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93691 No.62007

Make a self improvement board. Why? Because there is a dep board. Dep is mostly about people venting but I also see people there who are interested in improving. It may be that they want to know more about careers or they're interested in medication to treat mental illness.

I think having a dep board but also having no place to build yourself up is letting down our wizzies and it really sends a negative message. It's like 'sure, you can be depressed but you ought not to look at improving because it's possible.' We apparently have some really old users here as opposed to zoomers and some of them are actually successful.

I know wizzies who have beat mental illness and built successful careers. We even have cryptocurrency investors with small fortunes. It would be a neat to have a place to talk about it in more depth.

93691 No.62008

Also, I would suggest to have one thread stickied for cryptocurrency discussion to avoid ruining the whole board like what happened on 4chan.

i.e. 4chan's biz board had huge potential to be a place to talk about all kinds of ways to make money, improve your career, and entrepreneurial skills. But instead it turned into a cess poll of cryptocurrency spam.

Really disappointing tbh.

de01a No.62009

why can't you do it on lounge or wiz

93691 No.62013

it would just get lost amongst these boards. a dedicated board also encourages further discussion by focusing all related threads in one place.

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