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7c000 No.62875

Good morning.
is this really one of wizchan mods?
Please answer so I can stop coming to this site. I don't like nigger looking faggots moderating a site for virgins.

ff024 No.62876

Nobody cares.

Yes, Andrew is a homosexual faggot retard. We all know this and there is nothing the brown skinned Brazilian admin is going to do about it.

Just stop coming here or just call Andrew a retarded faggot, it doesn't matter.

81069 No.62878

from what andrew says, he's the only moderator that this site has.
there are others but they don't log in at all/don't do anything.

04006 No.62879

from what serveral mods say, Andrew isn't allowed to delete /b/ threads without someone elses permission because he kept banning people for making fun of him

40763 No.62880

Why do you move the thread and not answer the guy's question? Stupid fucking mods.

9e1c9 No.62881

thats how just the sausage is made, no one likes it

9a871 No.62882

File: 1666590695815.png (17.31 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

the site has been run by: cliquey trans people, succubi, gangstalkers, kiwifarmers, etc since before it was even wizchan. at this point it is time to accept it for what it is.
the staff was composed of faggots who stalked and harassed me for years but nobody cared back then and i can't see any reason why it would be better now. things only get worse.
especially here

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