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eace1 No.62647

There was a good thread where a lot of wizzies were complaining about what it's like to live in France. One guy posted a good Celine quote about how the people who run France want the population to be genetically "part everything." What happened to it? I can't find it on /b/ even. No idea why it would've been deleted.

6c82a No.62648

It was deleted, Look on archive.org

eace1 No.62649

Not having any luck finding it either on aug 28th or 19th. Any idea what day it was posted and on what board?


The OP of that thread made it on a succubus-only forum before making it here. Because the succubus version came first, it was assumed that OP was a female, resulting in banishment.

37e9f No.62651

Some wizards are female! You should know this better than anyone, moddess! Silly succubus!

23c67 No.62653

lmao smelly french frogess tries to seduce wizzies

78900 No.62655

A bunch of good wiz posts having to die because of one succubus; is there no way to get rid of the succubus and keep the good content?

a377b No.62657

mod reconnaissance and sleuthing protecting wizchan's front line from conniving no-good succubi, God bless

024c5 No.62658

ask her for pictures of her arm hair

23c67 No.62659

necessary sacrifice

a5275 No.62662

Mhm…and how would you fags acquire that information exactly?

031ff No.62663

googled the image in the op, crystalcafe came up in the results

23c67 No.62664

genius wizard detective

339c9 No.62665

File: 1662578850703.gif (892.16 KB, 410x252, 205:126, DampThriftyBirdofparadise-….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>What happened to the France thread?
I ate it with some fava beans and a nice chianti

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