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File: 1645141589020.png (35.5 KB, 708x560, 177:140, 1645028321675.png) ImgOps iqdb

b2d89 No.61863

Why is it that every post on Wizchan has to be archived? What purpose does it server other than to immortalize everything anyone has ever said on this god forsaken gangstalking website?

You know there are laws that make it ILLEGAL for users on the internet to not be able to be forgotten on the internet, right? Privacy and anonymity are human rights.

You usurping cocksuckers should read a book or two about privacy, anonymity and the right to be forgotten.

6d4a9 No.61864

>I deliberately posted on a website with rules and functions I do not like, and now I am butthurt. How could this be happening to me?

>Privacy and anonymity are human rights.

>the right to be forgotten.

4525a No.61865

nothing on the internet is private. just don't post personal stuff otherwise deal with it.

b2d89 No.61866

File: 1645144176056.png (19.9 KB, 849x176, 849:176, 544.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

You know they're doing something wrong when reddit is more privacy focused than wizchan

7f951 No.61867

Hello reddit

3e313 No.61873

>reddit doesn't use nonpublic information about redditors without their consent
When you post on reddit your entire post history and ip address are considered public information, every single post is also archived forever even if you delete it yourself and is also considered public information. The "privacy" they're talking about is your name/address/phone number, etc.

b2d89 No.61874

>every single post is also archived forever

Not for the public to see. Once you delete something on Reddit, it's deleted and the public can't see it anymore.

Unlike on Wizchan, where it's fully archived after a thread is gone off the board. Even when you delete a post on Wizchan, it's still available to the Wizchan admins and they can still see it.

Wizchan is just pathetic at this point.


>Even when you delete a post on Wizchan, it's still available to the Wizchan admins and they can still see it.
Preserving posts deleted by staff members is necessary to build a profile for repeat offenders and get an idea of the kind of spam we're getting at the time. Having it still exist in one way or another allows us to restore it should something be deleted in error. We also need to see exactly what other staff members are deleting so we have something to argue about.

When a user deletes his own post, it and its files are wiped from the server and no log is kept of the deletion. This applies to replies if the deleted post was an OP. Even if there were replies in the thread that the staff deleted prior, we will lose our backups when the OP deletes his own thread. Note that posts older than a few days, and threads which have received many replies can't be deleted by the author. We try to honor users who wish their posts be deleted but have had their deletion password changed, so long as it's clear that the person reporting the post asking for deletion is the author, and deleting it won't cause a bunch of confusion among other users.

b2d89 No.61878

File: 1645196436174.gif (626.75 KB, 220x176, 5:4, cat.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>build a profile

There we have it lads, gangstalker confession.

7f951 No.61879

>An admission that the mods consult a user's prior ban history to influence the severity of new bans, as is described on the Rules page
The audacity of these niggers

3e313 No.61880

>Not for the public to see
If a thread is archived permanently (which rarely happens) no one will even be able to tell who wrote what, there are no usernames here so no one can link back to some archived thread and say "look here, when X said Y!", these things are not even comparable
>Even when you delete a post on Wizchan, it's still available to the Wizchan admins
It is also like that on reddit, so your claim that reddit has more privacy holds no ground

6a43e No.61881

>build a profile for repeat offenders

kinda pointless when you've admitted there are serial ban evaders and that it's piss easy to do so

6084e No.61882

dear wizchan staff, thanks for keeping the site alive and providing a place for like-minded wiz imps to meet.


Not sure what you're getting at. Those who abuse VPNs to spam have been a small handful of 3 or 4 guys, and they're very keen on making it known who they are and what they're up-in-arms about being banned for in the past. We've pointed this out before and stated it as a reason we don't reject VPN posts all together. Those who break rules with a VPN are a tiny minority, and from what I can tell all of these ban evaders started with a static IP and it was being able to see the long ban history for them that made us ban them for long enough to encourage them to fight back with VPNs. VPN spam or no VPN spam, when we see that a user with a static IP has no past infractions associated with that IP, we take this in to account when punishing for rule breaks by issuing warnings or short bans. When an infraction is made from a VPN, there's usually no record of any prior offenses or even posts. In this case we typically just delete the offending posts, as any ban or warn messages are just as likely to be seen by a random user in the future as they are by the guy who broke the rule. Seeing the ban histories of an IP when deleting a post is just a tool to help us issue fairer punishments. If we go to ban someone for avatarfagging, and his ban history shows that he was banned for the same violation in the past, it tells us that we need to explain to the user plainly why his images are being deleted and ban him long enough for him to have read the rules and lurked moar. Likewise, if we go to ban for avatarfagging and see that this guy's IP is static and there's no prior bans for rule 8, we slap him with a 0-second warning and list the rule broken. This is the unfortunate extent the staff's accumulated power.

Thanks we try

0ddf0 No.61885

/b/ should not be archived

01575 No.61905

why? they only stay up for like a month anyway

543b5 No.61908

It glows so hard it's visible from other planets. This place was taken over by a demonic homosexual cult of kids teens and early 20's normalfags some time ago. This website has nothing left to offer me. Go find someone else to harass you fucking demons you are all going to Hell

b2d89 No.61910

File: 1646518174771.gif (93.22 KB, 220x188, 55:47, skeleton-burning.gif) ImgOps iqdb

There's literally no reason to archive wizchan posts except for being a compulsive data hoarder thinking you're doing some great service by archiving what some losers said on the internet.

Beyond delusional… I think it's safe to say that it's evil.

Why is it always these "computer scientists" thinking they are so great and benevolent when they're literally creating hell? It makes me sick. Pure fucking evil.

519aa No.61911

who? that one guy who was telling that gluten kills slowly thy brain?

b8296 No.61912

the mods are lying about everything to preserve they are 2017+ zoomers
im still getting banned for ban evasion for a ban from 2014 with no one willing to provide an explanation as to why

54203 No.61913

because you are challenging their fragile teenaged egos.


It's already been explained to you, you aren't a virgin and you admitted it. After you'd complained about it I even sought out and asked a number of people here that know you personally, who all confirmed that you aren't a virgin.

b2d89 No.61916

>asked a number of people here that know you personally, who all confirmed that you aren't a virgin

How when this is an anonymous imageboard?


a0cbd No.61924

last time i spoke to a non family female was 10 years ago and im almost 32
its nuts how im getting banned for years simply from rumor when im more wiz than 99% of the userbase

b2d89 No.61925

The mods constantly lie about everything.

376ce No.61926

File: 1646958987400.png (152.37 KB, 952x518, 68:37, Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 1….png) ImgOps iqdb

>the right to be forgotten
Found the EUposter. You do understand that this board is hosted in the United States, where such a "right" does not exist. Correct?

8d656 No.61927

How is this site not anonymous? You literally can’t even attach a name to a post. Your ip address is logged for the staff to enforce rules because otherwise there would be no way to do that, archived threads are just static html pages and don’t even save your ip. Your demands are absurd and unreasonable, if you are truly that concerned about being anonymous you should be posting on tor websites or using residential proxies.

11c32 No.61935

that is where Wizchan lives?

02e66 No.61936

File: 1647474789475.jpg (104.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, galish.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>between portland antifa and utah nsa data center

376ce No.61947

File: 1647674512024.jpg (38.11 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 0284_-_romero.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizchan and probably a bunch of other sites, since it's occupying Amazon serverspace, yeah

717bf No.61971

>I even sought out and asked a number of people here that know you personally, who all confirmed that you aren't a virgin.

Holyshit does everyone just know everyone else here? anonymous imageboard…

b739d No.61981

File: 1648977230447.png (261.48 KB, 583x290, 583:290, 1558710639403-0.png) ImgOps iqdb

They aren't. They're only stored for some time so mods can see whether you've been shitposting too much lately but are ultimately deleted. You're not important and no one cares about what you post here, or about you.

2e53a No.61986

im the vip of wizchan

9d54e No.61987

File: 1649139570965.jpeg (23.32 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 912c7e1165f86db9f0c6d3072….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


2451a No.61988

Rule 1 was only meant to keep out normalfags who hate neets and insels, not bar people from using the website for thought police while they larp in wizcord voice chat

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