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172e9 No.63318

why did it take so long for the pedophile thread to be deleted? it was reported by at least two different people (i was one of them)

46616 No.63319

What rule did it break?

172e9 No.63320

46616 No.63321

OP never said he wanted to, had, or will ever have sexual relations with preteen succubi

d0785 No.63322

Same reason there's still a gay thread up on lounge and a fetish thread on wiz. I find it funny that a thread that is very obviously straddling rule 2 is allowed. Stating your sexual preferences is implicitly saying what you desire to fuck, which should be considered a violation. Just saying something like "oh it is so easy for fags to acquire sex so if anything that makes them the truest wiz volcels for abstaining" doesn't change the fact that it is still admitting that they desire sex from a certain demographic. And we can see that the reason the thread was even deleted was because allegedly the person who made it was also concern-trolling about it on meta.

4780a No.63328

I don't think discussing your maladaptive sexuality is unwizardly, but that guy was just a false flagger

0f9d8 No.63332

Pedophiles are just "super" straight.

d0785 No.63333

I mean, I'm not saying that I think heterosexual discussion should be permitted either. In any case, I disagree. It's distinct from and complementary to both heterosexuality and homosexuality.

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