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10067 No.62112

Can someone tell me why I can't delete my posts?

It's saying wrong password, but I can see all of my posts in history.

Please let me delete my posts. Please Admins, please.

bd22f No.62115

just hide your history


>Note that posts older than a few days, and threads which have received many replies can't be deleted by the author. We try to honor users who wish their posts be deleted but have had their deletion password changed, so long as it's clear that the person reporting the post asking for deletion is the author, and deleting it won't cause a bunch of confusion among other users.

The posts you reported sprung discussion from a few replies in an ongoing thread. It would be a disservice to other users if the post were to disappear. You're just going to have to make sure posts you make from now on are things you won't regret posting about later. This site is anonymous. You have no reputation to uphold.

ee687 No.62142

Nothing is every truly deleted brocel. But take heart in the fact that they can throw you in solitary forever in some underground bunker for no reason no matter how much of a good boy you are.

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