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b4ca2 No.61679

I don't know if some of you have noticed the slow but constant influx of normalfags these days, people on /dep/ telling others to "stop complaining", discussions on /wiz/ about IQ and how fit and wealthy they are and so on and so on.

I bet these people aren't even virgins, you know why virginity is a way to keep people away and preent them from posting here? Because virgins are usually badly adjusted people, outcasts, people that society rejects, if we have 150 IQ /fit/ lawyers that are "virgins" by pure luck that is suspicious as fuck, even normals want to be alone/single sometimes, but being a successful virgin chad is so fucking unlikely and so alien to this site that they may as well go to a forums for asexuals or some shit.

This place has changed a lot, someone from the old wizchan around 2014 would be horrified at its current state.

e1551 No.61680

That's just the internet now. 4chan is tens of millions normalfags. Don't expect anything to get better.

a6d5b No.61681

I like wizchan more because it's way slower (sometimes too slow) and more comfy than 4chan, where everybody is trolling and you can't find anything except shitposts.

d903e No.61692

Go back to 4chan

906f1 No.61693

File: 1642054201122.jpg (22.03 KB, 600x623, 600:623, mcniglets.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, it's pretty pathetic going into something like the wageslave thread and seeing people brag about their 6-figure pencil pushing jobs, just to put down NEETs and poorfags. Like why would you need to come to a dead soulless husk of a site like this just to brag?

These days I don't even visit wizchan, I've just gone back to using 4chan because at least there I won't be gaslit into believing I'm posting with people who are like me in any way. And it's really funny how despite being a much larger imageboard, they don't have homos and trannies posting outside their containment board.

cbbfc No.61694

can you show up the trannies and fags in unrelated threads, and 6 figure bragging ceos too


>people brag about their 6-figure pencil pushing jobs
You constantly bring this point up when I’ve already pointed out that you were the troll doing that. If such posts make you mad then stop making them.

906f1 No.61696

First of all, I have literally 2 active posts on this website and have posted maybe once every few months at best here. So what the fuck are you on about? Second, why do you conveniently ignore the tracking cookies threads and choose to enter threads that do NOT ask for mod input? It's actually funny how selective you cunts are to where I can't take you seriously. No one should.

ad551 No.61697

>>people brag about their 6-figure pencil pushing jobs
> you were the troll doing that

242aa No.61699

File: 1642116844638.jpg (56.09 KB, 720x438, 120:73, 笑う.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>retard who's too dumb to clear cookies or use a an addon for it gets caught trying to troll over different ips

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