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7c936 No.61949

You let this thread stay up.

21a90 No.61951


21a90 No.61953


48e52 No.61954

The mods on this website purposely act in bad faith. If you're part of the fagclique or under its protection, they will go to any lengths to protect the user and his/her threads, asking for rigorous proof that the user is not a virgin or a succubus before taking action. I'm guessing that thread you're complaining about was made by a cliquer. Regular users get shit deleted constantly with the most flimsy reasoning pulled right out their fat janitor asses.

f69af No.61955

25b32 No.61956

why can’t a wizard practice hygiene?

17251 No.61957

it's quite funny to see them impotently brag about having the "privilege" to stomp on their own irrelevant little sandcastle. cool, you're just making a feedback loop of failed normalniggers jerking each other off with wizard caricatures. really owning those virgins by scaring them off with your self-sabotage.

ea75d No.61958

Wizards should look like Pirates.

a4ead No.61959

Didn't pirates blow most of their money or hyper fancy clothes, drink, and whores?

f69af No.61960

>Wizards should look like Pirates.
Pirates should look like Vampires.

2a226 No.61961

Vampires can look like anything.

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