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09460 No.63185

Why is there no pol and /x/ and /wsg/ board on Wizchan? We could really use those.

Alternatively, what's your favorite cigar?

07eb2 No.63186

A pol board would be nice, anything that helps getting the porn addicted leftists and feminist faggots away from this website gets my support.

2e44e No.63187

I like pol but the site is just too small I think. Somebody on feels said there's just 10 regulars. The issue is the commiecon coomer guy trying to derail every thread into an argument about this where he refuses to look at evidence

a64aa No.63188

Can barely field a single thread for politics on a listed board lol. No reason to proactively make boards for topics with little interest.

b8675 No.63189

The only argument I can see is favour of a /pol/ board is as a containment - but we already have a thread for that. So no, I think it's a pretty bad idea.

09460 No.63190

File: 1671477261932.webm (2.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1671412735753[1].webm) ImgOps iqdb

I see, sorry, I'm a migrant from elsewhere (not 4chin) and I usually like to have a place to concentrate conspiracies and kike talk.

5f068 No.63191

make a new thread. The politics thread is just being derailed by ((users)). I was thinking of doing a /sig/ for a while

b1a15 No.63192

Wizchan barely has users as it is and why would you want to increase the number of /pol/tards?

5f068 No.63193

that and shipping andy off to a full time job might actually save the site

09460 No.63195

Pol is fine if it's not the kikebots posting dick b8 threads..

fcf12 No.63196

yeah the site definitely needs more poltards and unintelligible schizos. containment does not work.


Making boards to inspire interest in the site from outside has one main drawback. As it stands, Wizchan only appeals to virgin men who enjoy talking here mainly because they know they are talking with men of the same status. It's not common for there to be a user who uses only one board or makes a specific type of post. Wizchan isn't for everyone, but everyone on Wizchan utilizes it fully. If we open a new board, especially one themed the same as one on a larger site like 4chan, we're opening the doors for outsiders interested in that topic to come in and post as they do on the larger version. We don't want to be an exile commune for those banned from the original hub of their favorite topic.

We'd rather grow from then inside. Boards are traditionally made to accommodate very popular subjects as a way to free up space on the general board they came from. /jp/, /music/, and /games/ were made because most threads on /hob/ were either one of those topics. /lounge/ was made to deflect lax and media dump threads from /wiz/. There have been /x/ threads on /hob/ and /wiz/ but they've fizzled out. A GIFs thread could be opened in /lounge/, but there's already a recurring MP4 / WEBM thread. A /pol/ board would be a knife in our chest.

5b9a6 No.63202

ooooooo get a load of mister fancy pants with his big red name

7227e No.63218


a64aa No.63220

You live in Brazil LOL

209e0 No.63236


1ecbc No.63457

>It's not common for there to be a user who uses only one board or makes a specific type of post.
I only use /lounge/, though I've been thinking about visiting /wiz/

7f4f1 No.63458

we need a /pol/ board just so the baby kike who cries about wizchan being "invaded" by /pol/tards can piss his pants some more.

efbba No.63459

>containment does not work
This, it rather invites those kinds of users, who then spill to the other threads.

cfacd No.63460

/threatened by bbc and jewish iq/ board
/scat/ board

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