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847d9 No.63338

-oomer stuff, based, cringe, seethe, cope etc.
the primary reason why i browse this place is to get away from this type of faggotry and now wizchan is being overrun with it aswell, if frogs and wojaks aren't allowed then why is this?

b1b77 No.63339

I agree. By allowing people use -oomer, based, cringe, seethe, cope is bringing 4chan culture onto here. Sure most of it didn’t even originate from 4chan, but it is anyways a trademark of there nowadays.
And this imageboard needs to be unique from all others and you can do that by banning those words.

1aca7 No.63340

If you see it, tell the person who posted it that they're a fagola and need to get a personality. Making wordfilters only confuses people and makes females and negroes just alter their speech instead of leaving. The wonder of an anonymageboard is that you can tell any preteen wiggroid to scaff out of dodge with no consequence.

"as fuck", "as shit" is a clear indication of an underage brown

847d9 No.63341

have you not learned your lesson already? gatekeeping doesn't fucking work, you'd think that would be accepted as a fact solely based on the current state of internet, the only way to bar outsiders entry is through enforcing rules
if they're allowed to lower the quality of site as they please they will attract more and more of their kind to the point where this place will be unsalvageable, it may already be too late as it is

13468 No.63342

>tell the person who posted it that they're a fagola and need to get a personality
lmao, that would work if the majority of the site wasnt 18 year old brazilians. the amount of people who care about the rules of the site as they are is low enough already, if you want to enforce an unwritten rule youre just going to look like an autist.

tl;dr rangeban brazil

cb6e7 No.63345


76b79 No.63348

rangeban latin america

cb6e7 No.63350

This would improve the quality of wizchan by 200%

98384 No.63352

i fucking hate seeing the shit feels guy has turned into. it's all over /b/ this garbage from other imageboards. low quality pollution is what it is

e045c No.63363

ban /b/

76b79 No.63364

the mods no longer delete frogs and wojaks

e045c No.63365

there was a frog thread on wiz not so long, I think it was deleted

ad03f No.63366

meanwhile there is a mod posting redditfrogs herself

935bf No.63376


Yeah, these motherfuckers are polluting the only place that doesn't allow this shitty meme. Ridiculous

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