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File: 1649968007006.jpg (28.27 KB, 720x585, 16:13, i guess.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

0f46b No.62021

this is the third thread i'll be making about this subject and if something isn't done then i stop coming here.
the one in /games/ is my favorite because you've allowed your site to become so /pol/-orientated that even discussing video games isn't safe from improve zombies who spend 8 hours a day here telling people to lift weights and give thanks to christ for making them schizophrenic.
the one just straight up recommending reddit is my 2nd favorite.

i come here to be with likeminded weirdos and discuss mental illness and pessimism. and the site is no longer about that. the threads i linked are just a small sampler. pretty much every thread on the site is guaranteed to have 2-3 of these guys now. wizchan has lost its culture and values and is now about "just go outside bro" tier walls of texts.
literally nobody asked for this. when these OP's ask for general help, there is a 0% chance that "just be yourself" was on the table for the kind of help they mean.
these normalfag posts never, ever get a positive reception. nobody wanted them, nobody benefits from them. they're here for no reason but for the creepy little internet missionaries to fellate themselves on a job well done, and i'd count it as basically spam since nobody else gets any benefit from it and they're usually fucking huge and/or derail the threads.

i want a direct response to why you let your site turn into a weird /pol/-/fit/ hybrid, or i want these guys banned. And if i get neither, then i guess i'll go stare at the wall because i have nowhere else to post and the only site i ever visit is confirmed dead.

0f1e3 No.62022

ok bye

1a4be No.62024

lol that image is giving me flashbacks.

a909e No.62025

File: 1649969998443.jpg (1.64 MB, 2085x1279, 2085:1279, de845852e1e1c85f71ac4b1717….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

700+ threads on the main boards and you've found 7 with replies that make you think the site has changed for the worst… Small sampler indeed, less than 1% of threads… If you have more examples, then link more examples. You really should because I've read every thread you've linked to and I don't see any real patterns.

>"just go outside bro" tier walls of texts.

Ah, I guess it seems you're angry that people are giving advice on how to potentially be happier. Advice that you don't agree with. Nobody is saying "Just go outside" in any of the threads you linked to. That's a strawman, a gaslight, and a gangstalk even. You're dumbing down your opposition to make a case that's easier for you to argue against. Well, have you responded to those posts and made a case for why such advice is bogus? Just as guys are free to post what they believe to be the best course out of depression, you are free to argue in favor of your own outlets. We're here to discuss after all, not shut down and cancel things we don't agree with. If you want to be able to disapprove of and bury replies you dislike, then go to reddit where echo-chambers are the status quo.

What exactly is bad about people receiving answers along the lines of
>"Things can get better, please don't give up"
>"You can change your body and mind, here's how"
>"Don't make the same mistakes I did"
>"What you're feeling is normal"
>"Avoid drugs / alcohol / therapy scam / etc"
??? OPs can specify if they don't want certain types of responses and none of the threads you linked suggested any desire for such types of posts to be excluded. It sounds like what you want is a site where nobody can really offer help, and all depression-related discussion can only be responded to with "iktf" or claims that there is no hope… Oh wait, you must be one of those "Blackpillers" again, from that crab forum… Figures. Your desire for us Wizards to be locked in eternal despair is laughable and I'll be glad to see you go.

<<<<<<<< Picture of me walking away from this thread, if I was miko of the Hakurei shrine
bottom text

b42d5 No.62027

First page of /b/
>circumcision thread
>crab chin aesthetics thread
>thread with /pol/ mutt memes
>gay posting *cums on face* thread
>(neutral shitpost)
>gangstalking thread
>/pol/ feminist comic thread
>trans thread
>/pol/ race thread
>(starcraft thread)

It's just how the internet is going now. There are tens of millions of 4channers now. Millions and millions of these 18 year old who have been living and breathing this stuff since they were 8 years old. There's nothing you can do. You are alone and the tide is rising.

49675 No.62029

>all the copes listed
jfl, you are a delusional fag.got, blackpill is law and you're too special needs to realise that. Normalfags will never accept you.

cd824 No.62030

>they're here for no reason but for the creepy little internet missionaries to fellate themselves on a job well done

spot on
agree with everything you said, though it's naive to expect any better. just cynically assume most here are normalfags and the board is hardly different from other generic imageboards like >>62027 pointed out.

44468 No.62031

People like OP worsen the site because any time a wizzie gives good advice they claim its bullshit and only works for normies. Which then serves to discourages others from posting good advice or following it. really leading to a site where eventually only losers can or want to stick around.

unfortunately op hasn't figured out that being a virgin doesn't make someone a loser. its a failure to make good choices and grow as a person that makes you a loser. and if you think thats 'culture' we should be proud of you can fuck off, lol.

f838e No.62033

Make me mod and I will clean all the dirt dropped by the normals in every thread.

ceb2d No.62034

You can't expect a good thread when it open with the line
>Zoomer here

What's with "zoomers" and announcing that they are "zoomers" posting on anonymous imageboards? And why was my post removed for making fun of him?

a909e No.62035

It's just a way of generalizing that the guy is currently an adult, but the youngest possible, alluding to inexperience and being raised to the most modern standards. it's a self-deprecating admission of ignorance that doesn't defeat the potential to improve. Age and self-outlook are key things to know when offering anyone advice and recommendations so to open a thread with such info is relevent and helpful.

>And why was my post removed for making fun of him?

If you're here to talk down to men of any age who wish to better themselves, then please just leave. Tribalising yourself in to age groups is the most normalfag thing a guy can do.

ceb2d No.62036

> thread with such info is relevent and helpful.
It's not helpful and his thread would not have suffered if he had omitted his age
>If you're here to talk down to men of any age who wish to better themselves, then please just leave
Where did OP say in his original post that he wishes to better himself? false accusation. he wishes to better himself by playing games? I don't know about the deleted post drama in the thread I'm merely responding to the OP
> Tribalising yourself in to age groups
Isn't that what he did when he started the thread with "zoomer here"? (zoomer vs boomer dichotomy) I'm a young person too it's not about age but his diction, zoomer is a 4chan/twitch meme if we use the verbiage of non-wizards they will feel increasingly welcome here
Generation Z can be applied to those born between 1997 and 2012 it's likely he is underage

Not only that but there is already a game recommendation thread https://wizchan.org/games/res/39597.html his post is unwarranted attention seeking (something zoomers love)

But his probably one of the moderators sons so it makes sense that people will defend mr. Zoomer here's post

79eac No.62037

None of those greentext example answers are ones that exist in any of the threads OP linked, or any of the threads on /dep/ in general

a909e No.62038

I disagree
Any proof?

aa9cc No.62039

I don’t see what the problem is, I am probably part of some of the lowest bottom of the barrel losers here, but I don’t want to drag other people down with me, I always hated the subset of this place that wants a race to the bottom mentality of who can be the biggest miserable person

0f46b No.62049

some really cool posts here on your site, mods who still havent replied.
im just going to assume from your silence that you agree with these posts.
fuck you, bye.

cd824 No.62050

so much for rule 3 lol.


This person is a ban evader purposely going around posting stuff like this, please be patient, these types of trolls are difficult to deal with.

a909e No.62054

Picking on a guy going to a chess club of all things is pretty funny.

f700f No.62055


f700f No.62056

fe859 No.62057

what do you expect when every norman, succubus and their grandmas have internet access? this is where they hang out now, see below
what you're feeling is normal[\b]
I see what you did there, guess this is the new [b]norm

wizchan has been normalized then :))

a8e7d No.62070

File: 1650419255249.png (607.78 KB, 1080x1620, 2:3, Screenshot_20220419-184410.png) ImgOps iqdb

Absolutely embarrassing ban.
I appreciate that you guys are trying, but there's normalfags all over the site talking about diet this, "go get a job", "just try harder bro, just be positive" tier retard shit.
and yet they're free to continue, while you ban a guy just for making ONLINE FRIENDS. ONLINE FRIENDS.
OK bro.

the "values" of your site is non-existent. Some normalfaggotry is ok, some is not.

a909e No.62071

File: 1650419658904.png (437.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 96e1b81b43ef5442efcdb93caf….png) ImgOps iqdb

>My depression surging back because I couldn't hang out with a succubus from Discord

has online friends = OK
sad can't meet those friends IRL = OK
online friend is a succubus = Trouble!!! no reason to mention the sex of friend.
sad because can't meet the succubus IRL = Bad!! rule 2. Meeting succ is always ban.

8d677 No.62072

There's no room for ambiguity when he claims to feel depressed because he couldn't hang out with some succ.

69922 No.62073

That post is horrific and deserved the ban, cry about it though

6c13b No.62074

You're a midwit of a child if you think this post is fine. Being this desperate and "depressed" because you can't hang around a succubus? Moron.

aa9cc No.62081

that post is awful lmao, lurk more

f700f No.62090

how would kids born in 1995 have any media memories of the late 90s?

they would be 4 in 1999

0f46b No.62098

yeah its almost as if everything in that image is from the 2000's and not the 90's. retard.
2005 was indeed lit.

57d82 No.62101

But… that post literally breaks the rules, are you kidding me?

f700f No.62105

the now deleted meme called em "late 90s early 00s kids"

0f46b No.62189

File: 1652495280395.jpg (43.18 KB, 324x400, 81:100, cope.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks for replying, even if it wasnt directly to me.
i started feeling better after seeing your reply and seeing some much needed bans handed out.

im back bros

please play turtle wow with us, we're down to literally 2 players.

e9c28 No.62197

the mods dont like me tho

f7d66 No.62226

The scenario in this pic never happens irl to subhumans. It's trying to criticise reject genetic defectives with an impossible situation.

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