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b95b0 No.63043

im sure this has been asked before but, why no paranormal board? it seems like such an obvious conclusion to come to for a place called 'Wizchan'. The lifestyle seems inherently paranormal to me
and i feel like i see so many threads scattered across various boards here that would fit so well under a specific paranormal board where the discussion could be more focused and flourish.

1cfa1 No.63044

and then get a hundred threads about summoning succubi over and over?

37516 No.63048

>men deciding to not have sex is paranormal


36207 No.63053

theres already threads covering paranormal topics on /hob/ and theyre fucking dead

6c3e4 No.63054

it would quickly become a de facto hispanic board

57c96 No.63055

this place is already hispachan 2 at this point (not agreeing to adding another dead board to the pile btw)

3e573 No.63056

Why do you say this?

36207 No.63064

oh my god yes, for this reason alone i would never want a paranormal board on here. i love paranormal topics but i dont want to give those roaches any more reason to be here.

e781b No.63081

Go back to /pol/.

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