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0d3bc No.63037

There's been some heavy leftist/feminist/progressive shilling lately and it infects a wide variety of threads.

There's a small group of people who always look for opportunities to spread their annoying political opinions and they use obnoxious tactics to do so such as unnecessarily long posts and annoying mass replies, they also call everyone who doesn't agree with their obnoxious opinions crabs and they just do anything to derail and ruin the structure of good threads.

There's one big faggot in particular who always writes unnecessarily huge paragraphs to shit up threads, if you just slightly pay attention you can easily tell it's always the same person, there's also a possibility that this person is female as well.

If you spot these faggots, DON'T reply to them because they want to keep up their thread shitting as long as possible and every time you give them an opportunity to reply you're enabling them to do this even more.

72b6c No.63038

> There's one big faggot in particular who always writes unnecessarily huge paragraphs to shit up threads

Yep he’s the one feminist, pro-natalist, anti-dep that shits on all of the threads since summer. Every opinion of him is evil , anti-wizard and do not belong to this site.

d9492 No.63039

It's just too bad you people can't come up with any good arguments against me except that I disagree with you and not just nod my head at whatever braindead poop you type out.

>Daddy Mods, help! W-Wiz isn't agreeing with me! Ban him! Waaaaah!!

Utterly pathetic.

If you ask me, this site needs much more wizards like me to balance out the scales. Too many /pol/tourists, failed normals, pessimists and antinatalists on this site.
Or could it be you guys are afraid of a little debate and competition? Because you know your worldviews are built upon weak and childish delusions and twisted wordplays only…

cdb05 No.63042

this has been a issue for nearly all forums. there is not much of a way to deal with this other than trusting the individuals are able to discern disinformation by themselves.

1fb60 No.63050

some autismal wignat emerges every day from the nearest drug addiction thread to try derailing my threads like a modern day smeagol

I don't give a FUCK about retarded commiecon trannies next to the faggotry that guy pulls, oppo

4a15e No.63051

I noticed the same thing some time ago and it's the main reason why I stopped posting at some point. The appeal of wizchan fades away when it's starting to turn into just another place with reddit-tier arguments and rhetorics.

These people don't come here to discuss or to have conversations with wizzies in an organic way, they come here on a mission and to force their rhetoric into any topic.

This guy >>63039 also basically just admitted that he's here to cause disruption or to argue constantly because he essentially just doesn't fit into the community and I also noticed how he keeps ruining any thread he enters so we really need to ask ourselves if there is anything productive to gain from people like this.

f53b4 No.63052

File: 1668743473670.png (149.73 KB, 1469x1104, 1469:1104, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

the strategy of the poster in question:
>make retardedly contrarian argument with no substantiation
>receive rebuttals
>flatly reject everything, restate retarded argument, also start saying faggoty shit like "hurr did i strike a nerve in le crab??? *smirks*"
>when called out for previous step, merely claims its arguments are just 2deep airtight and ur BIG mad kekekeke
and in the case of dep, the retard is just masturbating its fragile ego by shitting on people who complain (which is essentially the entire purpose of that board). it's particularly obvious when the poster is claiming to be offering advice, someone asks it to elaborate and then it proceeds to spew the vaguest, most trite platitudes of all time.
and merely saying "n-no im not!!1" somehow convinces the mods that the poster is not routinely violating rule 5 (at the very least).

d9492 No.63057

Nah, it's like this:
>create generic circlejerk thread yet again
>about things that were discussed to death already on this place numerous times
>I enter the thread and state my opinions which happen to contradict some people's opinions
>"Hoyy, how come you disagree with us? You ain't a true wiz, MODS!!"
>you people get owned so hard in discussions that you can't even reply besides low level trolling and insults

It tells a lot about you people that you make a meta thread about me and it isn't the other way around.

Wanting to have discussions about things is basically why we are here, no? If you want a homogenous community where everyone is the same and always agrees on everything then I recommend reddit or pol to you.

There is no wizard community to fit in besides what the rules state about being a wizard. I fit all the requirements (unlike you most likely). Wizchan isn't your personal echo chamber, inc-el. Deal with it or get out.

f53b4 No.63058

people back up what they say with statistics, for example your obsessive and retarded insistence that people who talk about suicide will never go through with it. they provide you with stats showing that, for one example, most suicides happen later in life. all you ever say is, "lol u wont do it and omg dont tell me about self-preservation becuz other ppl have suicided before. you arent dead, therefore you arent rly suicidal," etc. and all you do is repeat this brainless bullshit regardless of any argument presented to you. you are utterly full of yourself and arent looking to validate your view to anyone but yourself because you are clearly incapable of convincing anyone else.
it takes one person to make a thread. if you only ever annoyed me with your subterranean iq and pisspoor reading comprehension, then a meta thread about you would have never existed, but as it turns out you are an annoying asshole in the eyes of multiple other users. you are less self-aware than a dog. anyway, thanks for engaging exactly how i said you do.

f53b4 No.63059

p.s, not a typical dep user as i have told you before, but it's supremely idiotic to cry about people circlejerking in self-pity when that is the crux of dep. you are legally retarded to expect to break that "echo chamber" up. display some common sense and stop using a board whose topic is fundamentally opposed with whatever your hodge-podge retard worldview is. fuck off to kind or wherever they are bunkered if you dont want to see people being emo, but you wont because you love kicking people when they are down like some deranged cowardly faggot lol. i strongly suggest that you kill yourself, and dont be particularly tidy about it because everyone knows you could do to suffer a bit before you go back to the void.

d9492 No.63060

>most suicides happen later in life
Yes and how does that relate to what I said on the topic? All you people can do is post some statistics that only at first glance have anything to do with the topic. So most people kill themselves later in life, that doesn't mean they were whining all their life about how they will kill themselves one day. Most suicides happen because of sudden tragedies and misfortunes. People who want to die get up from the computer and do it. You don't belong to these people. Sad. All talk and no action. Cope more about how you will suddenly get the power to kill yourself if things will get bad enough. lmao

So you crying about me not arguing or debating properly is ridiculous. Maybe if you want higher quality posts then start with yourself.
>as it turns out you are an annoying asshole in the eyes of multiple other users
As it turns out, most people here are oversensitive little faggots who can't bear it when they lose an internet debate with a stranger on a fringe chan or whenever someone disagrees with them. Maybe don't engage in discussions you can't win, you simpleton?

Haha, more butthurt. Excellent. Did you have to take some pills to calm down because someone disagreed with you on wizchan? Again, it tells a lot about you, not me, that you get a bitch fit over little things like this.

And /dep/ isn't about whining only, sorry. It is about depression and mental illness, meaning people can share their experiences or insights on the subjects. Maybe don't get triggered too easily, tumblrina.

f53b4 No.63061

amazing, it's like a poorly scripted bot. well, have fun with your stubborn retardation and expecting to be taken seriously when you autistically talk in circles for months. once again, do your dysgenic parents a favor and commit suicide. hopefully they follow suit. have a shit day and short life faggot. =)

c67e9 No.63062

OP is a fag

acea3 No.63063

File: 1668808002693.png (501.99 KB, 432x611, 432:611, midget.png) ImgOps iqdb

>It's just too bad you people can't come up with any good arguments against me
Never interrupt the enemy when he's making a mistake

4a15e No.63065

At this point you really can't be sure anymore, there's so many repetitive patterns with this guy mixed with his obviously low intelligence and bad self-awareness, he can't even fully understand most posts he replies to which further shows what a retard he is, he's so unable to comprehend what people are actually saying that he just makes up his own interpretation of it.

Theres no one else who can be recognized with every post but this guy really stands out in every thread because of how irritating he is. His post structure is also something else and he writes like a smug faggot.

d9492 No.63067

This thread made me realize how important my function is to this site and community. Thanks for making this thread about me, guys. I'll be sure to post even more frequently and often starting from now on.

f53b4 No.63073

>i realize that i am an obnoxious faggot who doesnt belong, so now i will be an even bigger faggot and poz the board as hard as i possibly can (and somehow this btfos you kekekeke)
FAS cope

1fb60 No.63080


this is the guy, a low effort troll and probably a neet who mostly hangs around the politics thread and /b/. If I were mod I'd just give the banhammer given how blatant it is. The fact that this isn't happening suggests the guy is probably moderation staff

1fb60 No.63082

d9492 No.63083

Whiner reveals himself to be an actual 4chan pol cross-poster. What. A. Surprise.

f53b4 No.63084

Good job undermining your own point by linking my post, you utter retard.

78569 No.63203

Is the retard that just got banned the same retard that talks shit on dep all the time?

2933b No.63204

Which ban are you referring to? Was there dramaz?

ef505 No.63205

In the masturbation thread, some retard wrote an essay on why he likes BBC gangbangs.

2933b No.63213

Disagreeing with posts in the thread and expressing that is not counter-signalling or shilling. It's called posting.

d9492 No.63228

I didn't break any rules, though. Well maybe rule 4 but that is an idiotic rule as it is and needs to be changed asap
>Do not disparage or show contempt for the celibate, NEET, or reclusive lifestyles.
It says we need to respect the celibate lifestyle even though normals can be celibates too. Being celibate and being a virgin are two different things and mods need to understand this. The "celibate" word needs to be changed to "virgin". Many celibates are normals, for example priests and monks of all kinds. You can live the celibate life even if you had sex before, while being a virgin is something that applies to the past too.

Wizchan was never about truly respecting celibacy considering we have a fap thread and many people here do masturbate regularly. This rule is inconsistent with the site's mentality. A wizard who jerks off daily in his room can be insulted but a failed normal or normal who is doing nofap can't be insulted because according to rule 4 you are attacking the celibate lifestyle. What nonsense.

Also, mods need to be less racists here. They regularly delete pictures of black men I post even though they tolerate white 3D people getting posted. Probably because dadmin or the mods got cucked by strong black alpha males they can't stand anything related to them and get panic attacks whenever anything related to BBC or black men is brought up.

2933b No.63229

>Also, mods need to be less racists here.
Disagree. If you're black, go to the crab board on 420chan.

d9492 No.63231

No, let's agree that I stay and you go back to one of the few hundred variations of /pol/ on the net, okay?

2933b No.63232

No. You go to 420chan, buy yourself some fried chicken with your food stamps, steal a watermelon from the local bodega, and take your "anti-racism" to b/ where it belongs. Stop counter-signalling me, 420chan shill.

41bd4 No.63233

>Being celibate and being a virgin are two different things
not really. celibate still holds the meaning it did from when people didnt have sex before marriage; so even though it simply means being unmarried, it does connote being a virgin.

eb192 No.63234

No 420chan no more we need a /420

f53b4 No.63235

I'm glad that shitheap died. Its users should follow suit.

d9492 No.63241

No, what you say is being a virgin. Being celibate is about abstaining from sexual things for a certain period of time. A celibate doesn't have to be a virgin. See catholic priests or monks who had a wife before becoming a priest/monk for example. You can have sex for years and then decide to be celibate. But you can't decide to be a virgin suddenly, you are either one or you aren't.

87ad3 No.63244

No, what he said is right. That was the original meaning of being a celibate which includes no masturbation.

d9492 No.63246

You don't understand what I mean. Anyone can start to be a celibate at any time. It's not something permanent or something that applies to your past. The biggest normal can stop having sex now and he will be a celibate if he doesn't indulge in any sexual acts from now on. Then people like that should be allowed to post here?
On the other hand if you have sex at least once then you aren't a virgin anymore. Being a virgin isn't something anyone can decide to live as.

11350 No.63247

that's "abstinant". Celibate means virgin now and virgins past, but the Catholics are trying to change the definition so sexhavers can still into priesthood.

>yea i had s*x yesterday but today i'm celibate so give me a job

i'm correct, anyone who calls me wrong is wrong.

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