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6ad97 No.61714

Is watching anime a "traditionally wiz activity" and therefore shitting on it a violation of rule 4? E.g., >>>/dep/253201 ?
As an extreme example, what about >>>/lounge/28220 ?

78056 No.61715

>if you don't coonsoom weeb shit like a good 4shit zoomer then you're not a wizard

Is this retard for real? Calling out "4shit" while using their latest trendy buzzwords. I'm not into anime but these posters are trying too hard to show off how "mature" and intellectually and morally superior they are by gratuitously belittling other posters. That is the real problem here.

568f9 No.61716

I dislike anime, I only watch it for the certain niche I’m into which isn’t made anywhere else

7d856 No.61717

There are good anime, but most of them are pretty bad. So nothing wrong with shitting on it.

bdc94 No.61718

some wizards dont like anime for whatever reason. there's nothing wrong with shitting on anime though. anime is something that enough of us watch/experience or at least have in the past, which makes shitting on it interesting, since most of us have an opinion of it

a2fda No.61719

Anime is succubi worship.

You're a crab if you like anime.

7bc69 No.61724

I still dont get the distinction between "crab" being bad and wiz alright when its essentially the same thing. its like rather then calling yourself a whore or prostitute you refer to yourself as a sex worker because it sounds better on paper. I get the fact nobody wants to deal with the bitter people who have been burned bad and are over emotional to the point of being toxic but I still get made fun of regularly for being milk toast about disliking succubi and being a virgin in general. either way the rule seems to be very selective for whatever the current mod deems it to be at the time.

104c8 No.61725


78056 No.61726


bdc94 No.61727

🦀 is upset about not being normalfag
wizard is just any poster on wizchan. it has no negative/positive meaning in the way 🦀 does

97446 No.61728

You aren't going to get that shit to catch on.
Stop it.

97446 No.61729

Rule 4 doesn't even remotely apply.
If they are being very disruptive or just being inflammatory/trolling/baiting then rule 5 would apply.
But someone not liking what you like is not and has never been a violation of not shitting on celibacy and or not shitting on someone for being a recluse or neet.

Being a jackass about hobbies isn't in any way the same as making fun of someone for not getting laid because they are a shut in psudo hermit with no job.
That said both are cancer, it's just that different rules apply.

At least that is my interpretation.

For all I know the mods could consider not liking anime a rule 6 violation because they deluded themselves into thinking that dream they had that one time where not liking anime is illegal was true.
Their rule interpretation can be weird and totally arbitrary at times.
Like declaring v-tubers a rule 7 violation or banning people for reason they made up on the spot like changing ip too frequently for their liking, or even talking about subjects they don't like.
They really do need some sort of accountability and oversight measures.

65ef3 No.61730

No. It's another form of media, so unrelated to the fundamentals of wizardry, though it definitely has more correlation with it than something like watching television or western cartoons.
It is true that everyone who complains about it on principle does so for inane reasons though; either because of an inherent sort of abrasion towards "cute" things (which is why they are almost always equating anime with moe) or resistance to foreign media.
There's no problem with shitting on anything, so long as what you're shitting on isn't in a community or environment designed for fans of it.

f369c No.61731

>if you don't coonsoom weeb shit like a good 4shit zoomer then you're not a wizard
Can we start banning any instance of the "-oomer" meme please?

65ef3 No.61734

I should append my post by stating that if you check the home page and FAQ, they detail that Wizchan is a "Japanese-inspired imageboard" with the name itself derived by a Japanese meme, even outlining Haganai as an example. So there's definitely a link, which isn't surprising.

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