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19e6b No.63771

I was wondering if posting pic of itself is bannable? It isn't written on the rules so I was wondering if we could post pics of ourselves to see how the average wizzie looks like, m'kay?


File: 1680120822307.jpg (26.47 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 54b82d72917f317c44b08b1256….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Selfies aren't allowed. Exceptions are if your identity can't be discerned from them. So a visible face will get the image removed. Images sharing skin conditions, hair issues, general physique, exercise progress, and scars have been allowed in the past, but those posts don't come up enough for us to have developed a solid policy around them so you can play it by ear if there's any particular aspect of your body you'd like to share and discuss.

A thread with a general "What you look like" subject would only introduce trolling and cries of outsiders attempting to dox. Tricksy users also like to post images of school shooters and claim to be them so your thread probably wouldn't get much genuine engagement.

40fec No.63773

I post my selfie here all the time and you never remove it

3be46 No.63774

Then you must be an e-celebrity

07a77 No.63776

there are two types of wiz: wiztwinks, and bigwiz
choose which one you are, no pics needed

19e6b No.63787

can I post my pics on /b/?

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