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a399e No.62209

Hello, I have no connection to the 2d poster you banned from /b/ and you probably think of me as a horrible poster anyway.

I'd just like to suggest to the mods or admins that this poster be unbanned. I think their ban was unfair and they further make good contributions to the site. I like the staff and appreciate the work you all do. I just would like for us to keep things fair. Got to respect the community too.

Hope ur all going well, regards, wiz imp.

97b42 No.62211

>signing your posts on an anonymous imageboard

you faggots can't help yourselves can you

29b2b No.62212

a399e No.62213

anonymity is mostly a meme. if you use a computer you're using the IP protocol and by law IPs are owned by people, not machines. so you say you use a proxy? well, okay. there is nothing to say that you wont give your identity away by browser finger prints or linguistic analysis.

police have caught people who were 'anonymous' by ip addresses alone. they have caught people through logical reasoning 'they must have done this at some time to get this started, oh look, here is their email, here is their ip, here is their general area.' they have caught people by meta data left in photos; by meta data left by printers on documents.

the smallest clue can basically fuck you. i wanna end this post by saying that 'Anonymage' is mostly just security through obscurity and anyone with the right motivation could own us all (and might have already done so.)


He had at least 7 warnings and 11 bans over one year. After a day of talking down to users, he's going to get a ban for posting 3DPD closeup porn. Even if it's been ran through a Photoshop filter, it's still 3D. You claim to not be him yet you posted a screencap of his ban that even he hadn't posted yet. Either you actually are him, or you're coordinating with him off-site to evade his ban on his behalf. That's pushing in to raid territory so the bans will only get longer.

Treat the other wizards here well and all you'll get are warnings. Post shock content to spite the userbase and you'll be treated as an outsider.

a399e No.62215

well i feel used now. thought i was doing the guy a favour. he didnt mention these things.

27e55 No.62216

So why aren't you doing anything about the disgusting gay porn that gets posted on the fap thread as well as on /b/?

31c65 No.62217

I'm going to suggest you [-]ide it, and to report any that comes up which is 3D

97b42 No.62218

what are you even going on about? i never implied anything about opsec or things of that nature, my post was aimed at the obnoxious /b/ crossposting attention whores who deliberately build an identity

27e55 No.62219

The guy in question has been posting about this on Feels, the image is not "3D run through a photoshop filter", it's just CG. If disgusting straight porn is enough to get banned just because it's disgusting then we need to ban the fags as well.

e8fa9 No.62222

Permaban Joseph

7bead No.62227

Take ur medication bro. Your schiszofrenia shows

9db40 No.62228

It's the correct call, regardless, to lump in photo-realistic 3dcg with 3dpd.

55125 No.62238

Piss off gangstalker demon

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