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How much is resentment a driving impulse in your life?

I'm a virgin, I'm ugly, autistic, bad teeth, no real friends, but I've never been mad about it. I've never been angry at the world or fate or succubi. If I was some babe I probably wouldn't want to fuck me either.

I've honestly never understood crab thought. Being angry at the world because the world doesn't bend to fit itself around you. If you're not able to make it, how is that everyone else's fault?

I know my life is way harder than the average person's life, but I also know there's nothing I can do about it except be at peace. I hike a lot, and the few times I have nice social interactions with random people at the store or on the street are really nice to me.

I don't know if things will fundamentally change some day or this is just how I'll live my life until I die, but I honestly don't feel any resentment about my luck.

If a tornado destroyed my house, and my neighbor's house was unharmed, would I be mad at the tornado? At nature?

I'm just glad most people don't have to live their lives alone. The less people hit by tornadoes, the better.


It comes from a sense of entitlement they grow up thinking the world is fair and they deserve equality and then go through puberty and think there is a great injustice. Anger is sadness that is projected it is not healthy the way they are angry and it is laughable when you consider that they behave like a dog or any lower animal would this shows they are a lower state of consciousness and barely human only man in form not spirit..

You are logical and they are not they need someone to blame or something so they get angry at the succubus for not picking them when they themselves hypocritically do not date whoever they deem lower than themselves.
They created this flawed scale that they have based on sexual market value and it ignores how even an unattractive succubus has a better chance at sex than the average looking man if she lowers her standards.
They refuse to date below their looks match which shows they are just as shallow as the succubus they hate.
I could go into great detail into how silly the crab philosophy is but will just commend you OP for not being as stupid as them.


crabs are usually autistic teens
kids literally brag about losing their virginity at 12 now. if you are crab you are not human to these people which is why they are mad :)


I don’t understand why crabs don’t just fuck hookers. It’s more than just sex to them, it’s a gross sense of entitlement that’s not being satisfied. That makes them only worthy of derision and contempt


Most of them are sheltered saps who were educated to believe in equality and fairness and all politically correct nonsense and have a very rude awakening when confronted with what people are really like, they feel misled and betrayed.

Don't hate them, crabs are victims of normie society as much as we are, they are misguided and lost.


They fail to see the light and dwell within ignorance though and that is why I dislike them not only that but they are aspiring normalfags and in their own words if they had 0.3mm thicker jawbone they would be sexing the succcubi.


most of them grow out of it and become more wizardly or normalfaggy depending on the path they choose


Really nice take on it man


File: 1621095383935.png (478.4 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2e5bdfd0328721f1b41b53d520….png) ImgOps iqdb

You have a really excellent attitude OP. If you were resentful about the things you can't change, all it would do is ruin the peace you do have. It's refreshing to see something besides hatred here


You just have a weak will. Frustration over desire being thwarted will be in proportion to how passionate and strong tempered a person is, which isn't up to them to change.

You didn't earn your placid state - but you would never turn over the world in general, as that's the province of men who have strong feelings. Lumps like you who shrug and say "meh" are already in the dustbin of history, which is fine - your nature is to shrug that off anyhow.

By the way, comparing sexlessness to a natural event is strange. succubi could choose to fuck ugly men, sacrificing their own pleasure for that of another, but they don't do it, for obvious reasons. Yeah, just like a weather event, retard.


>I'm a virgin, I'm ugly, autistic, bad teeth, but I've never been mad about it
>I've never been angry at the world or fate


>its another thread about crabs
Just rename /wiz/ to /crab/ at this point.



It's because they don't have their piece of cake while being slaved to succubi standards like every other peer out there.

Also, added toxicity makes then rot harder… that's why their envious minds are called "crabs in a bucket"


File: 1621115049577.png (594.36 KB, 882x1200, 147:200, D77a-ALXsAEwHyx.png) ImgOps iqdb

Rename /wiz/ to /crab/ and /dep/ to /v9k/ and let's bring back the old fun wizchan.


File: 1621124354539.jpg (171.11 KB, 674x767, 674:767, mzB0XwwFpk2UDdmD8eOx_nacPd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thank you

Your writing is so terrible, I have a hard time even understanding what you were trying to go for.

>You didn't earn your placid state

Are you saying I don't deserve to be at peace with the world because I didn't fight for it? Throwing aside how fundamentally stupid that mentality is, I did have to fight for it. Being dealt such a shitty hand and being ok with it is obviously difficult. What a dumb thing to say.

>Lumps like you who shrug and say "meh" are already in the dustbin of history

Everyone goes in the dustbin of history, moron. Of the billions of people who have lived, almost none of them are remembered past their death, and even those who are aren't truly remembered as the person they once were. If your goal in life is to avoid being forgotten, rather than to live a happy life, you should write a book. Although your writing is terrible so on second thought maybe you should just give up.

>By the way, comparing sexlessness to a natural event is strange.

I was comparing the fact that I am ugly and awkward and uninteresting to natural events, because who you are is the result of natural processes that are mostly beyond your control. The fact that you would assume succubi not wanting to fuck you is the result of their selfish nature rather than the result of you being ugly shows how warped your mind is. You don't dedicate your life to making other people happy, why would you expect anyone else to do the same?


It'd be cool if there was a version of wizchan that was crabfree and full of really kind people that never brought up relationshit, politics, and rl drama.


Wouldn't even be mad honestly, the state of this board is that bad anyways. Can't open a single page or thread without seeing newfags and succubi screeching about crabs for the zillionth time.


You're retarded, these guys recognize the world is unfair and act accordingly, normalfaggots and foids freak out over the "losers" not kicking themselves while they're down and endlessly chasing their tails whilst utilizing their bad advice.

Truth is most of their problems are caused by females and normalshits but certain nu"wiz" cucks seem to take offense to that for whatever reason…


Sure, for us wizards there is little sense in being angry about succubi and it's good to come to terms with one's limitations in life. However, I would not say "crabs" have no good reason to be angry. Modern society is deeply indifferent to the loneliness and dissatisfaction of many men today. As for succubi, well sure, we do not need to care about them, but most living beings, human and non-human, want to reproduce. Reproduction is the main way (not saying the only way) that organic beings participate in the process of life and nature. To expect that all men not being allowed to partake in this wider process of reproduction be completely ok with it seems unfair.

crab thinking should not be encouraged here, and I agree they could have more perspective like you, but I think they have valid issues with today's society.

Outside of reproduction and what not, the world is often cruel and arbitrary. Some resentment seems understandable to me, but one should not let it dominate their life and close themselves off to other ways they may progress and learn.


>I'm just glad most people don't have to live their lives alone. The less people hit by tornadoes, the better.
You've defintivly got a point and I can entirely see where you're coming from. I would not call myself a crab, but I do have periods of intense hatred of most people.
It does not stem from a lack of sex, I've already said I'm not a crab, but it has more to do with "lookism".
I am not angry that I am not treated like a king with a swarm of succubi following me everywhere, but rather that I'm being treated unfairly based on completely arbitrary things completely beyond my control.
I picked up a scientific newspaper in the store a couple of months ago that really cought my eye, I made a thread on /wiz/ or /dep/ about it.
The titke was some form of "The brain makes us hate ugly people" and the article delved into the neurological reasons for ugly people evoking feelings of disgust and even hatred in some people. Of course this can be overwon in some cases with a good personality but of course being always introduced on bad terms to begin with is something that I don't think "good looking" people can even comprehend much in the same way I can't imagine myself being one of the sentinelese never knowing of technology.
Of course this emotion does not change anything so one could easily call it pointless but that's just what emotions are. A depressed man can not simply "cheer up" in the same way I can simply "not get angry" when I walk around and not only see the disgust in people and how that affects their treatment of me, but having actual scientific backing behind it gave it a more validated feeling.
I suppose this is somewhat answering the question of "f you're not able to make it, how is that everyone else's fault?" as their treatment of others is on them.
I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and not just dismiss it as "crab rage" and move onto the next one


What good has your anger and resentment for this world done you?


They don't really follow the path of the wizard. They still have hopes that one day everything will magically change and they will get a girlfriend. They hate us wizards for having peace of mind, because they can' even comprehend how a person wouldn't get mad for being in this position. They are outsider that come here to find people in worst predicaments so they can feel better about their shit lives. This place might as well be called crab.org, very few real wizards here.


yawn this is starting to read like an ai now

>those evil crabz guyz amirite?

>i am just like you a weeezard
>weeeezard hate crabz crabz iz muy enemy
>can you beleev crabz exizt lulz i ama vurgeen but also not a crabz cuz that sux and they le evul
>wai be a crabz lul i can just be a weeeezard


File: 1621372103123.jpg (104.07 KB, 642x1024, 321:512, 1620914115978m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wasn't the term 'crab' created by literal dysgenic tranny retards from r/crabs who tried to infiltrate this site to "deradicalise crabs" or some shit?


imo it's just normies who come here to make fun of virgins for their 5 minute dopamine hit in the guise of shitting on crabs

there's literally 0 reason to be a vocal crab hater as a wiz, just think of who actually would make a post hating virgins and celibates…just read some replies in this thread people using the term crab may as well be using the term normalfag


If it makes you feel a little better, "disgust" is actually not a universal term. It is one of many English words that cannot be translated into many other languages. For instance, German has no word for "disgust". The closest is "Ekel", which is more like an 'aversion'.

Just a reminder - even with science, there's some perspective involved, which not every culture in the world shares. People may be feeling something bad when they see you, but it may not be as bad as you think.


All emotions have evolved for some reason.


Can you be any more vague?


We arent in the jungles or the plains anymore. Our emotions are now often played with and manipulated, or a chaotic side-effect of our sick societies


becouse i was born in this world


File: 1621431432122.jpg (224.98 KB, 534x800, 267:400, 11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My thoughts exactly, I remember seeing threads on here about a ring of trannies, succubi and nu-males trying to "deradicalise" the userbase or some shit. They were trying to spam /b/ with gay shit.


Crabs are a result of a world gone too soft on men. Boys grow up pampered and absent of any responsibility. There is no sense of duty towards society and we don't even have bullying to keep the misfits in line anymore. Male privilege goes unchecked and crabs are the end result. It was previously thought that getting rid of bullying and being softer on boys would make them more empathetic but instead it simply fuels their narcissism and entitlement.

Bring back bullying, discipline boys more harshly, create a sense of duty towards, maybe have some form of mandatory conscription for males and as much as I hate to say it, hate speech laws might be needed. But even if we did all of those things it would take generations to move past this problem because the damage has already been done in the younger generation especially.


Don't respond to bait, wizfriends.


>he thinks its bait
One day you will wake up and realize its just another succubus that the mods let run around on wizchan.


> create a sense of duty towards
Towards what? Mandatory conscription for what? What should a man have allegiance to nowadays?

And is anything to be expected of succubi as well? Or is this just a one-way street as usual?


Contrary to popular belief my parents and society owe me a lot.
I never asked for this.


Not him but yeah, no shit succubi are to blame for most of the problems in our society. Though beleiving you are entitled to receive something from someone with nothing in return is retarded, and what I think he's talking about in that post.
I don't hate succubi and normgroids because I can't get my dick wet but because they actually are disgusted by me and hate me for literally no reason (read >>179823). I can be nice, helpful and no matter what I will still be treated like a second class citizen). No shit I could work past it if I had a great personality, great skills in communication and whatever but as an ugly autistic person you're literally being told by attractive people "Well, life isnt fair so just accept the fact that we hate you for no reason".
It's NOT ok to make a joke on TV at the expense of someone based on their skin color, gender, sexuality, e.t.c. but if the punchline is "this person is disgusting because he's short and has an ugly face" it's totally fine. You don't even have to hide it as irony or "making fun of everyone equally"


File: 1621455586704.jpg (257.43 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, b13b2a7e86bd48238aac31deb5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How nice, if normals heard you they would give you a medal, right? Grow up. In the eyes of most people it doesn't matter whether you are in-cel or volcel, they view anyone who is different as a monster. In-cels are right in embracing their rage but they use it wrongly. The enemy isn't just succs, it is every other human except for yourself. This world is a big battlefield where the weak suffer horribly and die, the only thing that matters is power. The individual has every right to feel envy, hatred, bitterness, rage, disgust. These are natural feelings, we have them for a reason.

You, OP and people like you jerk off to yourselves for being so "mature" and "good" yet you are nothing but cowards and weaklings who grew weary of fighting, competing, feeling, desiring. In-cels are on the wrong path simply because they still crave the approval of normals and succubi, they want to make it, they want to be normal. They operate on the same values as the majority. In-cels need to realize that succubi and having friends is just a meme, an overrated lie. They are still children in the sense they haven't broken free from the chains yet. Most of them will become normals eventually, a small minority will settle with being peaceful like the loser stoic wizards here who grew weary of life, but an even smaller minority will realize the truth and embrace their egos and desires completely and will strive for power like me. You are just another faggot, OP, who denied himself for the sake of social harmony, that is nothing to be proud of, you should be ashamed instead and others like you here with this defeatist attitude. You sacrifice yourself for the sake of external and internal peace, you guys just run away from your problems.

Glad there are at least some sane persons here.


Raving, hylic dog. Denying life is the ultimate victory.


File: 1621456543437.jpg (183.53 KB, 1027x765, 1027:765, 1603434340629.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anime poster is about to will to power all the way towards spending every second of his life arguing on wizchan and whining about those who he thinks of as weak and cowardly - despite spending every second of his life arguing with those exact same cowards and weaklings.

When are you going to start signing your posts so I can [-] them faster.


"Not playing the game" doesn't make you into a winner, only into an arrogant, cocky loser. There is nothing wrong with being arrogant and cocky if you are a great or superior person but stoic/life-denier fags don't have anything to be proud of. People like you literally jerk off to nothing. Not participating (you can't disengage yourself from the race, by the way) doesn't make you enligtened, only a loser who lacks the will to fight. You are like a faggot who refuses to run when the race starts and instead masturbates to how good of a runner he is because he doesn't need to compete with others. You don't win any prize in the end yet in your mind you are superior to others simply because you comfort yourself with the thought that you didn't need the prize anyway. Funny.


File: 1621466062897.png (999.72 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, keine.png) ImgOps iqdb

On the battlefield of nature winners don't exist in contradiction to losers, neither do winners despise losers. The eagle doesn't hate the sparrow. The eagle by its nature creates the power relation which the sparrow exists within, it doesn't compete with the sparrow. The sparrow imagines the eagle is evil, full of hatred, but the eagle exists beyond what the sparrow values.

In the case of humans we must be especially careful. The battlefield of values today has been inverted, the sparrows rule the eagles. When we talk about power within the paradigm of democracy, meritocracy, liberal capitalism, evolution, and egalitarian justice, recall that these ideas are products of this inversion. When we talk about power as a war of all against all we have betrayed ourselves as sparrows, as that is the view of prey beset on every side by predators.


> The eagle doesn't hate the sparrow
how in the hell would you know you pretentious brainlet


>dont run
>get on bux
>sleep a lot
>timewarp to the grave

Yeah IDK man those cocky arrogant "losers" have the right idea. Enjoy bring ground down by society until you snap and spree kill though LMAO


He watches japanese animation and masturbates to pictures of underage cartoon children, obviously he knows what he's talking about.



File: 1621471127803.png (208.56 KB, 1274x864, 637:432, it.png) ImgOps iqdb

Really you can't see why some young adults, some that usually grew up in unstable environments, would grow embittered that world isn't as fair/nice/easy/whatever as the institutions they grew up listening told him repeatedly?
Keep in mind that being able to look at life situations objectively as they come is a rare trait, one usually earned after seeing a little too much ugliness the institutions didn't want you to see.

I used to think these kind of people would eventually just grow out of the hateful mindset settling for more personal prospects, but I don't know anymore. Seems like the social media circus perpetuates the hate.

I look forward to hearing about you seizing power and saying how you used to browse sites like wizchan.


File: 1621487994724.png (371.31 KB, 735x562, 735:562, Dies.png) ImgOps iqdb


i am a 35 year old virgin, and stopped giving a fuck along time ago


File: 1621488092705.jpg (23.33 KB, 453x500, 453:500, a9e.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



in fact my dream is to become a hermit completely shut off from any social contact(except the internet)


I've been bullied all my life, was overly disciplined by my father and had duties as a kid that no one should have at that age. That's the reason I'm this way.


It's really lame when people on here pull this anti-crab thing so frequently. You aren't impressing anyone. Normalfags aren't going to come here and give you good boy points or whatever you're after.

It reminds me of when trannies go on and on about how terrible men are and how they hate men and how some man wronged them. They think it makes them look more female. I don't know why you do it.


You insult yourselves too by shitting on this place and people posting here, I hope you realize that. Why would posting on wizchan exclude the possibility of success or power? I'm already much more intelligent and possess more knowledge than most of the population combined together. Simply because people are too busy wageslaving away and partying to think about serious matters. I continue to educate, train, improve myself day by day. Posting here and arguing with strangers about various topics is also part of it. Most people wouldn't be capable of writing long thought-provoking posts. This is a talent in itself, to be able to articulate and put into shape your thoughts and feelings. In fact, words are more powerful tools than anything.
You go cry on /dep/ about how inferior you are or about how life is meaningless, I on the contrary will never stop striving for more and better things.

Your idea of success and power is shaped by stupid movies and facebook-culture. Being a NEET isn't good or bad in itself, it is about how you use your time that counts. Sleeping your life away seems like the biggest waste of time, considering we will all die one day and return back to non-existence. Life is short and precious and we should use it wisely.

I understand what you are trying to get at but real life isn't like that. You have to compete with fellow eagles too you know, I would argue they are the ones you need to compete with really, not with the mob. There exists different ranks among humans, some are superior and belong to the few, some are inferior and belong to the masses, yet on some level you need to fight with everyone, no matter your rank or talent or whatever.
Despising inferior people is a natural feeling. Also, underestimating others often leads to the downfall of even mighty individuals. It is better to be too hard and cruel and to be on guard than to be too soft and careless.


this post really highlights the mental sickness of the crab mindset. In the crab's mind the only reason anyone would do anything is for "points" socially. They are failed normalfags to the core. They can't even comprehend the world in non-normalfaggot terms.


Yeah, I never fully understood the crab mentality thing either. If my traits doom me to loneliness, I don't wish that on anyone else and instead seek happiness elsewhere.
Chances that I'll change the world to fit me are pretty much zero. Changing yourself to fit the world doesn't properly work with traits like autism, ugliness and the likes. It'll result in failure, which means more frustration and anger. Spending your days angry, depressed or lonely just furthers the suffering.
The way out is to accept your lot and make the best of it. The world isn't fair, you're not going to change that.
A succubus laughing at my lack of sociability doesn't influence me tinkering on my workbench. Not having a gf doesn't stop me from building a home server. Why should I give a shit about what normies think of me?

>Well yes, me describing how I accepted being a outcast on a obscure anonymous imageboard is motivated by my desire to come across as a good person to normies around me
Think for at least half a second about its contents before submitting a post.


Hope they see this bro


>I'm already much more intelligent and possess more knowledge than most of the population combined together.
Anime poster never fails to disappoint, despite having intellect and knowledge to conquer the world just as Napoleon and Caeser did, he spends all his days arguing with what he thinks of as mentally deficient "cowards and weaklings". After displaying his immense intellect and greater courage via greentext warfare on anonymous imageboards, he turns his attention to greater ideals and goals. Namely he exercises his daily will-to-masturbation on sadpanda, probably looking for femdom tags.


File: 1621581107648.jpg (142.46 KB, 800x791, 800:791, Zen.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP here

I had no idea any of what I was saying was particularly controversial here, and I didn't mean to rustle any feathers. I just want to say: All of the folks who disagreed with me, like animeposter and such, write like the most insecure and delusional losers I've ever seen. I wish success on most people here, but as far as those few who are unironically mad about the fact that most other virgins aren't as mad about being virgins as you are, it's hard to comprehend how someone could be as much of a whiny fucking baby as you. I'm glad you all are so much more powerless and ineffectual than you like to imagine yourselves as being. Otherwise you might shoot up a kindergarten or something.

I'm honestly brought a little bit of joy by being made aware how much worse off I could be if I was as much of a retard bitch as one of you are.


There are many kind of power, just like there are many kind of individuals and talents. My talents are more like this:
- leeching off of others
- manipulating others
- deceiving others
I operate along these lines. Even if I had the necessariy talents I wouldn't want to be a new Napoleon or Caesar. Not for me. I would like to be like Aristotle who educated and taught Alexander. I am a man of ideas and feelings. I am an artist, philosopher and intellectual.
Your posts give me the impression of an extremely bitter person who lacks any self-respect. You still think along the lines normals think, friendless male virgin = loser. You have a long way to go.

>I reached true peace, unlike you
You get awfully worked up over others disagreeing with you for someone who is at peace. Your entire post reads like a big effort to try to convince yourself that you don't have any troubles with your life.

You are a sore loser who is mad at anyone who strives for more than life assigned to him. Your toxic mindset plagues this place. But don't worry, I am sure normals will like you and finally accept you into their ranks if they see how uh, mature, wise and uh how good boy you are. God, how low can people sink? You don't have a spine, you don't respect yourself, you are ready to roll at the feet of people who don't give a shit about you and you are ready to whiteknight for a retarded community on an im.board for outsiders. Nice.


File: 1621593866795.jpg (169.34 KB, 1080x1084, 270:271, 16665141_1025460887554349_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't read so much into the image I attached, I never said anything about being at peace or reaching enlightenment or something. If you read into my post where I talk about all the shit that's wrong with my life that I think there's nothing wrong with my life, you need to get your head checked or go back to school or something.

>You are a sore loser who is mad at anyone who strives for more than life assigned to him.

Imagine projecting this hard. You really think the people bitching about how awful all the people more successful than them are are the ones who are striving for more? People like you are a lost cause.


File: 1621594072747.jpg (76.96 KB, 600x450, 4:3, GSXR 600.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Me (OP): Man, my life sucks, but at least the world isn't pure shit. At least some people are happy, and at least I can find joy in some ways.

Them: You're a beta cuck if you don't hate everyone who's better looking and happier than you.

Me: That's stupid.




>My talents are more like this:
>- leeching off of others
>- manipulating others
>- deceiving others
What a powerful will-to-neet, the master morality of deceiving and manipulating his parents into feeding him him tendies while he makes greentexts with his apparent lesser fellow men on wizchan. Surely a powerful man of ideas and feelings destined to influence the next great leader of the known world, too bad he hasn't managed to deceive anyone on wizchan into thinking he's intellectual yet. Luckily he is a master of manipulating his cock towards watching japanese animation, so surely everyone will soon understand what massively cerebral thoughts will come from such a man.


You aren't mad at normals because you would like to be accepted by them desperately. You feel envy towards fellow wizards and outsiders who want to follow their desires. Because you are a cuck who is afraid of himself and his desires.


Many intellectuals, artists and philosophers were NEETs. Marx and Nietzsche, just to mention a couple of the most influential ones. Stay bitter, you are very entertaining. Your self-hating tendency is so apparent. Unlike you, I value myself and take pride in what I am good at. You belong to the bottom-of-the-barrel trash normalfags, the majority. You can't understand great thoughts and passions, you are just a slave.


the strawmanning in the OP is so awfully bad. An entire thread to show you're a passive individual like that was a great thing because at least you're not like some hateful crab
Wizchan 2021, just let a normalfag and society fuck you over and be happy with it because you don't want to look like a crab


>Many intellectuals, artists and philosophers were NEETs. Marx and Nietzsche
I look forward to reading your books! You uh… are writing books right? No? Maybe some great painting in a groundbreaking new style? Not that either? I mean you are… actually doing something right? You can't tell me you have spent your entire life will-to-shitposting while pretending to be some hyper intellectual and courageous figure on an imageboard for male virgins. Say it ain't so!


I can understand being angry at "the world", what I don't get is being angry at succubi themselves.


Because they feel they deserve sex so they hate on succubus for having standards


I actually do write. Several essays, aphorisms, poems, drama pieces, novels, I try to have a hand in everything from light entertainment to serious art and philosophical stuff. Will I be an accomplished writer? Doubtful, since my taste and style are rather obscure, not for the average normalfag at all. But I don't care about the praise of normalfags and don't need their money either. I create for my own enjoyment and for the sake of art itself.

Currently writing a horror comedy titled "The vampire of Nazareth", starring Jesus Christ as a vampire prince of the night who evades vampire hunters and engages in occult magics in secret while praying to his father, the devil.


Well lets see them then oh great cock manipulator, I need a good laugh honestly. Especially when I get to read them while thinking about you posting things like "more intelligent and possess more knowledge than most of the population combined together.", what a riot it will be to look at reality while holding it to your own delusional self standards.

>"The vampire of Nazareth", starring Jesus Christ as a vampire prince of the night who evades vampire hunters and engages in occult magics in secret while praying to his father, the devil.

This state of this poor Nietzschean fanboy, I do give you praise for this comedy, you made me laugh just from reading how stereotypical Nietzsche fanboy one can get. I would think it was a parody of people such as yourself, if I didn't also know you were unrionic. A factory produced human being with no thought of his own, captivated and mentally enslaved to a dead man who was cuckolded his entire life. The irony of this mental servitude lost on the Nietzschean anime masturbator, who only processes life in a "is x slave morality???" outlook.


>You really think the people bitching about how awful all the people more successful than them are are the ones who are striving for more? People like you are a lost cause.

You really don't understand the core of the problem do you?
If someone is better looking than you, taller than you, or inherits enough money to fuck around his entire life, and is seen as more successful than you for simply existing. What exactly did they even succeed at?
The root of the problem is that society pretends everyone is equal, and hard work makes all the difference and yet your fate is mostly sealed by childhood. Some people are born winners and others have to work for an ambiguous chance of success at their field and this is called "fair". Talking about natural advantages or disadvantages makes people uncomfortable and can even get you called racist or some other label.
crabs are angry because people tell them things like "Take regular showers", "Just be yourself" when the problem is more fundamental like their ugly-ass mug and yet nobody dares mentioning that. The fact that they are aspiring normalfags or retards does nothing to change the problem at hand.

Imagine a world where everyone is a carbon copy clone of each other, and society prides itself on how equal everyone is. But at birth random scores are assigned to everyone and from how much people like you to your academic or athletic success, almost everything in your life is affected by those scores. Hard work only goes so far and any criticism of the system is shut down for being subversive.
Can you really blame people for getting mad at being dealt a shitty hand at the start? It's completely natural to be angry and call it unfair in such a situation. On contrary if you can remain peaceful or accept such a situation I can only think you as a brainless NPC. It's better to be a human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied.
Of course there's nothing you can do even if you rebel at god, but what I'm angry at is society's aversion at acknowledging that there is a natural unfairness.

t. Someone dealt a much better hand than you


File: 1621697497182.png (468.24 KB, 826x600, 413:300, akyuu.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I understand what you are trying to get at but real life isn't like that.
This is one of the central points, distinguishing between real life in our era and what real life actually is. We could say there are two levels to this deception. Firstly, that the paradigm we live in isn't what it presents itself as. Secondly, the presuppositions of that paradigm (meritocracy, etc) are themselves as far removed from real life as any salvific religion. To make an already tenuous analogy more tenuous, it's like a sparrow-eagle-sparrow matryoshka doll.

When you say then that warrior-aristocrats need to compete with each other, it's like breaking out of the first matryoshka doll. If we break out of the next doll we understand that these warriors had enemies and rivals, but didn't understand themselves to be in competition with them like we might do. When two clans met each other in the wilderness it really was like two different worlds colliding. It could be a magnanimous meeting, or one that resulted in annihilation. If we project our ideas about competition on these clashes then we would conclude the better value system simply out-competes the worse value system, but that only leaves us in this life further separated and entrenched against what life really is.


File: 1621701947605.jpg (2.82 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, anime-fox-girl-ay-2560x144….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

1. I write in my mother tongue, not in english.
2. Yeah sure, I will just post my art here and let some stupid normalfag steal it and sell it as his own work.


Literally how do you think Nietzsche is connected to The vampire of Nazareth? Why do you wrongly assume things continously? I'm not a nietzschean, though I consider Nietzsche to be one of the best philosophers and greatest persons who ever lived.
My work is objectively great and unique, stay envious and bitter. While you get worked up over "the nietzschean anime poster" I continue to write and create, something you will never be able to do. Because you can only bark like a dog, you aren't capable of anything great.

Thanks for the food for thought. I'll think this over, I love your posts. You are a very wise person, wiz. We need more people like you here.


>I actually do write.
HOLY BASED. Enter this thread expecting nothing, and ended up finding wizdom.

By the way wiz you shouldn't understime your creations. Maybe you can get them out there and some people would like it. Just don't become a sell-out to the normies interest, that would be disgusting.


The will-to-excuses stays strong in this poor man with his amor anime or perhaps just amor masturbation. Either has nothing to show or simply a coward unwilling to have others laugh at the contrast between who he tries to paint himself as on anonymous imageboards, and the reality of what he produces.
>My work is objectively great and unique, stay envious and bitter.
Uh oh, looks like I hit a bit of a sore spot with the great Nietzchean anime poster. Hoping to project his own feelings of envy and bitterness that he holds for not being as great as the Nietzschean diety whom he prays to every night in servitude.

Also if you couldn't see how "The vampire of Nazareth" is not connected to Nietzche fanboy philosophy it only shows you are too lost in delusion to see the irony. As I said before, its will be a great comedy, just not for the reasons you think you think LOL.


Thanks, I certainly don't plan on catering to normalfag expectations. I would rather be a wageslave who writes in his free time whatever he wants than to be an accomplished, famous and rich writer who appeals to the masses. I think I will stay with creating for my own sake and the sake of creation.


>insecure and delusional losers
Man why are you even here? You seem pretty angry over other's life decisions.


If a tornado hit your house, good luck maintaining your little buddha bubble.


You seem like an interesting person

Any anime, manga, or other writers you consider as all-time favorite?


Thanks and very strange but I can't mention anyone particularly I like. Funny because I spend most of my time reading.
My first anime I ever watched was Higurashi and this got me into VNs as well, which had a lasting influence on me in general. VNs have lots of potential, I am sure it could be the best form of entertainment or art there is, only if talented people used more this form of story-telling. The fact that you can use voice acting, visual art/drawings, music AND the advantages books have (being able to see inside the head of characters) is just awesome. I can tell you that honestly, even the shittiest visual novels gave me much more joy and pleasure than most good or quality books I read. Not to mention the better VNs, like 07th Expansion stuff (Higurashi, Umineko) or the Infinity trilogy or Saya no Uta for example.
As far as anime goes my favorites are: Texhnolyze (only anime I binge-watched in single day, ever), Ergo Proxy (even though its story-telling is just bad, the atmosphere is god-tier), Neon Genesis Evangelion, School Days (gets a lot of hate unfairly, if you want cute harem anime there are plenty others out there you can watch), Boogiepop Phantom (haven't watched the new one yet), these come to mind. There are lots of anime, manga, books or other stuff I started but dropped around halfway that I plan to rewatch/finish properly.
Manga I haven't read much, pretty much only Claymore and Golden Time.

I'm more of a movie person when it comes to Japan or Asia generally. My main interest (not just Japan/Asia related) is horror. Most books I read that aren't philosophy or religion are horror. Cruelly ignored genre by so called intellectual persons and critics. Asian and japanese horror movies tend to follow classic rules, trends and cliches much more than Western horror but this isn't always a bad thing. Favorite J-horrors? Noroi: the curse, Occult, Cult - all directed by Shiraishi Koji, found footage movies like the Blair Witch. Haven't seen his other works yet except for Carved which was OK but not as good as these three.
Also, if we are talking about japanese movies then Sono Shion. His stuff is just unique and exceptional. Suicide Club, Noriko's Dinner Table, Guilty of Romance, Love Exposure, Strange Circus are what I saw from him and was never disappointed. Love Exposure and Guilty of Romance are some of my favorite movies ever. Sono is like the David Lynch of Japan, consider it good or bad. Asian horror has in general a dreamy and surreal atmosphere, very interesting how the man of East imagines fear and how it is different from the more openly bloody or violent horrors the West makes.

I hardly watch or read other things than horror. Maybe organized crime is something another that returns from time to time in what I read or watch. But the main focus is on horror. Of course, I try to mix things up always in order to keep things interesting. Some art movie here and there, some drama here or there, some other genres thrown in here and there but horror will always stand closest to my heart.

I don't like how some people claim there is a clear distinction between intellectual/artsy stuff and general entertainment. Intellectual and art movies or books can be entertaining and they should be, a good story and deep philosophical themes should be able to harmonize with each other.
I also watch longplays of obscure, old, forgotten, rare or amateur games. The feeling and atmosphere-making is more spot-on many times in games than in other kinds of entertainment.


>My first anime I ever watched was Higurashi
Damn that is quite the intro.

Just anime I ever watched was shit like speed racer as a little kid.


File: 1621820382431.jpg (6.71 KB, 293x172, 293:172, 1620219992974.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I too have done the deep dive into jhorror. Seen all those films in your post and they are great. I especially love Occult. The special effects in the final scene might be hokey but aside from that there's just nothing that captures that feeling of otherworldly horror. I prefer it to Noroi which is itself great.
I love the Tomie movies. They are extremely hit or miss but most of them have great atmosphere and I'm fascinated by all the different takes at Tomie the literal succubus, an enigmatic character who I often rack my brain trying to come up with an explanation for.
There are some really fun jhorror movies out there. Infection, 2DLK, Cold Fish, almost anything by Takashi Miike.
One of the things I love is the feeling that you're watching something so obscure there's probably no one else in a hundred mile radius whose watched the same thing. You really get the feeling watching early 2000s or earlier jhorror film. Morobito, Haze, 2DLK, Snake Of June, just to name a few more.


>le entitled
you sound like a femoid twitter user

apparently theres this thing called intimacy (not that i know about it) which is an integral part of the pee pee into wee wee process
if your hypothesis was sound youre right tcrabs wouldnt exist, but they do because they realise paying for the privilege of accessing a wet hole wont fill the perceived void in their being


Nietzschean wizards

Well, I have to say it:

>wizchan 2021


File: 1621842732680.png (76.39 KB, 874x891, 874:891, 125612318081.png) ImgOps iqdb


Slur chan buzz words aside i have to point out blatant error in your position.
Crabs are as you inferred unwittingly are bound to their nature not yet awake as conscious beings slaves to the flesh chains which act as puppet strings directing their being.
They are NPC and alike to animals but lower than dogs for even the Canid can grasp that it does not profit from devouring whatever its eyes feast upon and control its nature.
Why should we care about the plight of "people" intellectually comparable to sea cucumbers and how they are trapped in a lower realm of consciousness.

Wizards are not crabs


File: 1621846871146.png (288.22 KB, 485x553, 485:553, f142.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Why should we care about the plight of "people" intellectually comparable to sea cucumbers and how they are trapped in a lower realm of consciousness
>They are NPC and alike to animals but lower than dogs


Quite the opossite of entitlement, they want to be chosen, not to virtually force someone to have sex with them in exchange of money


Recommend me some good japanese movies /wiz/ not necessarily terror movies, but just good japanese movies overall.


I think lot of it has to do with culture or upbringing. I suppose most of them grew up in single child households or had no female siblings.
So there might be this tendency to place succubi up on a pedestal and when reality doesn't match with their delusions, they feel wronged.
Growing up with female siblings, I am actually quite aware of 'female nature'. I was aware that succubi can be just as much cruel, selfish, shallow and pathetic as men are, maybe more than them because daddy's succubus is very much a real phenomenon while men are expected to mature faster.
But then again Elliot Rodger had a sister so who knows? Maybe its just me.


Wouldn't knowing that succubi are fucking awful just validate being resentful of them?


I was like 13, "hm I'm interested in anime, what should I watch? Horror anime subbed in my own language, okay, whatever…" Ended up really loving it. The VNs impressed me even more, though.

Those seem like interesting movies I haven't watched yet. Tomie was made originally by Ito Junji as a manga, right? Just finished his other work, called Uzumaki, the manga. I saw the movie adaptation beforehand and loved it. The manga was good too with occasionally perfect chapters here and there but the ending sucked.
I liked Noroi and Cult better than Occult but it was still fun. The guy in it was quite wizardly.

I saw Infection too, great mind-fuck movie. I think you meant Marebito, instead of Morobito, right? Saw that too.
What do you think about Ringu and Ju-on series? I have yet to finish both, seen most of them though. Also read the first Ringu book. Quite different from the movie.
Takashi Miike? I saw Audition and One missed call, they were very cool.

Yes, I know the feeling of watching obscure movies. Feels great to watch stuff most people don't even know exists. Do you watch the american versions of jhorror movies? Sometimes they don't suck that much, imo, I would like to see more jhorror movie adapted into western movies.

Kurosawa movies are a good way to get into japanese cinema. I recommend Dreams from him. I saw the Seven Samurai also but thought it was overrated. "The bad sleep well" was better for me.
I recommend Sono Shion, he has a very unique style.

Otherwise, I am interested in japenese movie recommendations too.


Ok. Not only are you not as smart as you think you are, you are making zero sense


It would if you were aware of it much later in life. However when you realize it in your formative years, it becomes less rage inducing and some shitty aspect of life you come to accpet I think.


I don’t have any crab rage regarding succubi because I never tried to pursue succubi at all and don’t really care about relationships. With that said, I understand how it feels to be jealous because I have a lot of professional and class based jealousy. It bothers me to see people who are dumber than me have lots of nice things and freedom to do what they want while I struggle to survive. Mostly because I was uninterested in playing the game of school and instead just learned things on my own. Meanwhile idiots who just did the bare minimum in school and barely know anything have easy high paid jobs. Others don’t even work and were just born rich and free to do whatever they please. Thinking about these things makes me angry, because they easily have what I want and cannot easily have. I assume that’s how crabs feel about chads.


File: 1622065582526.jpg (116.39 KB, 986x720, 493:360, mpv-shot0060.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cinema autist here. With Japanese cinema you can roughly divide it into three categories: the old masters, Japanese New Wave, modern directors.

>The Old Masters

The old masters of Japanese cinema are Kurosawa, Mizoguchi, and Ozu. They made a mix of historical samurai films and slice of life dramas. I like Kurosawa's High and Low and Mizoguchi's Ugetsu a lot.

>New Wave

This term was used for directors such as Seijun Suzuki, Nagisa Oshima, and Shoehei Imamura. They made more edgy movies, often dealing with gangsters and teen delinquents. I like Suzuki's Yakuza films like Branded to kill and Tokyo Drifter, and Oshima's Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and Death by Hanging.

>Modern Directors

You already mentioned Sion Sono, who is amazing, but I'd also recommend Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Takeshi Kitano, Tetsuya Nakashima, and Juzo Itami. Great films include: Why Don't You Play in Hell, Love Exposure, Tampopo, A Scene at Sea, Cure, and Memories of Matsuko.


And yet he is happy while you aren't. How many times will you have to prove to yourself that you are a great person that will go down in history before you realise all this does is make you miserable? This is the same mindset that married men making 6 figures that kill themselves have.
Enjoy your life while you still have time anon, hating people is like drinking poison and expecting others to be harmed by it.


He understands he just doesn't care. Bitter """philosophers""" never seem to understand that the subjective reality they've curated for themselves may only be a reality in their own minds, not the wider world. Ev. Psych. & Etc. is true but OP just doesn't care, he's living his life as best as he can instead of killing himself because "muh no qt gf" every day. Your mindset is so sad.


>Ju On
With Ju On, the early films are masterful. Specifically Ju On, Ju On: The Grudge, and Ju On: The Grudge 2. The later ones feel a lot closer in tone to the American remakes. They aren't as dingy, they're faster paced and the acting isn't as understated. They're also less dark; the originals had some shockingly dark stuff like the miscarriage (Ju On: The Grudge 2) and the scene where the dad has ripped out Kayako's unborn child and has it in a bag and is kicking it around (the original Ju On). The American remakes and the later films are more focused on theatrical ghost setpieces (and most of them are PG13). All of them are enjoyable except Ju On: White Ghost (but it's short enough), The Grudge 3 and The Grudge 2020. Then there is Sadako Vs Kayako which is stupid but fun.
>Takashi Miike
Takashi Miike is great if you are into violence and black comedy. Aside from Audition there is Ichi The Killer, Lesson Of The Evil, Gozu, and First Love (which came out this year). Hara Kiri 2011 and 13 Assassins are samurai films and are worth checking out:




He is attentionwhore, do not feed that vermin.


>passive agressive tone
>hatred of neets
Wizchan 2021


I don't buy it.


>be crab
>want to have sex
>be human
>want to fly like a bird
Desiring the impossible is very draining.


Nothing lasts forever. Be glad that it used to be good rather than mourning how its fallen.


>bring back bullying
First off bullying is still there as it always was, nothing there to "bring back"
Second, fuck off normgroid.


Most people have fairly similar values and traits that they share. You're obviously very hostile, and the fact of the matter is that no one likes that. I see loser anime nerds all the time, but they have friends because they're nice to each other evn though they look like total retards to most people. People like you on the other hand have no friends, because you treat everyone in a extremely hostile way. Not even you would be friends with you, and you know it.


crabs want to have gfs, you dumb succubus.


File: 1626419999068.jpeg (32.91 KB, 679x453, 679:453, 4k6OiSL.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I can't think of any other group of males that should be granted the title of "true wizards" than in cels, because the dilemma of the crab is the same as the stereotypical virgin as a group of outcasts, is more than succubi not finding them attractive, it's basically being a reject because of your looks or some sort of tism. The bullied ones, the nerds, the uglies, the wimps, etc., normalfags will never comprehend nor do they want to understand those virgins.


File: 1626430451612.jpg (344.13 KB, 1273x949, 1273:949, creepy-starterpack.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

People have studied their profiles since so many of them make those public on sites like reddit.

Many mildly aspergers or autistic people look exactly the same. You can't tell one from the other physically, suggesting aspergers does manifest physically as well.

I'm ugly for other reasons (deformed face and short height, I'm 5'4 which is shorter than most succubi).

But yes I'd say most so called crabs are doomed from birth, because succubi in general just don't like those physical features and faces compared to masculine or handsome men.


The point of the reddit thread was when you look like those non NT's, pretty much anything you say gets labeled 'creepy' by succubi.

If your face is attractive, whatever weirdness you say never gets labeled creepy but they laugh with you, instead of *at* you.

They tried many profiles on dating sites and always had the same conclusion. It's how you look that matters the most, especially when it comes to creepshaming.
There is no such thing as a young Brad Pitt being labeled a creep.
A man like that can tell the most disgusting sex jokes to a random succubus on a dating site and many will just laugh with the guy hoping he will match them.

I mean, if you make millions in some silicon valley tech company, you can certainly find a succubus even if you look like that (or despite that weigh 500 pounds etc), but those men are also prime candidates for cheating.
If they do make huge amounts of money, their wives will only want a slice of it while cheating with more attractive men. It's a hopeless situation either way.




Crabs don't belong here because most aren't even virgins. They more than likely fucked a cheap whore somewhere down the line. That is not the least bit wizardly and goes against what this site stands for by desiring to have sex.


>There is nothing wrong with being arrogant and cocky if you are a great or superior person
why are normalniggers not banned?


They're just bullies who don't have a lot going for them in life. They pretend to be happy but they aren't, they are always wanting more and more


>They're just bullies


SO does anyone want to explain why there are so many crab threads here


>crabs don't belong here
last time I checked most crabs were like 80 percent virgins and majority of whites.


it depends what country you're surveying, globally I would guess Asians (China) have the most crabs


wizchan is part of the crabosphere, I know some users don't want to hear that but that's why


Why do you think this?


It's an offshoot of /r9k/, it's always been connected to that part of the internet


I don't understand any of you either, not just the raging crabs. I came here thinking I'd make some friends but all that's happened is I've realized I don't even have anything in common with all of you. The vitriol hatred for normie things have lead you all to be stuck in little to no categories of life. You are so dead set on dying on a hill you don't realize you've not even lived.


File: 1627178049700.gif (171.07 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1420415135733.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>I came here thinking I'd make some friends
You don't get to bring friends
>I don't even have anything in common with all of you.
So you're not a virgin? a male? unsocial? Decidedly celibate forever??



I am. But I also like growing weed, I don't like anime, and I'm generally a big brother type that likes to listen to you guys with a smile on my face. I thought I could relate, but most of you are angry and have seething diatribes whenever something you don't like or have no knowledge of gets mentioned. When I read posts here I just see very closed off, sad, angry kids. I thought I'd meet some people more like me. Old, with no energy to seethe anymore. It's fine though. Life has a way.


Wizchan does have a hostility problem. Ostensibly we have rule 5, which should discourage undue hostility, but in my opinion that rule needs to be made stricter.

Forgive me for asking, but are you a virgin?


Friendship gives value to life.



I am, but at this point both involuntarily and voluntarily.

When r9k first came to be on 4chan I mostly only enjoyed the funny bits. I always felt alien when it came to the tfw no gf meme because even since I was a kid I just never wanted one. I barely keep friends, in fact I have none if you were to exclude family. It's just been my cousin and I for quite a while. I believe I may have schizoid personality or some variation. At most all I wanted was sex from pretty succubi but at some point I grew up and realized I was undesirable and my wants weren't going to be met if I didn't have money, which I still don't have.

I'm old now, and I've realized that I don't want anything and I probably never did. What keeps me going is my family's inability to fend for themselves. It's why I got into the hobby of growing cannabis in the first place. I trust I'd have no even bothered if my back wasn't against the wall. I don't mind if I live in a box, or an alley, I've learned that anywhere I sit is home because I don't mind anything. But my family is different, I can't have them stay failures before I go.


>all I wanted was sex from pretty succubi
wizchan 2021



Yep, that was 10 years ago. Call me crazy, but if I didn't have urges to want to have sex at 15 I'd probably be a leader of a cult right now.


yeah, who would have thought that men at some point in their lives have sexual desires like other animals, unbelievable, right?


>I also like growing weed
>no energy
No surprises there



I don't doubt it. Cannabis use has greatly suppressed the need for me to sperg out about unimportant shit. But the act of growing cannabis requires a massive amount of energy exertion so to think I have no energy is wrong, but to think I have no energy to care about hierarchy/money/wizard feels/normie feels is very much right. I don't care if you >tfw no gf and I will never find the energy to console you or share my own feelings of >tfw no gf although there are none and hasn't been in a while.


>I have no energy to care about wizard feels
Well see yourself out then, because this entire site is for caring about wizard feels.



I'm sorry you feel that way. Still not going to find the energy to talk about anime or video game music though.


>strong will
>strong feelings
Society has neuroleptics to kill this in you. You won't change the world.


Truly great individuals don't have to do anything great to change the world, they change everything they come into contact with through their mere presence.
And the end result is a secondary issue only. The most important thing is to try to aim for great things. Failure can be noble too.


losers complaining about other losers. funny thread.


Acting accordingly is what OP is doing. Not those guys or you. Immediately disregarding the advice and calling this dude retarded to then top off your post with the "truth" that succubi and normalshits (both apparently mutually exclusive? Worth introspecting about why you think this.) are the REAL problem. The real problem is that you need work and you'd rather cry about it then use your stress in a beneficial way. You sit in a chair and let your brain generate electricity stressing over stuff that's subjective to itself. You're subjugating YOURSELF. So stuck in this idea of who you are and what's relative to it. Break away. Be free anon you forge the chains you wear in life and one day those chains will bind your accusatory finger to your wretched form and you will finally understand but there will be no going back. You'll be unavailable for anything even if you want it. Imprisoned within yourself. And it will seem like the only way you could ever get out is through magic. Like you were some kind of wizard.


Yeah I think the world just kinda expects us to off ourselves quietly and freaks out when we don't do that.

Remember, if you ever see some ugly male nerd try not to do the system's effecient job of setting losers against each other. Make the powers that be EARN the purging of omega males, make them actually risk something.


People like that don't actually exist.


this argument is so stupid. the practicality of being angry has nothing to do with whether or not your anger is justified. its my right to be angry, even if it makes me worse off


OP is a massive retarded faggot with no backbone but I'm wondering why anyone is even engaging with this post, also so many of these responses reek of normgroid horseshit. How is this post still up?


The site:
>You must be a male virgin

The board:
>Talk about being a male virgin, but don't mention that you're sad about it if you are

The OP:
>I am a male virgin who is happy and I have no desire for sex. Those who get angry at the world and blame others for their lack of sex are misguided and their anger misplaced. I am at peace and crabs have my pity.

Your post:
see >>183931

Looks like crab meat's back on the menu, boys!!!!!!!!!!


You suckers are all in the containment boards.


Normalshits need to go back


Hope she sees this bro


OP post just sounds like basic stoicism so I'm not sure why everyone is chimping out over it.


It's dishonest. Resentment is a natural response to trauma and abuse. Pretending you don't understand it and are "above" it is sanctimonious bullshit.


Crabcattle furious someone in their situation doesn't feel as miserable, nice.


All the crabs ITT that espouse their retarded blackpill nonsense should be banned from this website. As if /r9k/ wasn't enough for you whiny fags.


>apparently theres this thing called intimacy (not that i know about it) which is an integral part of the pee pee into wee wee process
if your hypothesis was sound youre right tcrabs wouldnt exist, but they do because they realise paying for the privilege of accessing a wet hole wont fill the perceived void in their being

Their being huh, you're surely not talking about yourself. Wizchan 2021 etc.


>I'm already much more intelligent and possess more knowledge than most of the population combined together
too bad theres already a group of people that are smarter, richer, more powerful than you, have the same ideas as you, and have had a head-start of at least a couple centuries on you. you may have some naive hope that if you show how much of a tough guy you are and how useful you are to these people that they will spare you, but you will never be able to join them, since you are outside their genetic lineages, and thus "genetically inferior". the world where you have power over others will never exist, at most you will accept the position as a slave to someone in the pre-existing hierarchy so that you can be allowed to exercise some meager bit of power over others. lest you suffer horribly and die at the hands of those stronger than you, i suggest you get comfortable with the slave mindset so as to not piss off those above you, you wouldnt want to have your quest for power cut short.

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