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File: 1660988027815.jpg (131.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

8fd72 No.62542

Don't trust, I repeat, don't trust the mods. They are Troyan horses, they don't belong here, they are part of some discord /pol/ circlejerk. They protect their friends and those who share the same ideologies as them (nofap, white supremacy, etc), now they don't even allow you to call out /pol/fags to leave, meanwhile /pol/fags and obvious outsiders are free to post shit like "I'd rather live with white normals than nonwhite wizards". They also share the views that it is better to have sex than to masturbate alone, the evidence for this is the nofap thread on dep.

If you don't agree with them and their friends you will be harassed like me, your posts will get deleted regularly and you will be banned for obscure and fake reasons. Mods should leave already and create their own chan where they can rage about BBCs and adore white succubi all day. They confuse wizchan with some of the many variations of pol on the net. Everything is part of an elaborate plan to turn this site into pol 2.0 where normals and pseudo-normals can post freely while actual wizards are oppressed. Nice one. We are being sabotaged from the inside.

Mods, you won't get white gfs no matter how much you shill this shit, they like Jamal better, deal with it.

33b51 No.62543

>all black guys are named jamal
You're the /pol/fag dipshit

f428e No.62544

im kinda just waiting for them to use their new wiz exclusion tech permanently so that i can move on

fdb99 No.62545

Are these polfags in the room with you right now?

748a7 No.62546


Yesterday OP called someone on /wiz/ a poltard and went on about concentration death camps and how he's ashamed to be White. He said the guy who preffered the company of Whites and people like him didn't belong so I gave gime a 6 hour ban for trying to gatekeep an entire group outside of /meta/. This was in the international thread so demographic tensions were to be expected, but /meta/ is the only board for suggesting who should or should not be allowed to post here.

That's the context behind this thread of his.

748a7 No.62551

File: 1661036691878.png (1.1 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

for real tho OP
all chan culture is about that racist shit these days
trannys be sucking each others tranny cocks
and then be like on wizchan on their phone
and they got cum in their mouth and be like "I h8 niggers"
the mods be cybering with each other on discord
they be like "lol lmao you wizjiz in my teeth i h8 niggers"

wizchan is a shithole man
accusing people of wanting white gfs and being crabs aint it
theres some real virgin motherfuckers out here they just be jerking off on cam for each other
you angry you man
and then they post some /pol/ video it just be like that

this place isnt being subverted
its what it always was
- eminem out

424aa No.62552

File: 1661041118463.jpg (42.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1648522449800.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ok emi but look we got an influx of undesirables here but you're right people gravitate towards things they like so if wizardchan havent changed since the old times, then am afraid that wizardchan is just what it is, the true wizards are out there in other places, wizardchan have had an influx of retardeds constantly since a long time, so i guess you're right

6469d No.62553

mods ban guys like op but give a free pass to the crabs telling wizzies to kill themselves running around on wiz and dep because it's "shitposting" give me a break

5bffd No.62557

>/meta/ is the only board for suggesting who should or should not be allowed to post here
Really? After the shitshow that was the nofap thread, with every second post saying that the opposing side didn't belong here? Where you mods did absolutely nothing?

It seems that it's the fate of each iteration of wizchan to eventually devolve into garbage. I suppose it makes sense—the same power dynamics are at play each time, with the admin and his staff forming a modclique which gradually moves further and further away from the culture of the actual userbase. Hence the influx of blatant outsiders over the last few months which you and the rest have done absolutely nothing about, even encouraging them.

Incidentally, I didn't take part in the nofap thread, nor really care one way or another about it. I just dislike the outsiders who have latched onto it. So don't bother trying to dismiss what I said based on that. I would ask, though, what the admin et al intend to gain by allowing the culture of this site to become so degraded that it's almost indistinguishable from any other chan. Outsider memes, openly expressing contempt for NEETs and venerating sex-having normalfags are now all OK.

97145 No.62560

I think they do it for money

5bffc No.62561

>Outsider memes, openly expressing contempt for NEETs and venerating sex-having normalfags are now all OK.

Got any examples of posts like that?

ff904 No.62564

File: 1661140241876.png (109.34 KB, 573x507, 191:169, Wizchan mod lays it down.png) ImgOps iqdb

03c9d No.62565

lol fag

8fd72 No.62566

File: 1661183074563.jpeg (516.26 KB, 2000x1322, 1000:661, 1_8rg0EspMRQaYwjCIDVkGtQ.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

You are lying and twisting the facts again. It was this post I replied to >>>/wiz/194277 - he said he would rather live in a world of white normals than nonwhite wizards. I said to him that whites are the least wizardly race for certain reasons and you banned me for this. What about your little polshit failed normal buddies who post daily shit like "only whites can be wizards" and such?? They never get banned for it but I get banned for implying that one race isn't so wizardly as the other races. Also, he is a polshit and doesn't belong here if that is his genuine opinion, that he prefers white normals to nonwhite wizards. Or do you share his views that white normals are better than let's say black wizards?

>/meta/ is the only board for suggesting who should or should not be allowed to post here

Another one of your little "rules" you pulled out of your tight anus recently? Because this has never been the case here, what about the countless volcel vs crab threads on the site? They deal with discussion related to who should be allowed to post here but they are fine and aren't closed. Also, like the other guy said, the nofap thread on /dep/ we had a little while ago where your friends said that wizards who masturbate are inferior to normals who have sex with their wife or gf? You didn't do anything there either, in fact you confessed that you do share their opinions in one of your meta posts.

These "rules" appear to matter only when it is about someone who has opinions that trigger you and your friends. We all know your game at this point. Your loyalty lies elsewhere, probably one of the countless chans related to /pol/. You are a traitor, probably an ex-wiz late bloomer who managed to find some mentally ill white beauty to share his life with. Now you invited your friends from other places to post here freely under your protection, they shit up the site with nofap retardation implying that sex is good and white supremacy shilling implying that nonwhites can't be wizards or even if they are wizards they are inferior to white normals for reasons.

Need one even mention that you don't even clean up /pol/spamming after this? We had /pol/thread on lounge for the reason of contamination but still we are forced to see this shit shoved into our faces in literally every thread in one way or form.

Just admit that you pray to A.Hitler at night and think about him when you have sex with your totally, 100% white aryan gf. It's obvious at this point what you are. Pic related is you and the wizchan mod team.

>outsider memes
Calling anyone who masturbates a "coomer". Using "nigger/jew/kike" in every sentence completely unnecessarily.
>openly expressing contempt for NEETs
Recently in some thread on /dep/ some "wizards" acknowledged that they love wageslaving and that they think only through wageslavery can someone live a satisfied life.
>venerating sex-having normalfags
Nofap thread on /dep/, not the newest one (this is again a telling sign that we are being raided), but the one with the image of a monk in the op.

97145 No.62568

File: 1661194191236.png (235.08 KB, 706x566, 353:283, Doubt.png) ImgOps iqdb

>whites are the least wizardly race for certain reasons

97145 No.62572

File: 1661215026737.png (731.66 KB, 3650x1190, 365:119, 1661214532263352.png) ImgOps iqdb

Not that anon, read that second paragraph.

f158d No.62575

meanwhile on /pol/

4fd2c No.62577

well… there you have it

97145 No.62579

If you present yourself in your current state to different races the ones with more instinct to kill you due to your uncooperativeness (introversion offends normies) are colored people due to their more animal instincts and less intellectual brain, what's said in that post is true but not enough to undermine white wizardness,
In different societies with same number of population, white ones always have more percentage of wizards that non white societies at an even level of technology.
Im fairly sure that non whites also have this thingy of conforming to the masses.
Whites also include white asians.

8fd72 No.62603

Are we being raided again by /pol/? So many low quality threads in 24 hours, especially the France thread on /wiz/ which is just another /pol/thread.

aca97 No.62605

>Are people who don't think exactly the same as I do posting? So many threads I don't care to post in in 24 hours, especially the France thread on /wiz/ which is just another thread I'm not interested in.

0867c No.62606

Schizenu thread

8fd72 No.62607

It's not about thinking differently or posting things I don't care about. The site is objectively being flooded with low quality /pol/ trash and other outsider posters.

22981 No.62609

there have been two new "what is a wizard"/"why cant crabs post here" threads made on /wiz/ in the last two days. i dont see what sticking your head in the sand is going to accomplish.

22981 No.62611

and thats the third, though i doubt it will stay up long. the others will probably remain just shitting up the front page until another retard waltzes along to make the exact same thread. id rather not have them but i guess the newfags have to learn somehow.

94ec2 No.62660

It's amazing how people can weave fiction as reality.

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