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File: 1668227779890.jpg (32.58 KB, 330x495, 2:3, APrimeTarget.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

6dc41 No.62978

Is wizardchan just a tool for the feds? A honeypot to grab loners ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isolation_to_facilitate_abuse ), and then encourage wizzies to either justify their budget by going Columbine (>>>/dep/267683) or help fight their war (>>/wiz/197827).

1493d No.62979

If it is they're doing a shitty job. It probably is fed run though, just because of the complete lack of info on the mods. People say Andrew is the only mod but I don't think that's true, he's too dysfunctional. Would probably delete the entire site during one of his psychotic episodes if he were in charge. Throughout however many years now wizchan has been active, the admin has never once let slip a single bit of concrete information about him other than the fact that he doesn't really like male virgins. Admin being a government conglomerate would neatly explain this.

70063 No.62980

File: 1668228730932.png (278.42 KB, 360x480, 3:4, chadmin.png) ImgOps iqdb

>the admin has never once let slip a single bit of concrete information about him other than the fact that he doesn't really like male virgin
what? so youre telling me the picture i have of the admin is fake? damn im gullible…

5bc91 No.62981

I wouldn't say the whole site is a glownigger honeypot but some posts definitely are.

The whole board is really not the same as it was a couple years ago and there's way less people posting on here in general, there's also a large stream of trolls and shills that have been posting here over the last couple months and it's quite obvious that the mods are very inactive since it takes them hours to react to anything, makes me wonder if there are any mods at all.

How many times has wizchan switched owners by now? It seems like it keeps getting worse with every reboot of the site and the faggot discord conspiracy theories are most likely true as well, wouldn't be surprising if the server owner and mods are just trolls or weirdos treating this like an ant farm.

3c985 No.62982

And why would feds be interested in this place
Your not interesting
How likely is it that this website is ran by an agent? 40%

3c985 No.62983

ur our ant

99dda No.62984

It wouldn't take that much effort for [Insert glowie organization here] to radicalize somebody from here and make him pull off a murder, then heavily publicize it, spam the link all over social media, thus allowing normalfaggots in to see the "evil" of virgin males, giving the government a pretext to shit on them even harder, as well as further socially ostracizing them. Wouldn't even be the first time they did this.
That being said, I don't think >>>/dep/267683 was a fed, and in fact I agree with him. I'd love to blow my president's head right off before I go.

3c985 No.62985

And why would they want that outcome
No one cares about you or your virginity
Except of course for federal succubi that want to pop your cherry

99dda No.62986

>why would they want that outcome
They could use it to apply more pressure on virgin men, forcing them to either become complete normalfags(against their will) or to become basement ogres that are fiercely criticized every time they appear in society, even if they haven't done anything wrong. They could completely eliminate the many kinds of people between "normalfag" and "wizard" via societal pressure, wizards and wizkiddies would be heavily pressured to try and become a normalfag, even if they hate it, and the few stubborn wizards would be even more hated than they already are, pushing them towards suicide. In the government's view this would be dismantling the wizard community, taking what could be reused and throwing out the rest of the "garbage". They also aren't restricted to shitting on male virgins, if somebody here happened to be a communist, then they could push him towards homicide and then scream about how evil communism is and heavily restrict communist sites/organizations/parties, they could do the same thing for fascists, or any other group of people really.
>No one cares about you or your virginity
They don't care about me, they care about what group I represent. As I said above, if I am a fascist and I do something bad, then they can pin the blame on all fascists, or on the very concept of fascism itself. Hell, I wouldn't even have to be a fascist, they could pin the blame if I just have a recorded instance of saying "Heil Hitler" before, maybe a post or two defending fascism and a swastika in my room or something. I could have even done all of those just for the laughs but it wouldn't matter.
>federal succubi that want to pop your cherry

3de4d No.62987

read that as feral succubi lol

31e1d No.62988

It hasn’t worked if they have. There’s been a half dozen mass shooters that have referenced 8chan, including one last month in Slovakia which mocked the old admin from 8chan and here ( hot wheels ).

After all this time this place has produced an awkward interview and a Dutch wizard who was on the news after killing himself. It’s been 7 years since gamergate, and not much before. If they’re trying they haven’t done anything.

6dc41 No.62989

Thread got moved. How suspicious…

e91df No.62990

This place really doesn't have a culture of radicalization so I doubt it. In fact because of a number of reasons I'm too lazy to list, my surety that it is not a fed honeypot is approaching 100%.

1e967 No.62992

Not for the feds. Though I do have a hunch imageboards have feds grooming loser crabs into becoming neonazis and eventually shoot up a grocery store. The FBI has done the same against Muslim teenagers in the US.
But wizchan has had a history of being compromised. This place was owned by the guy who owns KF at one point. There were threads for here on /cow/ and shit. You're probably getting mocked by some mod. But wizchan itself doesn't have a history of violent shooters, we're connected to the crab sphere by people but you'll find more people to entrap on crabs.co than here. Most of the death discussed here in suicide.

60ccd No.62993

No young man who ever shot up a grocery store was a neo-nazi. The last kid who did hated black people, but that such feelings have nothing to do with national socialism.

b6b01 No.62994

b37fc No.63001

Pretty much confirms what op said.

b6b01 No.63004

wasn't that glaive? He's long gone

ae61f No.63021

Fuck the glowie mods, who work for CIAniggers. They have them on crab websites too, burn in hell wiztraitors.

I am just here to connect with other Truewizzies so we can discuss winning the lottery.

d84d9 No.63023

Is this no-testes pitbull-mauled handsome lad still part of the staff? I remember him from like 2015 or 2016

3c985 No.63025

because of a number of reasons I'm too lazy to list, my surety that it is a fed honeypot is approaching 100%.

b6b01 No.63032

can you be specific? (Does anyone actually believe this?)

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