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File: 1644732649761.jpeg (531.48 KB, 992x1391, 992:1391, E6OJg7jVkAAHsqG.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

4cd14 No.61833

if you jacked off to more porn than any sex-haver has then you're not a virgin. you have more experience with sex by watching it than the sex-haver ever will and that makes you impure and unvirgin. after a certain point in jerking off whhat's more to it that the sex-haver has?? you've seen 100x than the sex-haver has or will ever experience as a porn connoisseur and even if you had sex it won't be exciting like the porn you watched so its not worth doing anyway. there is no difference between a proffesional masterbator and a sex-haver. the proffesional masterbators should be considered honarary non-virgins for their impurity and worship of the physical sexual material urges instead of pursuining magic,

4cd14 No.61834

I don't feel like a virgin anymore after jacking off for how much I have. I've jacked off so much I can't even feel my dick anymore and watched more porn than most people in human history. If it was 100 or longer (any time before the internet) years ago do you think they would think you are a virgin?? impossible. its only you dumb crackers that think so. just perma ban me already ive jerked off too much to be a virgin

1dedb No.61835

its more about bonding and "love"/ intimacy with another person. during which your consciousness is imprinted forever changing the persons mind and heart. this is why succubi who have a lot of partners are so fucked up because they have hundreds of guys consciousness imprinted in them. from a magical perspective your souls and literally being mixed together. that doesn't happen when you fap

5ea12 No.61836

That's like saying watching kung fu movies and playing fighting games makes you more of a fighter then someone that actually fights regularly.
Actually it's even more stupid due to being by the definition of the words totally wrong.
Your argument is totally illogically and irrational.

4cd14 No.61837

I do have all the love and bonding shit you're speaking of. I had a waifu that I loved with all my heart but she just cucked me for an ikemen utaite twink and my heart is shattered. she just wanted me for money and our love was a facade. behind the 2d was a whore that comes to stream with a womb full of ikemen cum. I hear she got pregnant with the sperm of a man that I have never heard of until today and he wont even take responsibility. she is lucky I like NTR so I'll keep buying merch and paying for membership so her child support can be paid but the pure untainted love is gone forever ): we had our souls mixed but she is a dark soul sticky with another mans cum.

what a stupid thing to type you cant compare watching a movie to jacking off its completely different. in a movie you just see once and forget. when you jack off its a much more powerful feeling especially when you jack off to your 2d waifu and then get cucked by her

0ef15 No.61838

This thread is clearly shitposting that better fits /b/ then a thread on meta.

51a34 No.61839

100 years from now they will consider you a super virgin.
When you fap, you're just summoning demons instead.

9abc7 No.61857

>so, wizanon, are you are virgin, have you had a girlfriend at least?
>noooo im not a virgin anymore ive jerked off too much so not a virgin

27b3f No.62406

OP is correct. If you goon off all the time, you're not a wizard.

Masturbating non-virgins ITT will cry, but OP is correct.

e8488 No.62482

>if you had sex it won't be exciting like the porn you watched so its not worth doing anyway
This a lie it could never be same.

This just a shitpost low quality thread , that should be sent to /b/.

d6cbb No.62486

File: 1660019858552.jpg (187.12 KB, 1280x2048, 5:8, FZes54WaUAAF2tg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>If you have sex you're not a virgin.
>If you fap you're not a virgin.
>If you do NoFap you are a monk LARPer crab
>If you use meme arrows your /meta/ post is disregarded
Wizzie-kun, you're rambling under your breath about fapping crabs again… Why don't you take me crab fishing some time?

de59b No.62499

File: 1660261670844.gif (310.88 KB, 192x256, 3:4, 1627186900922.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I keep seeing similar but still more and more unhinged calls asking for more and more regulation on the most ridiculous of things, and one can't help but imagine that the people suggesting things like this are just bad faith actors at this point.

To suggest that touching yourself so much suddenly means you're not a virgin is a ridiculous notion. What defines "too much?" What arbitrary thing are you going to set the bar at? How do you determine how much a 'sex-haver' (really immature way of just saying 'non-virgin', by the way) jerks off, and by that mention why does a 'sex-haver' need to jerk off much at all if a 'sex-haver' CAN JUST HAVE SEX?

And if you're going to gauge people 'for their impurity,' I'd say that your image choice that's emphasizing a fictional female's ass and the rest of her body is an interesting juxtaposition. You're very much one to talk.

It's funny how of all the things that are consistently suggested to moderation that banning them could fix, nobody ever has a vested interest in going after people who make stupid suggestions like this, nobody ever seems to care about low quality posters, it's always just shitposting that's intended to fiercen Wizchan's already strangling purity spiral that people feed into and attempt to segregate others by, people who at their core are wizards just like them with some slight alteration that they need 'purging' for.

Male. Virgin. 18+ years.
Don't ever talk about wanting to be social or romantic, or going out and being social or romantic.
No 3D porn. No talking shit about recluses, celibates or NEETs. How hard is this to grasp for some of you? Some of you just seem to get off on trying to build some gay-ass hierarchy in wizardry instead of just enjoying the company of your fellow wizards. It just seems like an extremely normalfag thing to do.

d4b3a No.62604

The real wizards aren't in wizardchan

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