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How is a typical day to you what do you do all day.Im probably going back to a work life soon so im trying so im trying to be more active.Right now I wake up whenever eat poptarts, browse the internet, YouTube. I have been going on long walks to lose weight and trying to be more active in general.My life isn't too interesting though.Just internet,videogames,exercise,eat whenever,sleep whenever.Im thinking about taking my dog on a walk today.What is your day to day life like as a neet?


Pretty much the same as you, except no dog.

You will grow suicidal of repeating it over and over once you hit 35-40 years of age though, possibly earlier.


>wake up
>try sleep again
>wake up
>try sleep again
>listen to music or watch soemthing until I can sleep
living the life


For several years I played video games (mostly MMORPGs) all day. Eat. Sleep. Game. That was it. I eventually got bored and moved to watching anime or movies all day. Got bored of that and went back to gaming. The last time I was able to play games all day was 2015. I was excited for classic WoW, I spent so much time playing back in vanilla, but for some reason I just couldn't play it, as has been the case with all games for the past few years.

I am on the computer all day, everyday, but I just bounce between websites and "watch" twitch. I don't even play games anymore. I don't really do anything. I don't have the attention span for anything, my brain seems to have rotted. I watch others having fun playing games but I can't really experience that myself anymore. I just get bored within 5 minutes.


I cant game either but found quitting the internet for anything but reading books was a great idea.
I am back to rotting my brain again as books became boring like everything else.


I wake up around 7am every day, at which point I eat a calorie dense meal replacement bar, I usually browse the internet until 10am and then I take a shower. When I get out of the shower I do any chores that my mom wants me to do that day and then go back to my pc and maybe play some games. Around 2pm I do my self-study things for a bit, usually around 3 or 4 pm I talk to some wizards on steam until I eat dinner at 6pm. After that I play games and browse the internet until midnight when I go to sleep.


Not true unless you were short-sighted enough not to apply for neetbux and get subsidized housing by the time you're 40, otherwise yeah it would suck. There is nothing about this lifestyle that makes me suicidal, in fact working made me want to rope. Wageslavery is like a prison. I don't know how people do it.


What of in tour country there isnt anything as neetbux


I worry about future, try yo find some ideas for YouTube , Twitch or some shit, and think what ill do when my dad dies Also steal a lot of books and random stuff and try to learn random programmijg language and sysadmin shit


I forgot i Watch TV, i run a weirdcore Page on Instagram and try to help my dad at work


>I talk to some wizards on steam
So the steam wizard clique is real


you're the only regular poster that isnt in any of the discord/steam groups


I text-chat to 3 people I've added from here over the past 7 years


i stream myself crying and eating pizza sometimes i watch tv


I'm 31 and already suicidal so your right.


>Wake up
>Study Japanese/ programming
>Make din dins
>Study Japanese/ programming
>1 hour of video game


File: 1639621864211.jpg (66.46 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1632238254425.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wake up in the afternoon, eat, sit ambiently on computer and browse net (youtube, music, here, whatever) or play games, maybe try to work on a hobby or do something you might deem productive, play more games, net, eat, games, net, fap, bed. That's generally how my neet cycle goes.

Though recently I've been getting bored and feeling like I'm missing something, I phase in and out of feeling okay, such is the human condition. I need a hobby.


I wake up, turn over, open my computer, open an online strategy game I've been playing for a while to see if any enemy players have made a move, take my turns, get up, cook a healthy meal, plug in my HDMI cord to my laptop, start eating while playing Oldschool Runescape at the top left of my screen with anime at the bottom right. I eat my meal, continue playing OSRS/watching anime almost all day. I sometimes tab out of the anime to post on imageboards or look up at random things, though I still play Oldschool Runescape while doing it. Sometimes I think I should exercise, so I go for a jog or lift weights (my bench is in my room). I try to sleep before midnight. Once in a while I'll order drugs off the internet, typically psychedelics or dissociatives, so I have less impulses to kill myself. That's how I've been living recently, I've taken breaks from Oldschool Runescape but not anime. In times of breaks, I swap out OSRS for other MMOs or other typical FPS games.

Eating a healthy diet, sleeping well and exercising helps someone enjoy their copes. When that fails, a quick call to an indian psychiatrist that lives near you and you can get a prescription of Jewish pills that'll boost dopamine to supraphysiological levels that'll let you enjoy your copes more. I was in your situation a few years into my early neethood, my quality of life was so low that even drug withdraws felt better then my normal everyday existence. I don't need drugs much these days and go long periods without taking them but they did give me a different perspective on why I wasn't able to enjoy my copes as much.


I try to wake up early in the morning and try to go to sleep relatively early ie before midnight. Wake up, take care of hygiene, make or go out to get coffee, check imageboards and other forums, listen to audiobooks or interviews or watch movies and series in my other languages so they don't atrophy, read Japanese novels or news articles and watch anime. Since taking vitamin D daily due to lack of sunlight, I've been able to cut off alcohol use because I feel better. Right now I'm shopping around for a psychiatrist who can prescribe me benzos so hopefully that will make me even more productive once my other mental issues dissipate


>wake up at 5-6am
>read manga and news on my phone in bed
>get up and start reading shit/watching shit on the computer around 7 or 8
>vape a little weed
>about 20% of the time I go back to bed after a couple hours of being up and just lie in bed for a couple hours. I don't sleep I just lay there but eventually the sleepiness goes away and I get up.
>go back to watching shit or reading forums
>on days that I'm scheduled to cook I cook dinner
>eat dinner
>unload clean dishes
>brush teeth
>go back and vape some more weed
>if ufc is on I'll watch that, if not I watch tv or anime or just read more shit on the internet
>floss teeth
>go to bed
Also I do the following but not every day
>in warm times I mow the lawn once a week
>go grocery shopping once every 3 weeks
>go to the dispensary a few times a month to buy weed
>hit the punching bag from time to time on inconsistent schedule

I find it is a routine that satisfies all my physical needs quite well but it leaves me feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.


>wake up
>go to work
>get home
>smoke weed
This has been my life for the past 3-4 years


-Wake up around 8am
-Exercise a bit
-Go to PC and read news, play vydia, browse IBs
-Eat at around 4pm
-More vydia, IBs, youtube
-Shower again and go to bed at around 11pm


-Japanimation viewing
-pass out


>wake up
>go home
Pretty much sums up my life. Some days I'll play video games or watch anime. Mostly I scroll imageboards endlessly.


What part of
did you not understand?


Oh, sorry. My brain is rotted so I barely comprehended it. I wish I could be NEET, but my parents kick me out at 18 so if I don't wage slave ill be homeless. I got to briefly enjoy the neetlord lifestyle during 2020 when the papa government gave out free money. That was glorious. I am very envious of you NEETwizards.

This is off topic but can I ask how you manage it? Do you get neetbux and is that enough to survive? I don't expensive lifestyle but just paying rent is like 90% of my income.


You don’t understand, being NEET is fun only for 1-2 years after it rots your brain and you don’t get enjoyment from anything.this is my case btw don’t know about other neets but life ia not fun anymore


Same, but life wasn't exactly fun even when I started NEETing. It was all a consequence of (unsuccessfully) running away from life's problems, so NEEThood has been fraught with guilt and anxiety for me.


being neet is great if you don’t let yourself go, you need to have schedules and routines and goals set for yourself even if you never go outside


You’re right but I feel like that defeats the point of NEETing


That's why people become NEETs in the first place, cuz they can't handle the pressure of schedules and routines and goals.


the point of being neet is to be comfy, if you're not comfy it's because you're doing something wrong


Basically this. Some of us are content being NEETs, others aren't and never will. It boils down to personality type and other mental differences. Personal values and local culture also have a part in it but perhaps to a lesser extent.


>vape a little weed
you should leave


*blows smoke in your face*
Don't hate a playa', wiz


No one cares teetotaler


That is believable. I hear people often speak of being NEET being boring/depressing, but I guess it takes a few years before that happens. For me that was one of the best years of my life, I legitimately never felt even the slightest regret or remorse about not having a job.

I'd spend some days just practicing instrument, or studying something I'm interested in, or eating delicious foods, or simply going outside and walking aimlessly and enjoying the weather without any anxiety or stress. I would play video games, listen to music, scroll the internet, and sometimes I would do nothing at all. Just being able to sit down and do nothing and not worry (gotta get ready for work/gotta do laundry before next shift/times running out), from my brief experience the NEET life truly seemed like paradise.

More than anything else, my favorite part of being NEET was being able to sleep whenever I felt like it. It didn't matter if it's the middle of the day, if its early morning, or anything, if I wanted to, I could lie down and sleep as long as I felt like it, no alarms waking me up, no stress about oversleeping.

I really do miss that. And the best part is I didn't ever worry about not being able to afford rent.

The funny thing especially is that during that time of covid relief payments, I actually was getting paid more money than I did from working 35 - 40 hours a week.

It really made me to realize just how little you need to be happy in this world. I hope I live to see UBI.


File: 1643136141953.jpg (249.69 KB, 607x1080, 607:1080, 1636354697464.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm going through severe mental problems so right now I spend 100% of my day just idle. I don't even sleep at night, at this point I hope it's fatal insomnia.


This happened to me. Like the other wiz said, you can't let yourself go. Otherwise sooner or later you will start feeling anhedonic, then it can lead to bigger issues.


you should mind your business, mr straight edge


The last few months I've been playing WoW season of mastery all day long, now I seem to have switched to mostly anime and imageboards. Before WoW I spent a couple of months playing Dwarf Fortress. Over my past 6-7 years of NEETing I went through phases of obsessively doing only one thing for months, be it watching things, reading books or playing games. Haven't yet experienced the anhedonia or boredom some of you always mention, but my NEETing days will unfortunately be over soon.


Usually, I just wake up, have some breakfast, shower, brush my teeth, stare at the monitor doing pointless things like gaming for a while, go for a run, have another meal, brush up on my programming up until my brain can no longer take it for the day, go back to playing video games and doomscrolling then sleep. The end


The usual: I pretty much just watch youtube videos or anime or play games all day or night depending whats my current sleep cycle is.



Currently wake up at 4pm. Go to store and then either browse chans on computer, or simultaneously watch tv, youtube speedrun playlist and browse internet on phone from my bed. I rotate computer and bed every couple of hours. Gyms are closed here so I go on 6-10 km walks couple of times a week.

Some speedruns are really entertaining when theres a good commentator who can keep talking about the different techs all the time.


File: 1644552468370.png (513.21 KB, 725x610, 145:122, c19b8-to-throw-the-baby-ou….png) ImgOps iqdb

>wake up
>think to myself "why, god? Why? I wanna die"
>pick my phone
>start browsing imageboards
>see some naked whore pic and my peepee gets hard
>get out of bed
>take a shower
>lye in bed again
>start browing imageboards again till 4pm (that's usually when my phone's battery start dying)
>take my phone to the kitchen to charge the battery, because it's movie time and I always do that so I can concentrate on the movie while the phone is charging in the kitchen

>finish movie

>phone's charged
>read the reviews of the movie
>back to browsing imageboards again till 10pm, 11pm, 12pm or 1am, depending on how much coffee i drank during the day
>go to sleep



I regret my life choices.


File: 1644718056566.png (82.23 KB, 500x711, 500:711, 1588574472724.png) ImgOps iqdb

Assuming you are out of puberty it takes less than a week of not jerking off before your body stops producing boners constantly.

I would get out of the habit of asking God why when the answer is just personal weakness mixed with bad tactics. Never forget, there's no shame in being weak only shame in choosing to stay weak.


Sounds cozy to be honest. You don't have a computer?


>wake up at 6am

I began writing it but realized I don't really want to put effort into writing an absolutely meaningless and boring routine.


i play world of warcraft classic from the time i wake up to the time i go to bed, and take small breaks to talk to people i fucking hate in Discord.


File: 1645114815941.jpg (875.46 KB, 1403x1379, 1403:1379, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i listen to metal while browsing imageboards all day


Fuck yeah, me too!


Personally I love shart metal, dookie metal, skidmark metal, chonker metal, rash metal, not so much a fan of thrash and death metal anymore, but I still love to bump some butt metal when I get the chance



Chonkers unite


>shart metal, dookie metal, skidmark metal, chonker metal, rash metal
what the fuck….


Cosy as fuck


>Get out of bed after snoozing as long as I comfortably can
>Head to the local swim gym & spa thing
>Get back and do spiritual practice
>No more energy for productive shit for the day
>Sit down in my chair idly watching shows I am quite disinterested in
>Constant thoughts of wanting something different
If only there were something that could fill out the other half of my day, because I do enjoy working out and whatnot and it's effects, I just have nothing else going on beside that. I wonder if I could be comfortable in monkhood.


so you like grindcore then


>wake up
>go outside and play with my bows and arrows if the weather is ok
>watch something


you live in rural location?

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