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10d8e No.62267

Could the fact that wojak memes are banned please be mentioned in the rules page?

bf423 No.62269

>Posts that are deemed to be low quality, antithetical to the spirit of the site or posted by someone deemed not to be a native of Wizardchan may be removed. Such posts or images include: /r9k/ tier threads: >tfw no gf, outsider memes or shitposts (Feel guy, Pepe/Sad frog, dubs etc).

What more could you want?

07782 No.62273

He probably doesn't know wojak is called "feel guy". Similarly pepe is unknown by his real name, "feels good froggo lmao"

10d8e No.62291

Thanks. More or less that.

Also, do I really have to repost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lDTdLQnSQo with the thumbnail removed? It's making a point about how jobs are bullshit, which if anything would be in line with the spirit of rule 4, I would think it's that.

10d8e No.62292

Or will just posting the link be fine since I'm not technically posting a frog image via the thumbnail?

bf423 No.62293

Oh that was an embed of that Luke Smith video? I thought it was a pic and wondered how it hadn't gotten removed yet.

4ef62 No.62302

Yup, it was an embed. Oh well, I can understand if it was just a trigger-happy mistake.

7cfe8 No.62331

The entirety of wizchan is devaluated by such prohibition.

0cc19 No.62332

lurk more

a5dce No.62334

I think apus should be allowed on wizchan,

apus are wizardly.

805f9 No.62335

what the fuck? where does the "apu" name come from, you fucking retard?
aren't those "pepes" you fucking moron

c1382 No.62336

Googling shit yourself doesn't hurt, retard.

a18f1 No.62337

File: 1656514784550.jpeg (130.25 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, FWRNG6YUEAABlut.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

baa1f No.62338

File: 1656525836006.png (83.34 KB, 188x188, 1:1, sadfsadf.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is some 'not all rectangles are quadrilateral' shit

38f45 No.62351

fuck off with dumb normie shit, retard

d5503 No.62355

I hate zoomers so much

01643 No.63638

File: 1678483108549.png (124.55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Wojak_Jojo_style_drawing_1….png) ImgOps iqdb

Happy to see that we are prone to the abolishment of this senseless restrictions

946df No.63644

It kinda is though.

6e56a No.63685

Mods have been caught posting pepes before

f23f6 No.63687

You have no proof.

67bb4 No.63688

f23f6 No.63689

Yawn. That's fake.

881dd No.63692

all of these are pepes

79b17 No.63693

Its funny how Pepe incapsulates and recapitulates the whole history of 4chan in his evolution. From lite comedy to crab depression to Alt-Right smugness to surreal accelerationism

Nietzsche Pepe and Schopenhauer Wojack, two depressed crabs, until Nietzsche Pepe embraces the struggle, and feels hatred for Wojak still stuck in passivity. In Jungian terms Wojak is the shadow self of Pepe, as he too is in reality a depressed crab. When he beats on wojack and makes wojack eat his shit, he is only beating and shitting himself.

b9a15 No.63700

I see the finnish are good at creating badly drew memes

0ec81 No.63701

mods deleting the evidence

5eb5b No.63714

But it's literally not though. If it's going to be enforced as a rule it should be numbered along with all the other rules. Putting it as a footnote is dumb because it is not clear that those images are explicitly banned, but rather that only low quality/outsider posts that are antithetical to the spirit of wizchan are banned. You can use a pepe or wojak and not do a shitpost, but if all you're doing is posting pepe it is obviously a shitpost. The mods make no such distinction though so it would be simpler to just list it as a rule that those images are going to be banned.

9175a No.63783

Kantbot, is that you?

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