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File: 1656699896166.png (139.19 KB, 346x346, 1:1, 1651436014270.png) ImgOps iqdb

27b16 No.62685

This board is fucking dying, what happened to half of the user base here? killed themselves???

372a8 No.62686

It's expected when suicide is what most people here think about. Some have the balls to do it, others don't. Sadly, it seems most who have not killed themselves are lurkers.

874f8 No.62687

It's dead.

Half of the posts here are by me.

a80bb No.62688

the constant influx of crabs reposting the same topics that have been discussed here over and over destroys any incentive for people to stick around or write decent content

27b16 No.62689

Now all that's left is a few wizzies and that pro-natalist fag shitting up every thread.

4ba3a No.62690

tourists have left, all that remains is like a dozen

9652c No.62691

Just some theories..
Post covid job boom. Basement dwellers returned to the outside world.
Post lockdown, normies went back to whatever they do instead of being cooped up inside with nothing else but venture to different parts of the internet.
De-platforming, sanitizing social media reduced threads channeling traffic to places like this.

f4f3e No.62692

>Post-covid job boom

7ab9d No.62693

Didn't ya hear? Joey Biden solved unemployment.

9652c No.62694

Very original. We are so much more sophisticated than the normies am I right.

f4f3e No.62695

You definitely aren't.

b2227 No.62696

I'm playing video games

9652c No.62697

What are you two seething about. There is objectively a glut of wage slave jobs which the population is returned to. The point is the normals went out and got to slaving again. I get it though. You two got triggered at the mention of work and furiously lizard brain mashed your scripted response into your smartphone to because lool look at this fag.

4b018 No.62698

The funny part was calling it a "job boom" like they suddenly created a bunch of new jobs, when in reality it was just the government removing all the retarded COVID measures that didn't do anything but cause a temporary dip in the economy.

I remember some news article praising Joe Biden how he suddenly created 400,000 new jobs and saved the economy. What would all do without him.

d2f95 No.62699

Long weekend. 4 days of crawl. Come back Tuesday and we'll all be back to posting. I'm violating my crawntract tell you this.

9652c No.62700

Who cares about Biden. You americans smoke too much Ben Shakira videos.

f372d No.62701

Stop being a little bitch and reacting to everything personally, champ.

d2f95 No.62702

>Stop being a little bitch
Wizchan 2018 (after 8chan went down)

9069f No.62703

This has been discussed a lot, and the most likely answer is that they've just left. Not even just this site, but the internet in general.

Nowadays, the internet is filled with shitposting, contrarian assholes and bots. There's not much of a reason to try and have actual conversations anymore. People just use the internet to farm attention and fuck with people.

3d865 No.62704

Lots of people in America are either dying off or fading away, to the point where they're not on the internet. COVID evicted a whole lot of people who were already on the ropes and they had nowhere to go.

There isn't a "job boom", so much as there was a firing spree and there just aren't people, for one reason or another. The people who dropped out stayed dropped out.

It's also known at this point that it is really unwise to agitate too much about "controversial" things, unless the agitation is channeled into approved outlets. I have seen TPTB working furiously to defuse tenants and workers from defending what they have left, herding them to the next fad - and there are a lot of these fads that are put up and dissipate within months.

4921c No.62705

agreed. im trying best to spend minimum time online it killed my soul and dopamine system.
no point in anything online it's their pixels and trick to keep us away from real world.

4611f No.62706

It makes me sad. I thought this was the last safe haven.

f9b0b No.62707

Regulars rarely post and instead they formed cliques on discord and steam. There's not much left to discuss on the main boards, just the same 10 topics in perpetuity that get opened by tourists and then left to linger for months. Most active board is the shitposting board but its hidden for outsiders.

6b610 No.62708

just go offline bro
interact with normans bro
no point on being online bro
wizchan 2022

372a8 No.62709

>just go offline bro
There is no need for that. You can still access the internet, read blogs and whatnot, but there is 0 reason to join forum, imageboard and whatnot because either they are full of bots or people want just to attack each other because of their political view or trolling.

5c661 No.62710

>just go offline bro
Yes. We've reached the point where people don't use the internet to escape real life, but real life is how you escape the internet.

d9826 No.62711

nah man I'm cool, you keep hiring fitness trainers and locking eyes with succubi if you want, that's more mmos for ME!

794ff No.62712

You also forgot vax induced deaths, aka sudden death syndrome.

794ff No.62713

>but the internet in general.
So in other words suicide or death via other causes.
Interacting with real life normalfags is even worse.

104a5 No.62714

It wouldn't surprise me if imageboards everywhere are dying. There's a lot of stigma around chan culture nowadays.

a10c6 No.62715

I barely post here anymore because discourse has gone down the drain. Wizchan is now infested with unrepentant, proud crabs and underage 4faggots whose vocabulary consists of vomiting out "shizo", "-oomer", "cope" and other puerile social media memespeak on repeat.
Then again, I've seen this decay happen to nearly every single website I've used routinely, so I'm almost used to at. Seems like the days of the internet having spheres of interest for outcasts, "nerds" and hobbyists is gone; replaced with a homogenised userbase whose only interests consist of endlessly flaming about politics everywhere (the only subject normalcattle have any interest in), and bottom-of-the-barrel trolling/subversion.

15320 No.62716

Normal faggots have infiltrated imageboards spreading their normal ideology, making reddit 2.0 out of them, and if you don't think the same as them you're le contrarian.

5f4c1 No.62717

fuck off outsider

c2be6 No.62718

I don't relate to the userbase. They all sound like normal people. Going to school, having jobs, making money. It's just pure normal, ordinary, acceptable, sociable people.

104a5 No.62719


When I was posting 7 years ago I wasn't doing any of those things. The unfortunate truth is we all will either have to or kill ourselves.

c2be6 No.62720

You should do the latter.

130cc No.62721

Site run by homosexuals and cryptonormies to laugh at disabled and mentally ill guys
good thing is dying because it's a fake site if you haven't noticed yet

1bba4 No.62722

>more mmos for ME
They are aimed at normies now, mate. Gaming is the most normie thing at this point.

c2be6 No.62723

I never asked for your pity, your advice, or your company. If you care about what I said you're exactly the type who ruined this place. You can't get attention from other normal people on other sites, so you come here, pretend to be one of us, then soak up attention.

Then when we call you out, you act indignant and throw a tantrum. Just leave. Go away.

fe923 No.62724

I used to post on here a lot, as I've gotten older though just tired of the endless hostility.

5f4c1 No.62726

Yes, posts like his are one of the reasons this board's gone to shit. Nobody bats an eye because most of the userbase is relatively normal, socially. Why would they care about rule 4 being broken so often, it doesn't matter to them.

2fac9 No.62727

This has happened to most other places, not only this site and the reason is simple: most people are normalfags by nature, even on obscure places like this.

So they've gone to make friends outside, girlfriends etc. Some busy with jobs or uni. Remember, covid was a big summer so to speak.

I've seen this happen on wizchan, discord and even on 4chan. 4chan still gets traffic on the big boards like /v/ and /a/ because those places are filled with underages who have a lot of free time.

3b0db No.62728

Well, it must have been the good half that killed themselves.

b789a No.62729

Imageboards as a whole are dying. Very few are even 1/4 as active as 4fags, sadly. I suppose most wizards went to normal social media, got their lives together perhaps or just halted the internet addiction arc of their lives for good. The novelty wears off at some point

7f929 No.62730

Well, I had been away from this site for a few years or so. I just watched a bit more anime and slept a bit more as I've been getting more and more tired. Never used any social media beyond IRC, mailing lists and imageboards which has the perk of not requiring any personal info despite being quite "recent", other recent popular stuff like twitter, facebook, reddit I've never gone near for integrity reasons.

81ebe No.62731

I only come here for the occasional vent or insightful post. This place doesn't have much to offer anyone like most forums and imageboards.

ee9fb No.62732

Other than potential afterlife, suicide is really preferable to normalfag life, a bland, misarable hell for anybody who isn't cattle and cultist of normalcy.

ee9fb No.62733

Still better than 4chan, even if its pretty dead.

ee9fb No.62734

>le contrarian.
Worse, nowadays they call you heretic in their retarded nuspeak, a "schizo"

ee9fb No.62735

Your "real" world is bland and boring shit.
And trick too to keep us away from spritual realm, a actual real world.

ee9fb No.62736

>"shizo", "-oomer", "cope"
Thats redditor, twittard, discordfag and normalfag in general lingo, not 4fag.
That disgusting shit is not native to that shithole.

9b985 No.62737

Cope with it.

d3e83 No.62738

No point posting when there's no reply worth reading. A brief skim of OPs once a month or so before reminding myself not to waste the 3 minutes again, except I inevitably will. See you next month!

60e00 No.62739

File: 1658344708886.png (68.28 KB, 229x204, 229:204, 34745765.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah there's a lot of unoriginal assholes on this site lately, no thread topics worth responding to, etc. Wizchan's still one of the only imageboards I visit, if that says anything. Not-4chan imageboards are always slow, this is nothing new. It's not an epic zoomer boomer coomer (but also doomer) COPE to say that slower boards are ultimately comfier than the fast botposting on 4chan.

29bb5 No.62740

File: 1658669205634.jpeg (98.44 KB, 935x960, 187:192, 1608933088727.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I just wish there was a website I could go where it's guaranteed no one has a job, no one has social relationships or whatever. I'm so sick of these people
>The unfortunate truth is we all will either have to or kill ourselves
Then leave us alone and go somewhere else. Why impose yourselves on our little community? There are plenty of places you can go to find your kind.

762dd No.62741

wizchan isn't a crab in a bucket site.

762dd No.62742

wizchan isn't for losers

5f4c1 No.62743

like clockwork, the passive-agressive faggots lash out at anyone who dares lament how relatively normal the users here are

6b619 No.62744

File: 1658672561959.jpg (248.64 KB, 552x510, 92:85, 1658547217544488.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the strange thing is these people raid places where they don't even give a shit about the topic at hand (much less the people), and deliberately drive discourse into the ground. i'm convinced it's literally just about occupying space

0d326 No.62745

So where is the space for losers, if I may ask? Why do you force people like me to migrate to the in-cel sites?

I know one thing. It all comes down to social status. You just don't want to associate with "scum". Even here. It's just human nature.

55fb7 No.62746

Go be a tourist somewhere else, please.

Being a wizard is about being a complete and utter failure socially. That's how you become an actual wizard in the first place - you just don't become a 30+ male virgin unless something went seriously wrong somewhere.

The virginity is ultimately just a symptom, too. If you are socially isolated, introverted, and unable to form lasting or meaningful bonds with other people, then you are pretty much guaranteed to end up as a virgin unless you rent a prostitute.

That kind of social isolation fucks up your life in so many ways. But once you're past 30, things actually change. In a bad way.

Thirty is when you're supposed to have your life in order. Thirty is when the first signs of aging start to become visible.

Thirty is the point at which your ability to turn your life around starts taking a nosedive.

The end result of that is a wizard. An actual trainwreck of a person. A loser in a non-pejorative sense - someone who, quite literally, lost at life.

You don't even know how utterly depressing this is unless you're seeing it for yourself.

It's… hard to put into words, really. The loneliness and frustration about lacking intimacy kinda make way for a more existential kind of despair. Old age, mortality, watching the few remaining good things in your life falling apart. The thought that you'll slowly gradually lose everything you have in life, and that you'll then be all alone. A literal 'loser' who is one day going to be found dead in his apartment sometime long after he expired. No-one even left in his life to organise a funeral, and all his stuff ending up in a trash incinerator or a landfill.

I'm not yet at the stage where the loneliness and isolation have become absolute. But I am past thirty, and I'm seeing the signs on the wall.

I come to wizardchan in order to find people who can relate to that. And the site does officially cater to this kind of crowd.

Hence, inc*l collegekids and low-functioning tourists should go and stay go.

d30c1 No.62747

>being a wizard is about being a complete and utter failure socially
> The loneliness and frustration about lacking intimacy kinda make way for a more existential kind of despair
>Go be a tourist somewhere else
Go be a crab somewhere else. Wizchan is for virgins not losers who wish they were normalfags and had "intimacy"

7a3db No.62748

Failed normie scum

4c251 No.62749

i like to shit on crabs but his post is reasonable enough. honestly if you're capable of socializing it's either really impressive or suspicious. if you suck at socializing the term 'loser' isnt too far off the mark, at least if its normalfags who are judging us. but really it doesn't matter what a loser is, to us they are losers, we shit on them. we dont want their lifestyle

9a24b No.62750

Wouldn't know but I took a break from here for several years once I tried cutting imageboard usage from my life a bit. It's something I'd recommend to anyone, but you need something to fill the time and I know many are too drained for better interests and need their social fix here. Likewise I'm back because I'm not doing too good. Finding yourself here at all is like a symptom.

9b985 No.62751

>frustration about lacking intimacy
It's easy to solve: tulpamancy + tantric fap
>remember the no-fap easers to avoid the urge of being defeated (coom)
-exhausting sports
-avoiding "pitta dosha" foods and stimulants
-avoiding meats
-using freezing cold showers
-refraining your gaze from both 2D and 3D
-fasting to suddenly lower the urge, if this comes too hard

14e22 No.62752

idk, been here forever, blah blah blah, but after awhile the boredom of it all has delivered me into silence… for the most part

i just kinda scan /all/ a few times a week, maybe less, but nothings really interesting anymore and it's no ones fault or anything, i just got nothing to say anymore

kinda of don't care about any of this anymore, internet is nauseating now, i just don't know what else to do, prolly gonna try and sleep again

8ed4d No.62753

Same. At least I have more time to go outside and play video games.

0bc59 No.62754

you should have seen magicchan

3424a No.62755

you dont know what you're talking about. people lost their jobs due to COVID measures and now that those measures are relaxed, people are returning to their former jobs. this is deceptively called "job growth"

5c661 No.62757

>I will purposely misconstrue people's post to make myself angry

324be No.62758

yisus, this post hits hard my dude

01441 No.62759

>Whining about lacking intimacy
>Calling the other tourist

Wtf??? On top of that, shitting on crabs who you are probably one???

3b202 No.62760

>dead chat lol, I love discord and it shows
Calling someone a "pro-natalist" like one would fling a piece of shit is akin to calling someone a "nazi" or a "capitalist". No one other than you uses these classifications, because you're the only one with silly ideas that aren't shown the light of day, buddy.

78299 No.62761

>It's easy to solve: tulpamancy + tantric fap

this. if you do it right, your monkey brain can't tell the difference. i've been tulpamancing for 2-3 years now and i get a steady supply of oxytocin from just daydreaming vividly about cuddling and talking to her. the part of me that felt hollow and missing something just disappeared.

it's an easy way to get your needs met without the downsides of dealing with "real" people.

9c32d No.62762

File: 1663455958934.png (2.11 MB, 2062x1099, 2062:1099, Quotestalmud6.png) ImgOps iqdb

yes, most come here to commit suicide, this is the general idea behind the chan. like that meme where the waifu comes out of the portal in the suicidical rope, thats what wizchan means, dillsuions, drugs and that shit.

of course there are alternatives that white people can take, but… its alright, a way out is a way out, that's always simple, isn't it?

df746 No.62763

> I've been getting more and more tired.
That's the vaxx, my parents made me get it. I used to be able to stay awake past 12 every night, now I get tired by 9:30-10 and need to go to sleep, and I'm tired throughout the day.

30c9d No.62764

>killed themselves???
Yes. Also they lowered the age to 18 here so don't expect something a lot different.

30c9d No.62765

This is the unfortunate truth. We don't all have the privilege of living off of mommy and daddy's money or government assistance. For many of us it's do or die, literally. In my case I chose to do since I was too cowardly to die.

7f8d1 No.62766

You're not wrong, however even 4eddit has been infested by the usual suspects for a long, long time…

21027 No.62767

Never is Wizardchan's history has the minimum posting age been higher than 18.

15e24 No.62768

Beats losing a lung being unvaxxed

b0f47 No.62769

Nobody ever lost a lung from any strain of COVID since it was discovered over 20 years ago

4c251 No.62770

why isnt this on meta

756fd No.62771

maybe FUCKING is getting easier out there. you know, having social anxiety used to be a permavirgin sentence. now with zoomers, they're proud of their mental illnesses. it's like a unique personality type. introductions be like 'hey what DSM-V disorder speaks to you' and 'do you want some xannies? got em for my anxiety n shit'. you're basically instantly the new cool kid.

c0a9f No.62772

Good post.

14579 No.62773

everyone uses discord now, even people from here, imageboards are dying, these people use discord for "serious" discussions (i don't want to imagine what those are) so they use imageboards as a garbage bin to dump their shitposts into, that's why imageboards are not only dying but the quality of posts has been lowered significantly

56242 No.62774

why dont you just go to a bar and chat up some ppl

d43fe No.62775

Normalfags and succubi post about "crabs" because they can't attack the two groups they obviously belong to. The change on the site to attacking male virgins "crabs" is enough proof that the real users left long ago. All that's left are the two groups who didn't belong here, but now run the site.

8b01e No.62776

I'm still on this earth for a while longer but I raid crabs on sight to try to buy you wizzos time to retreat and gather supplies for a counter attack and make safe the website

d43fe No.62777

I didn't ask for your input succubus.

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