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Can normies detect if you're a wizard or a neet? If I ever need to go out in public, I always make sure to hide my power level: shower, brush, comb hair, deodorant, somewhat nice clothes ect.

The last few times I've had a few people turn to look at me and either give me a weird face, or even straight up laugh at me. I've even had one insufferable roastie give me a shit eating smirk when we passed each other.

So what gives?


I dress badly and my hair is a mess, I shave whenever. People probably can tell I'm a weirdo, but I feel it wouldn't matter much even if I took better care of my appearance because of my body language and general behaviour. Normal people can pick up on that very quickly.


>just be confident!
Brilliant. Thanks a lot.


File: 1605266861140.jpg (38.33 KB, 358x449, 358:449, ttingeru.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Noticed people have started staring at me too, maybe it's because I'm unkempt, my face, bodylanguage or something, guess people rely on stereotypes too much to judge others, doesn't matter if you're a wizard or not, if you look/behave like those stereotypes you will be judged. Actually we are all constantly judged, which freaks me out too much currently.

Sometimes I stare back at people until they move on, one old lady was straight up telling me to "get a job" while doing groceries during weekdays at morning, but ignoring is probably the way to go


>This thread reeks of /r9gay/ zoomer.
Says the avartarfagging anime retard who claims succubi are the best posters on wizchan. When will you finally kill yourself?


i dont think so. you are just standing out in some way. are you attractive, or ugly? does your clothing seem out of place for whatever you were doing? do you have long hair as a male.

>shower, brush, comb hair, deodorant, somewhat nice clothes ect.

aim to be average and normal if you want to avoid attention. the best case scenario is no one notices you at all. it seems liek you ahve went out of your way to seem fancy or something and they can tell you're putting on airs


best way to blend is to look like a bum


Dude, I just wear regular clothes: shirt, jeans, nikes, normal looking stuff.


Yes, norms are social animals


if your clothing is fine then it must be you. normalfags don't have wizard-detecting psychic powers


Yes, a lot of people have guessed that I'm a 24 y/o virgin even when I don't do strange things, maybe because my face and body are so fucked up that it may be obvious that I'm a virgin?


Are you deformed or something?


In a mental hospital a guy said I looked as if I jerked off too much. . .


What gives it away?


normies are herd animals so yes they can often detect when you're not one of them, even if you make efforts to blend in


stared at by everybody constantly, looked at like I'm an absolute freak, and given terrible looks in general by everyone. People get angry when they notice me even though I wasn't looking at them first


Maybe there was something on your face, or you smelled bad.


You have thousand yard stare.


I pass as a normie until I open my mouth


Normalfags are the scum of the earth. Don't care about them, literally to have normalfags consider you part of them you must:

1. Have a social life and friends
2. Have had a gf sex or at least try or desire to
3. Go to parties, dance, listen to shit music
4. Dress nice or care about fashion, haircuts, personal appearance, etc.
5. Have a job or education, otherwise you are a big loser in their eyes
6. Like Sports
7. Enjoy the most popular and generic of movies, series, anime, etc.
8. Care about Trends
9. Be on social media
10. Care and know about world events and what's on the news
11. Not be shy or introvert

There's probably more, so it's pretty easy to tell, maybe not that you are a wizard, but that you are weird or not like them. At least in their eyes.
It's impossible to fake to be a normalfag, really, but it's easy to recognize one, and that's what they are easy targets. There is no one more prejudiced and judgmental than a normalfag. I learnt taht normalfags unconsciously defend this made up normal archetype of what they wrongly believe every other person should be like, and will be proud to be a normalfag or suffer for failing at one of those things and will work on themselves, and mold their personalities so they can pass as normal people. They are the killers of individuality.
Never spend or listen to what they have to say about life. They are not intelligent or introspective enough to know anything about nothing, if they do know something, is how to be morons full of assumptions.
The worst are the nerds and ugly guys who are delusional and adopt the normalfag mindset and feel superior to others who don't fit their shared criteria of normal person.
They are not human and not worth of sharing oxygen with the rest of us, don't you ever forget that. If you ever get threatened by a normalfag or some normalfag attacks you, use that opportunity to cause him as much damage as you can. This is why wizards should be strong and knowledgeable in the art of fight, so when they get the chance they can leave a normalfag incapacitated for the rest of his life. I'm of the opinion that there should be a new rule on wizchan that reads, "you must be a male virgin who have left a normalfag incapacitated or handicapped to post here". That would be the definition of a true wizard. That's why next year I will be learning some MMA and start going on night walks in hopes of finding some fucking degenerate normalfag to break his skull open. No way I'm leaving this world without having hurt some normalshit, and I'd make sure it's self defense so that I don't go to prison.


File: 1605852338998.png (1.61 MB, 1291x774, 1291:774, 1573953006004.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's the opposite for me. I know I'm abnormal since everyone goes out of their way to avoid me in every way possible. Avoiding my gaze, walking to the other side of the street so they don't have to pass me, sometimes mothers will even hold their children closer. Maybe these "vibes" the norms speak of are real and wizard-types give off the wrong kind.


yes, they can tell whether or not you are unsocialized just by looking at you. the way you carry yourself tells them everything. it does not matter if you are well groomed or not. When i say unsocialized i don't mean asocial (although you surely are asocial as well ) but i mean it in the psychological sense. as in you don't believe in or uphold the values and trends of society and aren't a functioning member of it.

why do they laugh? could be a number of reasons. Some more innocent some more rude. You see there are plenty of people out there who get off on feeling more powerful than someone. so they laugh at you to get their sick kicks. these types of people you should beat or kill for treating you as less than a person. But you can't always tell whos who. thats why you should let vain and petty exchanges like that roll off you if they aren't explicit or constant.

its all about power. Niggers don't participate in society but people still respect them because they are willing to throw their life away just to retaliate at anyone who disrespects them. It has to be clear that the power has to come from intention and not some insecurity. If it comes from something as small as an insecurity it will make them laugh harder. A normalfaggot is part of the collective. when a normie laughs at you he/she has all of society backing them, but its really just one person. you can sharpen your tongue to win petty exchanges but real physcial power is what matters. get power and all your bully problems will stop.


with a hoodie and a mask (bless corona-chan) you should draw no attention, no?


A mask sure. Hoodies are usually a red flag though, unless it's freezing or raining.


>red flag
for what?


Many people know i am a virgin because i never had friend and i am very ugly, but i never cared about it.


I think you can be a neet/virgin without necessarily also be a disgusting unwashed freak that takes no care of his appearance


Spend enough time alone and isolated, engaging in solipsism and eventually when you do go out and get involved in a social setting you would give an uncanny valley feeling, no one will be able to pinpoint exactly why, you are just off, not in sync at all even when you are dress ok.

It probably has to do with microexpressions, humans are extremely complex at that, if your brain just isnt wired correctly anymore the way you walk and move your arms, your rhytm, how you move your eyesight around, any odd stiff microgesture that is so fast that is perceived only subliminaly would give you away as someone robotic who is not social and something will itch badly in the socialized normal brain


If you fell for the weight lifting meme, it helps, but really only that people leave you alone. I'm a generally pleasant person, but it's nice that most of the time people leave me alone instead of fuck with me constantly.


File: 1608187137472.png (99.36 KB, 348x452, 87:113, 1592974818446.png) ImgOps iqdb

Probably this


i just realized when i go outside i looks like a freak, in total attention mode, trying get a good posture, looking for everyone with big eyes and talking straight.


People ask me a lot at job if I have a wife and kids, in a way that doesn't seem condescending or sarcastic. And I live in the country of Colombia where people is extremely normal and extroverted. So, maybe it's not that easy sometimes.


Oh, and also when I got the job, after like two years on which I only worked for three weeks, my new coworkers asked me a lot about my recent job experience, and they seemed to believe all the bullshit I made up out of shame. I attribute it to them being mostly semi illiterate, blue collar workers, and me looking like some kind of higher class nerd type of guy.


File: 1608602598199.png (605.64 KB, 382x594, 191:297, 1607041358149.png) ImgOps iqdb

ive stopped trying to hide it since im too far gone after over a decade of being a hikki. i stare unapologetically, look at everything and everyone like its completely alien to me, walk weird, pay too much attention to things i shouldnt, not pay attention to things i should and fail to react in expected ways, dont give expected answers or dont react at all. to compliment this i dress sort of like reviewbrah now. anything that makes you stand out gives people a heads up i suppose so theyre warned about you not being normal. they probably think im on drugs or mentally ill (which i am) so instead of treating me like a weirdo whos not fitting in, they now respect me as someone handicapped who need special treatment. its actually much nicer and i even LARP a little by talking a slightly off on purpose to get some extra pity points. its 2020 and special snowflakes never got this much respect before, so its a great time now to milk society for all its worth. im unironically prepared to call myself neurodiverse and ask for the manager if someones gonna try to disrespect me


Hi OP, still avatarfagging? Didn't you say that you were running away from Wizchan?

> The last few times I've had a few people turn to look at me and either give me a weird face, or even straight up laugh at me.

Normies are bitches and laughable people are laughable.

> So what gives?

You're an adolescent. You have a very high opinion of yourself, but not because you're actually superior to those around you. No, chances are you're simply a weak, deluded young man. Nothing more, nothing less. You're no tortured genius nor are you even a true wizard. You're a confused charlatan, another soul condemned to the irrevocable doom of vanity, hollowness and avatarfagging (see how it's all neatly tied up?).



File: 1608774822142.jpg (39 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 298659-e4c644c0-b0ef-11e4-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>they now respect me as someone handicapped who need special treatment.
I get this treatment fairly often. They smile indulgently and try to make me feel at ease. On one hand I appreciate it, but it's also emasculating in a sense. At any rate it's far better than being yelled at or otherwise hostilely treated.


I usually wear a hoody, mask and sunglasses when going out and adopt closed body language so I'm usually left alone. Occasionally I come across someone who doesn't care and tries to interact with me and it's horribly awkward and uncomfortable.


>walking to the other side of the street so they don't have to pass me
I don't mind this one, it's actually neat because I don't like passing people, but this
>sometimes mothers will even hold their children closer
hurts a little when it happens. One succubus neighbour of mine in particular is always glaring at me, her daughter does too and they never greet me. I'm pretty sure she must have warned her daughter to stay away from me at some point


Not him but where I'm from it's basically the uniform of a delinquent, especially when worn together with sweat pants. I dress like that because it's comfortable but I've definitely noticed a large difference in how people treat me and look at me compared to other types of clothing


the best part about corona is the mandatory public mask wearing and the distancing


No, the best part is the Hollywood Jews going broke and the histrionic BPD normalfaggot actors becoming depressed and suicidal from not being allowed to be attention whores.


One time this male coworker asked every one in the office at what age they had lost their viriginity, everyone except me. That's when I realized people know, not that I mind.


>Not him but where I'm from it's basically the uniform of a delinquent, especially when worn together with sweat pants.
Sweat pants and hoody are how lazy unemployed slobs dress, it's basically a signal that you don't care about your appearance much which is a big nono in normieland, they're very image conscious


That too, but where I'm from it's more strongly associated with tough guy types. I have a naturally stern expression so people see me as one of them, and there have even been times when they've seen me as one of their own


>That too, but where I'm from it's more strongly associated with tough guy types.
It's the same where I live. If you wear a hoodie over here, people will think you're going to beat them up or steal their phone.


I'm pretty neurotic about my personal hygiene whenever I leave the house, so I usually manage to avoid the worst of this. But getting cold/weird looks has been happening more often now that I'm getting older and fatter.


File: 1615580694712.jpg (149.28 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1602763428906.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If I see someone glaring at me I glare at them back


For how long?


Until they look away


I never hide my powerlevel but it is not obnoxious and people who see me feel sorry for me.
Why hide power level that is just being a normalfag what are you afraid of?


one old lady was straight up telling me to "get a job"
Had this exact same experience multiple times (not just with old people but with young people too). I’ve had people tell me matter-of-factly that I do not have a job. How the fuck do they know..??? It’s honestly creepy. I dress well but I don’t have a decent haircut. Could that be it? Could it be gangstalking?


have you posted this before I remember reading this before is all.


What do you mean? I might have. Or if you mean tbe first swntence, I tried to greentext it but my keyboard must have wigged out.

im just looking for some possible answers to be honest, because its weird as fuck, like how do random 20-somethings KNOW without a doubt that I don’t have a job? And why are they being so forward about it when they talk to me?? These are usually random people, some of them at the gym. The gym ones porobably have seen me there before but like I still dont get it how they could possibly know it


I have an autistic aura that repels other people. This is why I can't get a job or take part in society. Not that I care about that stuff anyway.


What actor/s committed suicide because of corona, I never heard of this before?


What's the context? Did they just walk up to you out of the blue and tell you to get a job, if they did I would say gangstalking is a possibility.


Too many people at work assume I am gay for some reason, probably my body build and timidness, and they all know I am a loser. I am so short and ugly though that succubi would flinch when they first look at me, like a flash of disgust before they fix their expression, and would then quickly pretend I don't exist. So I guess they would assume I am a "crab".


Not in the past but it seems like as I've become older I've become a creepy old man type.


none of those people actually thought or felt those feelings towards you, they just acted upon their automatic lives and you derived their perceived "looks" from them. You're a schizoid


You mean schizophrenia/schizophrenic?


i usually stick on deodorant and wear a hat if i haven't showered. i think i dress well enough, a hoodie and jeans.
i don't look at people's faces whenever i have to go outside in daylight so i don't know if they stare.


Well said, agreed


This. Nobody pays any attention to others unless they are severely deformed or extremely beautiful/handsome.


If that’s true then why do teenagers attack beat up homeless people all the time?


always said this in a public, amazing reaction. normies only can to fuck themsevles with that rules


I'm not ashamed of my wizard status (30 yr old wizard), but I'd rather keep my work environment normal so I will sometimes lie about things to keep myself under the radar. So far, I don't think anyone has suspected me of being a wizard.


Here's some key give aways:
>nervous energy
>lack of eye contact
>either have blank or lost look on face
>either really fat or really skinny
>long, unkempt hair or balding
>porn and masturbation addiction (legit)
>cheap, generic clothes you can get at a thrift store or Wal-Mart
>lack of hygiene
>awkward body language
>stiff, unnatural walking motion
>lack of self awareness
>actual mental illness and neurological issues

Those are just some of the ones I've noticed


File: 1623660349550.gif (485.26 KB, 500x281, 500:281, hMaM6Dr.gif) ImgOps iqdb

if some succ ever flirts with you and you don't flirt back they will know but if the succ is good looking it will be worse. Take my word for it.


How did you notice your own lack of self awareness?


I feel attacked


File: 1623674775842.png (20.25 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 668142946478194698.png) ImgOps iqdb


all true


Check. Barely leave the house so that is why.
>nervous energy
Depends on where I am, what I am expected to do/say and who are with me.
>lack of eye contact
Was true in my childhood and teens, then I learned to keep eye contact and now it is normals who look away first whenever I talk with them, I never break eye contact first.
>blank/lost look
Again, depends.
>really fat/really skinny
I am overweight but not really fat, so no.
>long, unkempt hair or balding
I only had long hair when I was 18-20/21, then it was true I never combed my hair and never did anything with it besides washing it, it reached to the middle of my back. I think it was cool but it is a pain in the ass because it keeps getting in the way of your vision and in summer you get really hot so I had it cut. Now I have it cut very short every 3 months or so.
I don't look like the typical normo but I don't consider myself ugly.
>porn and masturbation addiction
This is full of shit, how can anyone tell who is a porn addict and who isn't? I am not an addict, but porn and masturbation are some of my favorite ways to pass the time.
>cheap, generic clothes
Check I guess since I never cared about brands and all that normalfag shit obsession with trends and fashion. My mother buys all my clothes for me still.
>lack of hygiene
Check, I only take a shower once a week. I stopped caring about how others perceived me and what they thought about me around high school.
>awkward body language
>stiff, unnatural walking motion
>lack of self awareness
No, on the other end if anything, I am way too self-aware. I always notice when someone is trying to make fun of me or looking down on me or despising me during conversations.
>actual mental illness and neurological issues
These are just memes for the most part, unless you have serious schizophrenia with hallucinations and shit or severe autism you should just ignore psychiatric terms. Anything is considered as an illness or personality disorder these days.


Forgot to add, that overall your post smells like insecurity, paranoia and low self-esteem. Lots of those things could be said about normalfags too.


Nice projection


No, of course not, the fact that everyone avoids us and laughs at us behind our backs is a complete coincidence.


Probably, I can imagine people thinking to themselves "I wonder what that weirdo was doing out of his basement."

I've had people tell me I give off basement dweller vibes.


Nice meme. But seriously, why do you or others in this thread are surprised? You guys go out with a paranoid mind and expecting others to treat you as strange, with this nervous wreck attitude, you just give others signals. Many normals don't have good hygiene or dress well or look the epic 10/10 but they don't have any serious problems in life when it comes to communication or social interactions.

People can feel when someone has zero self-esteem, self-respect and when someone is desperate to please others. It is more about having confidence in yourself than anything when it comes to passing under the radar.

>basement dweller
Lots of normals are basement dwellers these days. MTV even has a show dealing with adults living with their parents. Besides, basement dwelling was only a bad thing amongst whites and asians anyway. Among blacks, latinos and other such races it has always been a thing to live with your parents, grandparents or other family members. I've heard two colored succubi once talk with each other:
>X is so unlucky, you heard? His parents kicked him out of their house for not working.
>Wow, whites are such bastards. Never understood this mentality of them.

In short, it is mostly just paranoia on your part. Nobody except for teens laughs at you and teenagers mock everyone, not just you or other wizards.


True, but my situation is a bit weirder. You see, at first look I can blend easily among normans. I'm handsome, tall, I dress up okay, take really good care of my hair mainly cause is long now, and have the minimum sense of politeness like saying "good evening" back and keeping good eye contact ( skill I had to learn). But after a few minutes next to me, they can tell something is wrong. They start growing distance, avoid eye to eye, and totally ignore my existence or leave the room sooner than expected or simply say to others to ask me to go away. I've had people tell me before that they feared me, or that I was some kind of "no feelings mutant". Maybe I put too much effort on my act which end up looking like a robot, or a psycho.



>Just have confidence bro! It's all in your head!
Shut the fuck up.


>>porn and masturbation addiction (legit)
How do normalfags find out about this so that it can be a give away?


It used to be nothing strange to whites and I have known white families who still don't bat an eye about it. I don't know about all of Asia, but I've heard a lot of Chinese expect their children to take care of them when they grow old.
I would probably enjoy it if the practice of joining the family trade still existed, but I don't know if it's not so widespread anymore due to small business constantly getting buttfucked or if it's just not feasible. I would like to imagine it to provide more security and be more fulfilling since your labor's value is going to people you are familiar with instead of board member Executiveberg who would cut your job at any moment to see a number go up to please shareholders.


Poor people have children to use as their retirement plan. Assuming responsibility for the family business can be very stressful.


I am objectively right. It is only in your head 90% of the time, I assure you. There are many weird or disgusting normals out there, we aren't the only ones certainly who are strange. If you go out and meet with others without giving a shit then you will pass as completely okay. If on the other hand you panic yourself to death about how to please others then people will see that you are nervous and odd. Nothing complicated about this.

They can't, he is just a paranoid idiot.

I wasn't talking about working and living home, that used to be common among all races. I was talking about NEET-ing and letting your family members take care of you as an adult. Among whites and asians this is seen as a great crime, I mean to be a leech. Maybe it has to do with puritan morals, work-centered culture and always trying to please the community first of all, these are inherent things in whites and asians naturally. While latinos, blacks and gypsies don't mind just chilling and enjoying life.


Such an endearing trait that those minorities have, not caring about contributing! A passable, stable life will just be granted to you without work, er, somehow.


the thing you won't be able to control is small talk. If you're a true wizard, then it's likely your private interests radically diverge from mainstream society. Thus you have no common ground with normies and can't talk to them on those terms, and when you do it's obviously awkward. That's the place where I screw up all the time. In every other respect I can blend in but small talk I fail because I quite frankly have nothing to talk about with them.

Also, once you break away from society mentally, you can't go back. None of that garbage is interesting anymore in the slightest.


UBI, or even welfare or bux of some kind could be enough to live okayish.
And are you some work-obsessed normalfag? These minorities are superior when it comes to tolerating NEETing no matter how you look at it. Their laid-back, relaxed and tolerant attitude is much more wizardly than the hatred you get from whites and asians for not contributing.


Not him but chronic masturbation and porn consumption tend to worsen your social anxiety. At least I can say that from my own experience.


>I'm handsome, tall
We really need a new rule that bans any humblebragging about looks, it's pure normalfag drivel.


My brother is a buff gigachad and walking with him is really disorienting as 18-60yo succubi keep looking at him or turning back to look at him after passing us.

Nobody ever looks at me in public, but then again I only see that as a positive. I try to blend in as much as possible, plus I am short+fat like most people in this town.

Actually, I don't know if my brother is actually a half-brother or something as he's also 9' taller than me.


File: 1624750381053.jpg (29.65 KB, 458x356, 229:178, david_beckham_with_parents.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Genetic recombination (also known as genetic reshuffling) is the exchange of genetic material between different organisms which leads to production of offspring with combinations of traits that differ from those found in either parent

Look up genetic recombination. Even the most haggardly people can produce a male model completely out of the blue while all other siblings look like the regular or ugly parents.
Genes can skip past multiple generations or centuries.

Doesn't mean automatically your mom cheated etc.


Ok, thanks. I've just had suspicions, but nothing beyond that.


having a more successful brother looks like one of the worst punishment that the universe can give to a wizard. I glad that I am a only child


>he's also 9' taller than me
>14 foot tall gigachad
I know you meant 9 inches but I still laughed


I intentionally stay fat so that people will leave me alone, and the older I get the less fat I have to be. By my 50s I’ll probably be able to be normal weight.


I once got a job because everyone there thought I was gay. I slowly realized this as one by one they all mentioned being gay over a few months and talked like I was one of them.


I make no effort to blend in. I don't comb my hair and I do the autism cut (buzz to scalp twice a year and otherwise let it grow), I have a scraggly unkempt beard and an actual neckbeard (albeit a sparse one), I wear old comfy clothes that are loose and don't fit, and I drive a dented rust civic. I don't give a fuck what normies think of me.


>I do the autism cut
I never knew there was a term for that, lots of people do that.


People stopped figuring out I was a wizard when I stopped wearing my wizard hat in public. Crazy


it's a good indication of a man who doesn't care too much about his appearance


One wizards can to recognize another wizard by her hat, all wizard have one.



- body language
- lack of confidence
- too much/too little eye contact
if someone's eye was just 1cm too low on their face, it'd be super obvious to you, despite the fact that it's a "small" defection from the norm. this is how normal people's brains work, they can sniff out the slightest bit of weird in you


File: 1632850828977.jpg (79.26 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, frost mage.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm a frost wizard (im russian duh), i have a chilling effect wherever i go, all normies especially normie succubi become AFRAID when i talk to them be it online or IRL. I've been called a psychopath, crazy, insane, all the usual shit.
The only ones who like me are the undead and other frost wizards and sorceresses.
For this very reason i very much like Sweden and Norway, sometimes Germany. Beings from there are just very nice, as long as they don't come from the large human cities.


Nah people have their thoughts and judgments in that moment. We read faces and stereotypes fast. It's all primal information though. On a level below opinion. It's also quickly erased once you're out of sight.


it might have been your body language, if you seemed out of place. are you very tall or short? the case could also be that they weren’t staring maliciously, especially the last succubus. maybe it was just a polite smile like you do to strangers


They did a study and found that on average, a normgroid will detect (and hate) an autist from six seconds of silent footage.
Six seconds on silent footage.
That’s all that’s needed for the normgroid to hate and persecute you at every turn.


File: 1632914509804.jpg (137.06 KB, 700x933, 700:933, 53f091214eecc92a9920de1ffd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They can tell I'm mentally ill for sure, expecially if I open my mouth. You can hear the anxiety in my voice, it's really soft and shaky. Even if I think I sound fine, when I listen to recordings I'm always taken aback by how strange and weak it is. If I make a conscious effort I can barely make it sound OK, like a normal guy's, but doing so consistently would be impossible.

I recall a retired teacher writing somewhere, any soft-spoken kids always were abused by their fathers, no exceptions. Now that would be a bit of an overstatement in my case. My father did have anger issues though and would snap at petty shit, yelling and so, rather unpredicatable. Looking back, he acted very childish, kind of like a toddler. But at the time I of course didn't have that perspective. I often avoided doing activities with him as kid to not set him off and yeah, our relationship left a lot to be desired. Any bonding was always superficial because I never could trust him.

I guess went off on a tangent but whatever.


>My father did have anger issues though and would snap at petty shit, yelling and so, rather unpredicatable. Looking back, he acted very childish, kind of like a toddler
your dad is exactly like mine and I am incredibly anxious and softspoken too


This depends entirely on the culture. In some places people study each other, in others it's polite to mostly ignore one another. In some places strangers all say hello and in others it's impolite to bother somebody you don't know. Not only country to country, but also depending on whether you're in the sticks or in the city.



In Australia people harassed me all the time. In Norway people are nice to me and generally leave me alone


My mother keeps bringing up grandkids and how I’ve never had a girlfirend, it’s starting to bother me a lot.


The average normalfag actually believes this shit. How nauseating.


She's coping because she served her purpose as a mother and only wants to smother and control those kids.


Are we really weird? Or is everybody else weird? Seriously. I mean, seriously.

>Gets gangbanged or fucked individually by all or most the neighborhood/school boys by 13

>Sucks dick or has sex for free drugs and booze by 15
>Doesn't own any of their clothing
>Doesn't own any of their electronic devices
>Doesn't have any bills
>Doesn't have any responsibilities
>Has never paid rent, bills, or taxes
>Still feels inclined to think they deserve the social standings and privileges of an adult

That's fucking weird. It's fucking weird. Western culture, Eastern culture. It's all fucking weird. If something's categorized as "normal" it's almost always something fucking weird seen as normal by a large majority, which is unfortunately how modern society works.


You are asking if being a normalfag is weird on wizchan so of course it is weird.
In-case you have not figured it out yet we are weird we are defective. We are not meant to walk our own way and survive we are shielded from consequence of being atypical by the very thing we hate.

Normality is accepted and enforced compromise so ingrained that people accept it without questioning any of it and they are better off for it. Do you know how much happier we would all be if we were able to get excited about being social and owning more junk?

Lets drop this double standard of somehow existing outside of normality but caring about the morality of the average person. So what if their hedonism gives rise to kids more inclined to a criminal or wizardly nature as they are raised by only a succubus. you are alone, I'm alone and even the normaalfaggots reading this are alone. The ONLY reason people here care about the white race or any other bullshit is simply to feel a part of something. Seriously who gives a fuck about virginity or people signalling they belong to the groups we align with (meme words and such) do you not all see this is all a crock of shit?


A less white world would be a shittier world filled with more suffering, especially for wizards. Would you like to be a poo wizard, a chink wizard or a black wizard in Africa? Sounds like absolute hell.


You missed his point.


Not an argument.


File: 1633571971006.jpg (8.8 KB, 213x236, 213:236, lupi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I leave my house very little, and I interact very little with people outside my social environment (family), I have poor hygiene, I do not bathe, I do not brush my teeth, and I do not usually cut my hair regularly. But I come out bathed, with good clothes, hairdo, and a good appearance in general, for which the people who recently know me usually have a good image of me.


My father was also violent towards me and my mother. My family was also violent, but over time I also became violent and impulsive, becoming one of the most violent of the whole family, and I am afraid that if one day I had a child, or that my brothers would end up. like that because of me.
Unconsciously adopt the philosophy of "if you can't beat them, join them."



because they're fucked up?


you're just a violent weirdo who happens to be a virgin, fuck off


Isn't that most of us?


feds try to get me but they glow too hard (woo) glow too hard (yeh) glow too hard
feds try to get me but terry warn me good (woo) warn me good (yeh)
x2 repeat then chorus


doesn't matter, they can see it from body language
they way you move, the way you look at people are sufficient


>They are not human and not worth of sharing oxygen with the rest of us
he is right



The level of self importance is palpable. I bet your parents groan and roll their eyes when you talk.


My parents keep their eyes EXTREMELY level when I speak, not only out of respect for my elite physical presence but also because they possess a deep seated, subconscious understanding that the reason why their daily lives are pleasant, low stress and overflowing with equanimity is primarily because of my Good Boy Internet Behavior - an integral component of which is the judicious use of my inbuilt Glow Knight Detection - basically a Superpower which allows me to ever so accurately determine who might be a raging glow in the dark CIA nicker - and buddy, after reading your post, I gotta be honest - all of my sensors are screaming CODE RED right now…the radar map is flashing "DANGER - NIGHTMARE MODE ENGAGED" and I can't help but think the cause of all this cacophony could very well be…you. The level of CIA faggotry is, shall we say, palpable.


Everyone in this third world shithole town I live knows I'm a wizard, because my female cousins live nearby and they hate me to death so they have been spreading rumors about me among the neighbors. Everytime I go outside I see one of these shit-eaters looking at me with a huge grin on their face, especially the succubi. My only hope is to leave this hellhole one day, but right now I'm a neet and there isn't much I can do.


Strangely relatable. I can sort of keep up the mask in very brief, casual encounters. But having to interact any longer than that quickly becomes uncomfortable for everyone involved. Honestly, I would indeed prefer for people to fuck off anyways.


File: 1635089801133.jpg (45.41 KB, 567x563, 567:563, 1632311863760.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can you give me a link to the study? i've been trying to search it online but i can't find anything.


Jesus christ are you me? i'm living in the same fucking situation, the entire town knows about me and shit-talks and persecute me every time they see my ugly face out in public, all because some succubi cunts don't like me and keep spreading bullshit rumours about me, it feels like i'm the protagonist of some dystopian horror movie and i don't like it one bit.


why do your cousins hate you so much?


File: 1635154742457.jpeg (24.29 KB, 256x256, 1:1, e8da5ef304d757b034045df98….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't give a fuck, i wear mismatched socks, either grow my hair out super shaggy or just shave it all off, my shoes are raggedy and stained green from grass, my pants don't fit right, i simply don't care anymore, when i was 19 was the last time I tried with succubi and after working out all day, dressing nice and getting nothing back I just stopped caring, I turn 25 y/o KHHV in a few weeks


i get the same shit. i was even walking the dog the other day on a big, open, bright, sunny, and active trail. Some bitch saw me, no kidding jumped, immediately turned the other way, and walked fast. i’ll get it too where i’ll simply smile and nod or say hi as im passing someone (as is trail etiquette) and i’ve been completely ignored and given a dirty looks.
like you, even just to walk alone on a trail for a an hour, i shaved, shower, good clothes, the whole thing, i still get treated as sunhuman. and thats just taking a simple walk in the morning…



It came to my attention the other day that I smell of cum most of the time and my cock is nearly always in a state of being semi-aroused from years of jerking off. People pick up on that.


After your sex drive is reduced, things get much easier as your instinct doesn't want to impregnate some girrls that much.
Try to work on that, nofap has its reasons.

Also get rich else you will remain a slave to society and its superficial rules.


File: 1635466666734.gif (243.3 KB, 440x248, 55:31, kaiji-beer.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Barefoot and no soap in months, people would think I'm a bum if not for the well taken care of dogs I always have with me when I go out.

I've been smiling lately on walks either having drank wine or beer before, or thinking about drinking when I get home. People have been approaching me more because of it, mostly complimenting my control of the dogs.




Fuck if I know. They're narcissistic cunts and I'm not very good at hiding how I feel about people. They are also turbonormie sluts who hang out with drug dealers and other scum so they like to bully people. They used to bully me until I started to stand up for myself and didn't tolerate their bullshit anymore. That's when they started to truly hate me.


I don't think I've ever had a succubus flirt with me, not that I'm complaining.


pretty much all of these except the hygiene which is ok.


checks out


>Can normies detect if you're a wizard or a neet?
when my two normie coworkers found out i am a 25 yo (now 27 yo) wizard they seemed genuinely surprised and even… looked like they are sorry for me?

>either really fat or really skinny
maybe except this - i was fit for a time, but it doesnt matter, because i am short, ugly, and have terrible social skills - all the other check out.


Meh I know people that checks out all of those and yet they still get sex (with ugly people and all that) to be a virgin you need something more, something special.

Virginity at 28 y/o means something special, for better or worse.




i guess is the hat, all the wizard wearing a curious hats, at least adventure time said that


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