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File: 1659542683143.png (103.35 KB, 689x837, 689:837, banned.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

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retard alert

c5b7c No.62468

Mods even ban you for talking about their abuses of power on /meta/ now. Posting screencaps of the ban images from when the female mod was throwing a tantrum over cc hater gets you banned. The mods are trying to claim that those ban images are "fake" even though we all were here when she was permabanning people left and right on /b/ for making fun of her and crystal cafe. Not only are mods power abusers but they are also gaslighting psychopaths.

c2d7a No.62471

For a long time I thought the shitflinging at mods what just a meme. But recently (maybe new mods??) I noticed it. They, the mods, are wrecking this site. I suspect they are outsiders mostly at this point, I think some /pol/fags or r9kids. Now it is okay to encourage people to have sex and to praise the benefits of having a gf. This site is done for.

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