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0a0c9 No.62586

when a thread is moved, its images get copied over to the new board's folder. is this right?

ie the meta shooter thread was meta/57565444544.jpg or whatever, and when moved to b it became b/57565444544.jpg

is this intentional? you are just duplicating files? the old files should be purged or redirected from the new location

436ee No.62599

A lot of complaints about Wizchan are really complaints about vichan

0a0c9 No.62601

is it deliberate or not tho

37393 No.62602

Yes. Vichan and its upgraded version NPFChan offer an out-of-the-box user board creation option. Because of this, boards don't share resources. A thread in board X with resources stored in the asset folder of board Y could be ruined if something happened to board Y. Just duplicating things simplifies file management down the line for the admin. No sense having to consider if an old asset may still be in use somewhere when the original version of the thread has long since 404d.

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