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21762 No.62017

Hello, I was just issued a warning and my thread was removed because I've linked to some of my personal online projects that "doxxed" me. Is it a rule that I can't doxx myself? I don't care about my anonymity, I'd like to share some things I've made.


Yes, posting identifiable information such as real names, addresses, and photos of your face is against the rules. Want it or not, Wizchan is anonymous upfront but we allow pseudonymous accounts to be linked. If that pseudonym connects to your real identify in any way however, you won't be able to link to it again. It's a blanket rule to ensure a safe posting environment and to avoid certain types of drama which have plagued sites similar to Wizchan.

21762 No.62020

Thanks for the answer, this complicates it a bit and will probably make me just a lurker, but I respect that decision.

98c38 No.62023

You claimed in an email to me years ago that wizchan has nothing to do with anonymity. You claimed this in an attempt to justify your use of tracking cookies to stalk users. So which is it?


If it was years ago then it must have been a different Admin, and from before we lost our last mailserver.

The cookies Wizchan serves to users are for saving settings and to allow a user to find and delete his own posts. There may be some cookies which are relics of old features and boards. Wizchan is anonymous for users for reasons that were suggested above. Of course staff members can see the IP a post was made from (like on pretty much any other site), and that's so we can monitor for repeat rule breakers. Use a VPN and reject cookies if you so wish, we really don't care unless a rule is broken in which case the VPN user who broke it is given a ban like any other user.

347af No.62058

wow get a load of mister fancy pants with his red nametag

bc1c8 No.62059

He's the great wizard, what else did you expect?

225a7 No.62060

bigwiz speaks

f3bb3 No.62143

I wish I was Elon Musk

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