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8d7a7 No.63375

Can you please delete any and all cunnyshit from the site? 2D and 3D.


09d78 No.63378


8d7a7 No.63380

Because it's illegal where I live, and it's illegal where a good portion of the userbase lives as well.

09d78 No.63381

2D and 3D.
Wizchan doesn't allow 3D anything newtard

Then they should either move, or write whatever congresswomen who made it illegal. Wizchan allows images to be hidden by the user, adblockers can be used further, and VPN and Tor browsing is still allowed.

Child porn may be illegal outside of Ukraine and Israel, but drawings featuring no real children can never be called CP.

8d7a7 No.63384

>Then they should either move

Or cunnyniggers can fuck off back to their element accounts and darkweb sites, that's the easier way than 50% of the userbase here moving across the world.

Why do cunnyniggers -have- to have every website cater to their degeneracy? You have your darknet sites, fuck off.

09d78 No.63385

Your one and only very gay argument so far:
>fuck off!! i'm sensitive to things i dont like!!! just fuck off!!! my totalitarian new world order government doesn't let me, so YOU must change your rules instead of me adapting to them!!! only cunny tho i don't mind shota because i'm a DICK SUCK CHAMPIONSHIPIST

My arguments:
It's not illegal, it's not immoral, it's integral to imageboard culture, it dispels tourists, and viewing it boots testosterone which is important on a mens' site. Many wizards here are lolicons and every iteration of the creative threads on /hob/ has had wizard-forged loli

Your argument is gREEEEn because it's like sad frog going RREEEEEEEEE
My argument is in bold because I'm physically and mentally stronger than you

92512 No.63386

I used to be interested in sharing porn when I was a teenager and early 20s, but nowadays I dont see the point. This isn't a porn site, and any time someone posted something that's not generic pretty feminine things other people would just get butthurt and passive aggressively slide your post with things you could find on a hundred other websites without even trying. I used to post porn that was paywalled and hard to find but no one even cared and they just acted disdainful about it. I dont think Im the only one that feels this way either going by how unpopular the thread seems these days

8d7a7 No.63387

>wants to fuck children
>behaves like a literal child


75f1f No.63388

>Wizchan doesn't allow 3D anything newtard
Being pedantic because I can, so I will mention that 3dcgi is allowed usually.
Though oddly mod is pretty sensitive about audios and links to 1d/text despite nether being a rule violation.

16a36 No.63395

you have no idea what 3D means

09d78 No.63397


876af No.63402


I've made that case for years and the mods don't listen. And wonder why crabs have taken over.

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