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c635d No.63138

We should registered all lore and history about wizchan and it's derivatives, everything about wizards community history, I don't think is fair to lose it all.

1e010 No.63139

28c76 No.63143

can't access

f8b74 No.63144

Nobody is permitted in to the grand library these days…

28c76 No.63146

whats inside?

08f7e No.63147

The truth

08f7e No.63149

Why is offline?

f4965 No.63150

Its original impetus was the initiative of one ex-admin who held on to his skeleton key. Basically it was a vanity project that never really took off. People objected to the light-hearted jokes that passed for articles there.

tl;dr It went down when the site went down, and nobody is interested enough to be its caretaker for it to be brought back.

a1abd No.63151

There hadn't been an edit to it for like a year or more when wizchan had to change host and it got lost. It was quite surprising nobody even made longpost fantasy articles, only sexual meme ones. I tried to help at the start but it went nowhere really.


08f7e No.63152

Kind of shame, really.

05b87 No.63154

i added historical info of the boards to their respective pages and made some pages myself, but there wasnt much necessity of a wikipedia. we have barely any ppl on the site anyway. a lot of info you can still find via archives of the old websites if you want to dig

08f7e No.63159

f8b74 No.63160

It was the Tao Te Ching

05b87 No.63161

wizard handbook was a pdf made by a mod or admin, cant remember, maybe anachronos or glaive, but it was just a thing for mods to consult before making decisions, had useful info and precedents to aid in deciding whether to ban someone or delete posts. there is a copy somewhere on the internet archive somewhere

it's been a long time i might be gettign some info mixed up tho

0d1d0 No.63254

I guess the link in the head should be rewritten to point to Wayback Machine.

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