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716a4 No.62000

Just discovered this board since I've been banned from 4chan. This place looks amazing except for no tech, /g like board? I imagine most of wizards are tech nerds. How to make it happen?

ab407 No.62001

A /g/ board would invite /g/ culture. Whatever reason you were banned from 4chan you would just bring here.

Lurk moar, make a /hob/ thread covering computers in general if one doesn't already exist, or just go back.

32f16 No.62002

How did you get banned?

716a4 No.62004

Well I kinda hate /g too, I'd certainly not want the negative side of it, seems like within the context of this community a tech board could be more friendly. But it was e.g. a good source of niché tech news that traditional news site won't show.

Made a pedo joke. I mean it's not like I rape children, just made a joke. Don't even wanna stay in such a place.

a66b7 No.62010

better /g/ than /pol/
no one cares about meta and hob anymore, There was a time when wizzies would lurk in these boards, but now they have a mind of politics and culture wars. they no longer care for growing things (except mushroom wiz)

b7adf No.62011

Keyd pedobro

80c60 No.62012

I think we should have a /torrent/ board where we can share wizardly movies and books and stuff

ab407 No.62015

Wizardly books can be shared in the reading thread, wizardly movies in the movie thread, etc, even in the form download links to torrents and tracking sites. I think there's a thread in /jp/ for pirating Japanese goods. Creating a whole board for BitTorrent would just create a divide between those who do and do not use torrenting so similar discussions would be split redundantly. Additionally all IPs currently downloading any given torrent can be viewed by anyone else downloading the same one, so one could potentially farm user IPs by posting an obscure or fresh torrent and monitoring who attempts to download it. Furthermore that curious baiter could then use a public lookup to see what other torrents that IP has been downloading. Such a bad idea when you get in to the privacy risks.

Please avoid pasting hashes as that requires someone to open it and verify that's it's not a troll or spam

1eb31 No.62106

is op's image true?

ed82e No.62114

ab407 No.62117

Yes. Mice in temperate lands sustain through the winter on hen's eggs, so that's why the trackball is called a mouse, because it has a yolk in its belly

f36e2 No.62118

Wow, it all makes sense now

b878e No.62141

It really is a superior forum. I want a board for moneymaking ideas

644d6 No.62149

FUCK OFF TRANNY FREAK. There are too many trannies and faggots here as it is.

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