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Post ideas for side hustling, or anything you're doing that makes money on the side. I am interested in this for various reasons.


It all really depends on where you live. Here where I live surveys pay (relatively) well and if you do them quickly you can have a stable 5 of 6 dollars an hour (no tax so it’s eqhival to an 8-9 dollar “real” job) but I heard it pays much worse elsewhere as global surveys have Indians filling them out for pennies so unless you live somewhere good they will pay even more shit. I remember writing a guide on how to fill them out effectively a few months ago but I can’t find it.
Here you can get 35 cents (approximatelyk) for every bottle you recycle. If you know when a restaurant throw out their empty bottles in the bag you can make some extra dollars every day. I guess the poor country equivalent would be scananging abandoned areas for copper and selling by weight
Generally a bad idea if you don’t already have a lot of money. I have quite some money as I lived with my parents for a while working a shitty job while studying. I got like 2k a month but my parents still paid for my food and stuff so I saved like 1.8K every month never thinking much of it. Then when I graduated I had around 30k (300000 Swedish crowns) just sitting. I currently have them in 6 different dividend paying stable companies. The key is to find companies that are stable but not stagnant. This gives me a bit over a hundred bucks a month which covers my internet plan and stuff like that. It’s not a lot but it’s arable money that unless basically the entire country collapses won’t go away, and if things get that bad I figure stocks are the least of my worries.
>donating blood/plasma
Never done so can’t say, any other wizard have experience?
>medical trials
Haven’t done either, mom did one for a “herball” pain relief cream. Basically no active ingredient but hippie shit like flowers. Got a hundred bucks for it. Watch what you’re signing up for, not just the number.
You’ll be competing with a billion Indians so don’t expect a lot but I can’t code and have never freelanced so can’t say for sure.
Really at the end of the day you have to ask yourself what your time is worth. If you’re a neet and don’t need a lot of money doing surveys for 2 hours and getting enough to eat for the day might be reasonable but otherwise it’s really a waste.
The most effective way to make money is to save money, cut down on your expenses. Even now that mom and dad don’t pay for jack I still save most of my money. I don’t even do it consciously I just don’t do a whole lot of expensive things. I real fanfics, design things, and build models all days. At most I spend a hundred bucks a month on stuff I don’t need (other than beer which is the main thing I “waste” money on).
If you need help getting your economy together feel free to ask anything but I can probably not help much if you’re in a poor country due to lack of experience.


Buy and sell monero on localmonero.co. Or bitcoin on localcryptos.com.

It is legal to use major exchanges, but there are people who want privacy willing to pay a premium. You can do local trades with cash, send and receive cash in the mail. Bank transfers are fine if you are in a country with a good banking system, just understand the risks and what to do if someone tries to do fraud. There are other payment methods depending on the country.

It sounds shady but it is typically not even illegal for you to do this. However if you want to do it legally there would be taxes involved and maybe anti-money-laundering regulations: asking people for their personal information will make you lose traders, especially if you have no reputation


So that is why you were shilling for it in the crypto thread?
Because you profit from it.


No I'm one of the people paying the premiums because i refuse to pay 50% taxes, and do just see that it would be a great way to make money if people are in the opposite position


Have you invested in index funds?


I was never able to make more than like $0.25 an hour on surveys. I would spend 30 minutes just trying to find one survey that I qualified for and that wouldn't crap out 75% of the way through and give me nothing.


You can make money with amazon mturk, I made about $30 in one day just grinding the bullshit tasks given to me for 8-9 hours straight

honestly at that point you might as well just get a job though, more money and way less work


Are indie games so saturated that I couldn't earn the equivalent of at least a few dollars an hour coding games?


I did invest in one a while back, it got very inflated not long ago (up 25%) and smelling something fishy I pulled out. Luckily it hasn't gone over that since but I'm still waiting for it to go down as what I suspect behind the massive increase is the government aid the companies indexed got and they're running out. If I was a speculative man I would short but I've always been afraid to, I'll just take my 25% increase (not a lot of money invested but hey, it's money).
Basically the ultra short rundown on surveys from the short time I spent living on them is this:
If you're living in a poor country you won't make money from them; Period. Too many people competing.
If you do live in a rich country try to "Make" a charachter that you use for all your surveys. The charachter I use a lot is "linda skogholm". She's 45 years old, alone and loves subscription services, wine, her pets, dating, cars, e.t.c. you get my point. Basically just make an ideal consumer, who cares about the opinion of a NEET after all. Watch out for trick questions and don't fill them out TOO quickly, try to be consistent with the info you put in.
The site I used was "Cointiply" so these following tips are centered around that site but might apply to others.
One of the benefits of this site is that the minimum withdrawal is only about 3 dollars (if you withdraw in doge) and there are no fees. But personally I would always use the bitcoin option even though it was a 5 dollar minimum as that is what the food delivery company accepted. Because I could directly pay the company with the crypto from the site I never had to pay any taxes on it (our law doesnt yet cover crypto, and even if it did they couldnt trace it to me). You don't need an ID, verification, bank info e.t.c. just hit the button.
>Never play the multiplier game
Statistically you WILL lose money on it. It will at times be very tempting, you might be 100 points away from a withdrawal but just DONT.
>Stay away from "too good to be true" offers
All game offers are scams. The time you need to invest to reach the goal is simply not worth it. Stick to surveys, they are the ones I've had the most consistent luck with.
>try to use the same survey provider
Some survey providers will keep a score of how many surveys you've done and increase it for each successful one. Keep it neutral for disqualifications and reduce it if you fail human check questions. If you have a higher score you'll qualify for more and higher paying surveys.
>have a schedule
Even if you just "work" 2 hours a day, try to remember to actually do some work every day. I beleive there is some loyalty bonus thing that increases when you do things every day but I havent checked in a while.
>Don't bother with the chat
The chat rain is simply not worth it either, you will always get around 5 cents if you're lucky.
Basically this, unless you REALLY hate interacting with people getting a part time job is a way safer bet than investing or doing online work. A few hours a week should be enough if you can live cheaply, and in some places if you get fired that's a quicker road to NEETbux than disability.


make a blog. infinite options. spend maybe an hour every day writing an article. news sites frequently just link to other news sites and cite their text, maybe do that every day for a few articles. eventually you can add in adsense or similar ad revenue thing

write garbage. find a niche that seems good. like fantasy trash novels with weird settings. pay someone on fiverr to convert your text into kindle compatible epub, or make it yourself using kindle create. upload it to kdp. just copy the format other books use, like the title, descriptions, etc. kdp pays monthly. you can also make it free or something and get paid based on page views or something. there really is no skill barrier to writing garbage, it is purely a matter of willpower, being able to consistently pump out text

order a hand pill press. order gelatin capsules. put them in the machine. put powder in it, push it together and you have powder pills. you can put all kinds of herbs inside it. for instance cinnamon. you apply a markup and essentially turn $20 worth of powder and pills into $80. you sell it online via etsy or ebay. i once just blended up tree bark and sold it online as pills, labeled as pine bark pills

pick up sea glass/pinecones/spanish moss/literally anything at the beach and sell it online

painting if you have creative endeavors and skill, like painting physical canvases

you can resell stuff online. not technically difficult, mostly a matter of money, but there are ways to resell without buying in bulk like dropshipping

you can open up a virtual store and sell tshirt and other garbage with graphics and stuff you design

you can also open up a virtual store and not even sell anything but have all the links and purchases fulfilled by amazon. i think this is a thing. so you could open up for example a niche goth shop where everything is black and edgy and advertise it elsewhere. maybe buying ads is worth it since you dont really have any costs it would be easy to figure out if you can profit

check nicehash to see if your gpu is capable of mining crypto. the big thing is you need like 6gb vram usually

there's quite a bit of install-and-forget apps that are essentially spyware. but they do pay you. nielsen has something where they pay $50/year for installing their garbage onto your computer. there is stuff like honeybee or whatever it's called, where they use your internet as like a proxy for paying people. not ideal and probably against your ISP terms of use but it's there

if you can fix computers or have any hardware knowledge, you can advertise on craigslist in your area. just have people come by and drop their shit off and then you tell them to pick it up. you can do it entirely with cash or whatever payment service you want

start a food manufacturing business. grow vegetables of fruit on your property. buy appropriate packaging and labels and designs, etc. look up fda regulations for foodcontact local grocery stores or restaurants and offer your products to them. deliver the products to them at whatever interval you agreed upon

i think making candles and candle waxes is also easy. literally just essential oils and coloring and wax, in moulds, then in whatever wizpackaging you create. you can sell online


What exp do you have?
If none, and you don't have a following of some kind, or know much about marketing, then your odds of getting noticed and making even little money is slim.
Not saying don't, just that you are in for a hell of a grind before it has a real chance of paying off.


its hobo tier but recycling cans can make you a chunk of change



you pretend to be a succubus online and guys send you money
i have done it a few times just to test the waters after reading about
got guys to send me money for a taxi because they thought the succ would come to them


I have contemplated watching a lot of succubi stream VODs to get the speech pattern down and then use some sort of voice modulator to get the pitch correct.


Scrapping is where the real money is at.


If you live in the city scrapping metal is not worth the time


I am saying compared to can collecting.
Also it ain't a bad haul in the city back when I used to live there. I would think the pay out only increased due to the commodities going up. So why would it not be worth it now when it was worth it 6 or 7 years ago?


that would be an option. You can also usually find "ewhoring packages" on various sites. I believe people on hackforums have them for sale, but you could also try to find them free somewhere.

Basically they're just a collection of images with succubi doing certain hand gestures a potential client might ask for as verification, like holding two fingers up, etc. Naturally you can also photoshop them holding time stamps. The only problem is that typical ewhoring does seem to be dying a bit due to the fact that almst every succubus under 30 has their own personal porn page where they sell their pics, making the field quite over saturated. BUt if you were to, as you implied, mimic their speech, you could create a bit more personalized experience than the crabs would otherwise get paying for access to their favorite succubus' pics.


I were sort of generalizing, I only know that there is not a lot of copper and scrap metal around. Basically you'd have to steal it and with the ammount of cans around which you can collect legally it's probably not worth it. If you somehow have a good source you'd be lucky to get 4 dollars a kilo


Not work risking fines, getting beaten by cops and getting your reputation (what remains of it) ruined to earn a dozen or two dollars.


A good haul can bring in a few hundred dollars. Stuff is all over the place, especially stuff people throw out on trash day.
I can really easily tell you have never been scrapping.


>start a food manufacturing business. grow vegetables of fruit on your property
This is something I might be able to do. I have over a quarter acre of land. They keep raising water rates in my area unfortunately due to shortages, but other than that, there are few obstacles. There are large trees shading half of the yard but they will soon be removed. I live in area filled with rich people so I might be able to market home-grown fruit and vegetables to them. I already know how to farm but I could hone it down to a science. My parents might allow me to do it if I offer to pay the water bill and any other expenses.


I've traded in some copper pipe for cash once but that's about it. I admit I dont have extensive experience but at least where I am there simply is not enough loose metal to be worth the time


nothing. since it means you suck at one thing anyway.


cooking can make you millions these days

and even since the time of monarchy, one lame jokes can get you killed easier than one bad dish


>check nicehash to see if your gpu is capable of mining crypto. the big thing is you need like 6gb vram usually
I've had a gtx1060 for a few years but didn't get the idea to mine with it


I never see any metal just laying around. Maybe people don't throw it away in my country.


Make an account on fiverr and make gigs for doing various basic things like converting pdfs, transcribing videos, writing articles.

You don't have to be competent at writing the articles. Some people will pay for just a tiny bit of research. I paid 8 people to write articles for me - really simple stuff like 'How to set up an Amazon account'. Some provided good quality, others bad - but I accepted all and didn't complain.

You will have to start at a low rate. Then you can build your reputation there and raise prices. Just make sure to give yourself a few reviews from a second account for a good start. It's always hardest to get the first few reviews.


File: 1627612600260.png (623.91 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1623461765419.png) ImgOps iqdb

Magic internet beans. I make more money farming interweb funny money than I have at all of the wagecages and hamster wheels I’ve ever worked in my life combined.


Offering to do other people's chores is the most consistent method I have discovered for making money or avoiding having to pay money. Be smart and don't offer to pay for too many things like I do.


File: 1627670374354.gif (1.21 MB, 400x360, 10:9, 1571547203797.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I sell plasma. Compensation varies depending on area and holidays, but if you hit all their milestones you get nothing less than 400 dollars a month, average. It's the easiest shit in the world, so it amazes me that many NEETs, and even most normal people, don't do it more often. Just sit in their chair for 2 hours a day, twice a week, chilling with your phone/laptop/bingbingwahoos, and at the end of every donation you get money immediately. They don't turn down anyone so I highly recommend it.



would they take blood with high thc content?


File: 1627679175081.gif (699.39 KB, 480x362, 240:181, 97592743274832.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Selling plasma, selling on Ebay, mining with my graphics card, investing in crypto


File: 1627679523881.png (14.01 KB, 780x276, 65:23, hj443.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1627683715310.gif (1016.45 KB, 720x405, 16:9, df5193027e918a3d933b667092….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Not cash. They give you a card that they load the money to, which you can pull cash out of at any ole ATM. My location has a 7-11 next door that doesn't charge any surplus fees.
Of course. I've heard tales of people going in high on heroin. As long as you don't stir up shit like a crazy nigger they don't give a fuck. Just try not to have any obvious injection sites/holes when you're new (or at least be able to explain them away.) Once you're a regular, you're pretty much gold to do whatever.


Maybe try to focus on potatoes, you can grow a lot of them in little space. In rows you need A LOT of land to make any profit of them but if you use a rising box method you can grow barrels upon barrels of them in a few square feet. The thing about the box method though is that you need to make sure the soil you're adding is neutrient rich as so many potatoes in little space will quickly deplete the nutrients otherwise.
Grow things people like, you might not have a whole lot of people wanting to buy potatoes or you might have a lot you never know.
But carrots are a pretty safe bet, they're sweet so people eat them all the time without the guilt of candy. They use them in smoothies, food, juices e.t.c. so they will probably sell well if you put up a stall.
much like above, I grow a LOT of strawberries every summer. I have job but I sometimes sell them to a guy who works full time selling strawberries in stalls. Very little care for them is needed, I just have to go inbetween each plant with a q-tip to pollinate them because not enough bees nowadays. I might post some pictures tomorrow. Anyhow, they bring in about 100 bucks which might not seem like a lot but it's a few square meters of my lawn. If you did it on bigger scale I imagine you could make some real money.
>whatever grows well
Experiment with your soil and later see what people buy, best of luck to you


File: 1627933604868.jpeg (376.51 KB, 3096x4128, 3:4, JOee9cJ.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Some wizard said to donate plasma for some extra cash, but it was painful and my vision went blurry and my hearing got muffled, which almost made me pass out and needed to get a nurse to give me saline fluid.

Fucking asshole. At least I got $100 out of it.


that's a normal reaction, don't look at the blood flowing out of you next time or your lizard brain will freak out



My stomach still hurts and I feel incredibly weak. The needle hole in my arm also hurts.

Donating plasma is not worth it.


If that's you in the picture it looks like they fucked up getting the needle into your vein, there shouldn't be bruising like that so quickly. Bruising is caused by blood leaking out from the vein and getting under your skin which would normally only happen after taking the needle out, assuming there was no proper after-care. There should be no immediate bruising and you should have been given a compression wrap after giving the blood to stop blood from leaking out of your vein. But the nurses there probably don't give a shit because they are dealing with junkies and homeless people all day.


That's just iodine


File: 1627937626285.gif (1.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, de60e09a7ee24238b0d465d69e….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>it was painful and my vision went blurry and my hearing got muffled
Did you eat something before going, or are you naturally a frail bitch? I jog 4 miles home after I get done donating and I'm just dandy at all times.


Oh, didn't know they used that in outpatient places


It's cheap and very effective but many places try to avoid it for such applications because it stains the fuck out of cloths.


>order a hand pill press. order gelatin capsules. put them in the machine. put powder in it, push it together and you have powder pills. you can put all kinds of herbs inside it. for instance cinnamon. you apply a markup and essentially turn $20 worth of powder and pills into $80. you sell it online via etsy or ebay. i once just blended up tree bark and sold it online as pills, labeled as pine bark pills

This sounds interesting to me but I always assumed doing something like this would require FDA regulations, licenses, registering a business, etc. I always assumed selling anything as supplements or vitamins would require a whole bunch of paperwork. Also how do you package the pills? Did you create a label and put it on a bottle? Thanks for any advice.


I'm pretty sure it is illegal unless he marks them as not for consumption


It has to do with what percentage of blood they take from you. If they take enough your brain can lose oxygen and you pass out. This is why they don't allow small people to donate blood. You probably just have more blood than him, not really something you should be bragging or laughing about.


just don't make claims or sell it as a supplement. etsy actually doesn't allow you to make medical claims for your items, probably to protect sellers from getting in trouble


Skimmed the thread but didn't see it mentioned. I have thought about collecting loose change on the floor as a means of acquiring money. Even $10 per day is $300/month. Places with lots of foot traffic are obviously ideal. I've read that there's $650k in loose change found in the average airport every year.


The problem is that would probably require as much time as a full-time job, and $10/day isn't enough to live off of.


I was thinking in the context of being a NEET, where the scavenging would be a sort of form of entertainment and exercise. It kind of engages one's senses and foraging instincts and activates ingrained reward pathways that are left untouched in most of humanity these days.

I'd imagine you could find $10 in 1-2 hours. If you wanted to do it full time, that'd be more like $900-$1800 per month. Maybe more, maybe less, I don't really have any data or basis to estimate how profitable this really is. It can also be combined with finding bottles to exchange for money, if that's an option where you live.



>literally giving your lifeforce to normalshits

why would you do this


doubt most people even carry physical money around these days. When I was a kid I used to find money on the floor everywhere but now I heard lay even see a dime


Yeah it's not something for the long term. Cash might get phased out entirely soon enough. But even with its diminished use I found a 50 dollar bill in the middle of winter in a low traffic area and I don't go out much.


depending on where you live there may be more efficient uses of your time. I've already said in this thread that scrapping probably isn't worth it unless the conditions are ideal. If there is a lot of loose copper around and a scrapyard that will buy; sure. But most western cities don't have that. Here they pay 25 cents per plastic bottle you recykle. If you know where to look you can easily get a good income from this. Get a route and walk it every morning before the hobos get there picking up the trash of yesterday. A walk trough the park here would usually net me about 4 dollars. It's not a lot of money, but you can go in the evening too and occaisonally get lucky.
If you walk around the entire day you could realistically get an average of maybe 12-15 dollars a day tax free and if you get experienced this could reach 20 or 30.
I don't know how the situation is elsewhere, this is in sweden. If you're a NEET that's pretty good money


The blurry vision and muffled hearing is from dehydration which is why they gave you saline. You should drink some water beforehand, but maybe not too much or you'll have to pee.

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