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944dd No.62637

Why are there so many crabs in this site? How did we get to this? It was not like this more than 5 years ago.

I started posting again 2022 after a long time of absence and I recognize and sizeable amount of crabs. Their posts are easy to identify and filter.

>we suck

>I hate specifically succubi
>my problems are because of succubi
>I have problems
>I hate being like this
>improving is for normies

Isn't this supposed to be our safe place?

a5373 No.62638

I think the site was featured in a popular Youtube vid recently. But IDK if that is the main factor. The thing about wizchan is its such a niche topic that there's only so much that can be said about it. It's best to focus on hobbies and other interesting things outside of the culture imo.

7d0b4 No.62639

There's nothing that wrong with any of that and there's never been except maybe the overly self-loathing potentially leading to dissing wizards. And really this is the last place to be whining about misogyny, hell ibs in general are.

f22d6 No.62640

Ask yourself whether the number of crabs is going up or down year by year.

Now ask yourself whether websites tend to broadly become more or less obscure over time.

8052e No.62641

If not being satisfied with your lot in life makes you a crab then why do we have /dep/ exactly

f22d6 No.62642

There's a lot more to be unhappy about that has nothing to do with crab status.

1f7f7 No.62643

File: 1661953677035.jpg (257.99 KB, 1241x695, 1241:695, PUNISHED JAMIE.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

crabs = have sexual desire and want to reproduce
wizards = have sexual desire but don't want to reproduce or only reproduce through artificial insemination

b83b0 No.62645

it's not that bad, they've always had a presence, and /dep/ has always been dogshit

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