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dc023 No.62202

Why does this gangstalking website archive our shit?

I don't want it archived. I want it permanently deleted, not archived on your gay little data hoarding hard drives.

Have some decency, some concern for privacy and stop logging our IP addresses and our deleted posts. I want them deleted. I don't want you gang stalking faggots to keep all my data permanently after I delete it and it serves no purpose anymore.

All you data hoarding cock suckers are pieces of human shit. I seriously hate you data hoarding freaks. You are the reason the internet is shit because you try to archive it and immortalize it, like it's part of your permanent record or something. It isn't fun, it isn't enjoyable to have your data immortalized and you're making the internet gayer than real life.

1eff0 No.62203

no one is permanently archiving your posts

9679c No.62204

Just saved this thread as a PDF

85fb6 No.62205

File: 1653165115054.gif (1.76 MB, 200x258, 100:129, ethereality.gif) ImgOps iqdb

ethereality or death

adaed No.62220

+1 fuck the retard mods who literally banned posting with a VPN just in case there was someone's data here they couldn't collect.

500e7 No.62221

yeah and tracking cookies are a myth right

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