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b0dad No.63660

Can the mods ban the guy who posts videos on /b/? I don't think it's against the rules, but /b/ would be a much better board if there werent so many new, uninteresting threads. For instance, on lainchain, you can be warned/banned for posting a thread without sufficient effort on OPs part.

e2b3e No.63663

It's /b/, if you don't enjoy the volume of a certain kind of thread, make a bunch of threads that you do enjoy to fight the other OP. /b/ wouldn't be a /b/ if the mods were uppity about anything that's not even breaking any written rule.

>on lainchain, you can be warned/banned for

for saying that men can't be succubi, so using that site as an example of good moderation doesn't make much sense

75b16 No.63664

the dot poster stalks little girls on social media and harasses their families, there are probably feds looking for this guy that would arrest him on multiple crimes so he never posts without a fresh vpn

b0dad No.63665

>men can't be succubi
I would like this to also be a rule on /b/

b0dad No.63666

also if my complaint is frequent low quality threads, i can't combat it by making many threads. I can only ignore it, as I have been.

b0dad No.63667

and lainchan has pretty great moderation, compared to this site, but this site has the worst moderation of any clearsite I've been on

30e2c No.63668

its honestly weird you would even complain about that when b has dozens of other issues. cry more?

b0dad No.63669

The other issues don't bother me as much

30e2c No.63670

who cares about you?

95b9c No.63673

A better question is who doesnt, and the answer to that is clear: tranny jannies

8ef7f No.63674

it is honestly annoying, at any given time 10-20% of /b/ is zero-reply youtube embeds from some random guy's youtube suggestion feed

18e53 No.63675

b was designed to have wizchan's worst posts, so that guy is actually doing a good job of b

95b9c No.63676

I think containment doesn't work and it influences the rest of the site negatively. So many sex having posters posting. It's disgusting

3e50d No.63680

i like the dotposter cry morr

e0771 No.63684

The only thing that gets you banned on /b/ is if you offend the /pol/faggot mods
You can post soyjaks and pepe's and anything else there for days untouched

ed789 No.63691

/b/ was a mistake, delete it

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