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File: 1647625212392.png (12.49 KB, 699x374, 699:374, tards.png) ImgOps iqdb

5d19e No.61944

i did report the thread twice you fucking morons, and you didn't react. i wouldn't have made that thread on meta otherwise

db279 No.61945

Maybe nobody was attending moderation in the moment, should have waited

93283 No.61946

Attend deez nuts

b9b13 No.61948

maybe mods are fags

57230 No.61950

typical mod fag behavior. These people hate male virgins, I'm convinced of this.

5697f No.61962

Why are the mods cool with 3d man ass in a sexual context now?
Reported the offending asses and they are still up hours later.

I don't come to this site to see man ass and hypocrisy from the staff.

e82ab No.61963


>Why are the mods cool with 3d man ass

Because Andrew is a homosexual

4bb48 No.61964

Why is the wrong in them, why they are not with the good?

000c4 No.61966

>Fully clothed succubi in a non-sexual context
>v-tubers regardless of context and totally lacking in anything related to sexuality
>Nude man ass and gay porn
Totally a-ok and if you complain I delete your post

a387e No.61967

no one here is gay

e2aed No.61968

File: 1648341859759.png (196.17 KB, 398x384, 199:192, 1544941612700.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Mods delete tranny man ass
>Mods are gay because that means they see tranny man ass as sexual
>Mods don't delete tranny man ass
>Mods are gay because they keep tranny man ass

the focus of the webm/mp4 in the webm/mp4 thread is the guy wincing at the sight of a transvestite omeagle troll. it's not meant to be looked at erotically, but comically and as commentary on the current state of things. it's a re-world recording of a wizard's despair when presented with the realities of the world in which he was forced unto. Like dady howard, yea is man ass, but is not fap thread material.

must we remind you new users that any post or image can be hidden on your side?

>v-tubers regardless of context

>regardless of context
yeah damn straight regardless of context. v-tuber ban wasn't because sexual, but for the same "outsider content" rule that envelopes all celebrity female discussion. the prime thread that initiated the decision to ban vtubers wasn't talking about the games being played or even about the characters portrayed. wasnt about the context of the streamns, the games, or the characters, but was a talk of the real antics of those performing, i.e the real succubi. if it was a talk about aaaaahhnuuhh the games, the meta, the industry, the scripted content, the anything besides "she (real 3dps) is so funny, cute, i love ehr voice etc", then probably would have stayed but no, it was digital SIMPING.

46a90 No.61969

Seem 3d gay porn and exclusively gay porn is totally allowed if the mods actions are anything to go by.

Guess the fags can post all the dick and ass they want.
Fuck this site. You fucking win I quit.
Faggots ruin everything.
I hope you all get aids and die.

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