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File: 1644796360206.gif (1.43 MB, 447x314, 447:314, gore.gif) ImgOps iqdb

03af7 No.61840

Can we please have one singular dedicated gore thread?

The cunny enjoyers (pedophiles) have a thread. Why can't we?

97ada No.61841

You mean real or simulated? I don't think the first kind would be acceptable

ab5a5 No.61842

We have a politics thread don't we? It would functionally be little more than an extension of that.

21726 No.61843

Mod is a female that's why.

49dd3 No.61844

Don't spam the polical thread with gore.
It will get reported and should probably get the spammer banned.

Gore is barely tolerated on /b/. It has no place on the surface boards at all

21726 No.61845

It isn't tolerated at all on /b/. Meanwhile flooding a thread you don't like with gay shock porn is fine. Mods are just hypocrites.

49dd3 No.61846

2d gore is very much tolerated on /b/.
Just like 2d gay porn.

It's the 3d shit that is a problem and isn't tolerated.
Though I do admit it took the mods way too long to put a stop to people posting gosky and fetish spanking porn that had buttholes and genital in them. But that was a couple of years ago and they are consistent with deleting that stuff now.

f8a73 No.61849

can we have a 3d porn thread? mod? please please please

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