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e3619 No.63242

temp boards for various holidays like christmas, halloween, valentines, saint patricks day, etc

every post in them earns us some wizbux

when the holiday ends the board disappears and all posts in it are removed

it can all trigger automatically based on the day of the year. we can have fun themes automatically applied as well based on what holiday triggers its creation

maybe custom cursors like a pumpkin or christmas tree arrow if websites still allow that

respond with words of encouragement for the developer rat slave who has to code all this nonsense

0c3e6 No.63243

We don't even get snow and Christmas hats like on 4chan.

b36b8 No.63259

If Imageboard admins were parents then WizKids get told to be glad that they're not out on the streets during Christmas, while 4chan admin gives some lame socks as a Christmas gift

cdf1e No.63260

they dont know how to bring the text board back or even remove its link.

9017c No.63266

There hasn't really been a dev for this site in years.
I doubt anyone left on staff know how to do what op wants or even fix long broken parts of the site even if they wanted to.

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