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6561d No.62608

Can I add some new features to the site?

I'm a software engineer and I'm el8 as fuq. can easily code in any language and solve mostly any generic problem. I was wondering if I created some new features for wizchan if you would actually add them to the site?

Like here's an idea of what we could add:
- built-in anonymous crypto wallets for every post. Can send money to wizzies if you like their posts. Or you could lock it to a specific item like pizza or something. but that would be more complex.

Or I could brain storm some more ideas and get back to you. Also, what would be the best process to do this? Just fork the vichan code – add the feature as an addition, setup a test server, and email the details to the staff?

5252d No.62615

yes sammy we need you

5239b No.62616

We want a fursona generator, C++, Ubuntu compatible, x86, with command-line tools for running 3D models through blender (Eevee) and output a static 8-bit alpha PNG of the model from many angles. We want to be the first Live2DFur imagechat.

6561d No.62621

I don't have any art skills, wizzie. My weaknesses are basically art and design. I can code any of the neckbeard shit you want implemented, though.

Could be stuff like:
- encrypted messaging
- crypto payments
- wizbux reputation system
- maybe other advanced crypto features like give people with a certain reputation the ability to take out certain mod actions similar to stackoverflow?
- support for more file formats
- web torrent integration

idk, just throwing ideas out there. sure there are people here with good ideas, too.

be547 No.62622

Can you make vichan as stable as whatever scripts are popular today? Probably not, there's only so much you can do with a dated codebase. There are many competent software engineers but few quality imageboard scripts.

Wizchan's code is heavily hacked together and not anywhere close to production quality so if you want to work on it apply to be a dev and fix the broken parts to show you can be trusted before attempting any pet projects.

97c5d No.62636

The site works fine for users. what are the problems with it?

135ee No.62666

Any feature that would verify the virginity of a user would be appreciated. Hopefully something not too invasive.

97c5d No.62672

Swab test on benis for bacteria found in vagina. Wizchan will be the "23 and me" of virginity. silicon valley investors: get in touch with me lads!!! lets do this shit!!! virgin.ai up in this fucking bitch!!!

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