

Never said I was.
Can still read the rules though.

729fb No.61783

then how did he make this post >>>/games/49792 ?

45eb6 No.61828

It could be considered a rule 5 violation easily, for potentially being both inflammatory and low-effort, though rule 5 really isn't a good rule to begin with. It is too vague. Why it exists I can only imagine. I could interpret hundreds of not-so-recent posts as violating some part or all of rule 5. I could waste time reporting many of them and it's doubtful any would be deleted. That's my experience, anyway, but I also don't make many reports besides on actual spam.
There are cases where it's probably warranted to call a post out as originating from a routinely obnoxious user, but I can say this is often not what's happening as I have also been accused of being an array of boogeymen when I have never attentionwhored here.

25b5b No.61830

The names are for sets of behavior or roles. Not individuals.

Sort of like there have been several boyposters, several people who ape posted, several manbaby posters, etc.
If you are called out for your particular brand of obnoxious behavior then maybe reflect on how you are acting and stop being a faggot.

2967a No.61831

I got accused of being so and so over quite vague posts. The stuff that people conflate with certain personalities here gets very retarded sometimes.

0af9c No.61832

Yeah whatever you say Ramenbro. go back to your /test/ thread and put your mod tag on while you're at it. we'll never forgive you for what you did to the home cooking thread 5 years ago

12c3a No.61851

and i'm waiting for a mod to answer

i know how discussions, arguments, etc on meta produce nothing

19771 No.61852


/meta/ is just a place for the moderators to laugh at all the butthurt

12c3a No.61853

i would rather it stay that way over something more democratic, at least we can scream into the void here

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