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aa2fa No.62180

Can I please finish posting the content I was trying to post to >>>/wiz/186982 ? It keeps saying "wait a few minutes," but it's been more than that now. The last time this happened on a thread, I was just permanently locked out of it.

aa2fa No.62182

O.K.. I was finally able to finish posting it. It seems that the message should be something like "an hour" rather than "a few minutes."

8923b No.62183

it’s a software feature to prevent spam, I don’t think the mods have any control over it

af470 No.62186

If you're the one who has posted all of those images then good on the spam filter for slowing you down. It's poor etiquette to post so much before giving others a chance to weigh in. /wiz/ is focused on discussion too, so the least you could have done is present some context or opinions of your own relating the images.

abde1 No.62187

shut the fuck up you histrionic little nerd. he can post whatever he wants

3ebee No.62188

Obviously he can't if he's making a thread about how he can't post.

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