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e52c3 No.62239


so the imbecile(s?) with that syntax and writing style has/have been consistently posting the shittiest threads on every board for years

I know he (I am going to assume it's one single individual) has never broken any rule but his posts are so consistently egregious that I would hope his thread posting privileges would be revoked. Like, redirect the poor retard to the crawl threads or confine him to /b/, I don't know.

654c4 No.62240

I think the second one would've been removed if discussion hadn't quickly happened. I think the mods are averse to removing such posts if some discussion does arise in them, because I did see an almost identical post that still didn't break any rules be quickly removed before it got any replies. So I guess the solution is just "report and ignore".

I don't think the first post is bad because it still leads to wizardly anti-crab discussion, which is not at all the case with the "Wizardry and the black pill" thread. The danger of that kind of thread is that wizards can get bogged down in arguing over the specific empirical issues and details of blackpill, redpill, etc., treating it as just "abstract rationalization" (see https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/189276.html#191607), and suddenly it's a 200-replies shithole full of crab theory walls of texts about nothing but succs, their minds, and 3d dating mechanics, where a signification portion of the posts are by actual crabs. That's what happens when you even allow discussions on crab theory to take place. To even have such a post up makes this site look like just another crab site. And it's such a disappointment that it's effectively the most active thread right now.

Compared to that I think that guy is a minor offense. Anyway, I'm for just removing the second thread. The discussion is pointless. It's just the guy being like an edgy teen and being insulted by everyone. No one wants that thread up.

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