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6a33c No.63681


I am a software engineer and I was looking at page load times to see if I had network issues on my end. When I looked at Wizchan I saw something I thought was worth mentioning:

for board listings, catalogues, and threads – you end up with a light weight HTML page. This is one request but when the browser gets back the HTML it goes in parallel to fetch all the additional files it needs

HTML ←—–
——→ …

The problem is what happens when the client tries to get a banner. It visits a PHP file. Lets call it banner.php. This file basically tells the browser to then make another request to load the banner.

"I don't have it but here's where you can get it."

The browser then makes another request to download the file. All of this slows the page from being finished. If there is packet loss downloading the banners.php file it can add all of the extra roundtrip on top. This can be significant on unreliable networks + adding SSL overhead. Depending on the browser this will prevent various DOM elements from being finished rendering e.g. scroll bars and so on UNTIL BANNERS ARE DOWNLOADED.

There's a few ways to fix it:

1. Turn it off (its a banner, it literally does nothing.)
2. Incorporate the functionality of banner.php into the rendering for the HTML theme code. You could either include the image as a base64 data URL or as a reference to a numbered resource (the browser could easily cache this) with a hash attribute.

c4617 No.63682

im fine with it, still better than most other sites

what annoys me though is that the banner loads in like 1 second after refreshing, and it shifts the entire page downward as it populates that space. so you have a weird 'popping' effect, you refresh and see the site, then the banner pops in and everything is suddenly lowered by 100 pixels

so some sort of placeholder for the banner would be appreciated, like a completely transparent image used as the default or something. i dont know html or css and have no interest in web shit

6a33c No.63683

its badly implemented. not saying that to put down whoever wrote it but yeah, for something so simple it really makes the page rendering worse.

e66ab No.63686

hold your horses bud, were still figuring out basic html around here. see that textboard link at the top of the page? thats had the admin stumped for a year or two at this point.

6a33c No.63690

its ok i figured out i could just block the element with adblock. now wizchan loads like instantly. its bretty cool.

c4617 No.63699

hey wiz, the way you worded your post was hilarious! i transferred 30 wizbux to your wallet, enjoy it, champ.

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